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SpellCast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century

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My latest book is titled Spell Cast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century and has been co-authored with my good friend Luna Hare. Here is some more information about SpellCast from the back cover:

SpellCast is a comprehensive compendium of spells, oils, charms and talismans. It is purely a book about magic, folk magic for the 21st century. The spells are ones that are tried and tested, with some that will stand the test of time.

In SpellCast you will read about the power of Instant Magic, of Banishment & Bindings, Blessings, Cleansing, Communication, Death, Employment, Finance & Money, Fertility, Friendship, Happiness & Joy, Health, Love & Relationships, Luck Magic, Protection, Transformative Magic and WishCraft.

This book will change your life. Your life will be abundant in all meanings of the word.

Making this book has involved researching correspondents, making magic (every Spell has been tried and tested and every Spell is effective) and a great deal of fun (a long with plenty of hard work). Here are some stats on the book:

  • It has around 25, 000 words.
  • 191 pages.
  • It contains 105 Spells, plus Blessings.
  • It has magic for every occasion.

You can view the contents page here. Luna and I have even give away a free Spell to give you a flavour of the book’s contents:

A Happiness & Money Spell
This Spell is from SpellCast – Folk Magic from the 21st Century. This Spell is highly effective and we have nicknamed it the Master Bringer of All Spell. For this Spell you will need:

  • A yellow candle.
  • A green candle.
  • A paper and pen.
  • Sandalwood essential oil.
  • A fire proof dish.

1. Charge the yellow candle for happiness and the green candle for money. Anoint each candle after charging with sandalwood oil.

2. Write out the following spell on a piece of paper:

By the Dragon’s light,
On this [month] night,
Bring happiness and money into sight.

Let [name]’s life be filled with joy,
Every task he/she does enjoy.
With happiness in his/her heart,
Any sadness and pain does now depart.

Let [name] claim monies owed,
Until monies he/she has bestowed.
He/she will not worry about money,
For it shall flow freely like honey.

By the Dragon’s light,
On this [month] night.

[Name] you are happy.
[Name] you have money.
By the Dragon’s might.
So mote it be.

3. When you are ready light both candles, say the spell aloud and then burn the piece of paper with the words written on to release the spell into the cosmos.

If doing this spell for yourself say for myself where the name is.

If you are doing the spell for someone else make sure to imagine them happy and with money.

4. Allow the candles to burn down, releasing the intentioned energy out into the universe.

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Candle Magic: The Basics

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Candle magic has grown in popularity in the Pagan community. This is because candle spells are simple, yet highly effective. There is a spell for every occasion or to deal with every problem in a person’s life.

Power is raised for a spell through visualisation, words of power and emotions. Tip: Emotions are the key to successful spells.

First visualise what you want to happen, be as detailed as you can. At the same time imagine in your heart how this would make you feel. Imagine both the thoughts and emotions as energy and imagine them mixing together through out your body. Hold the energy until it has built up, then say your words of power, say the spell, seeing and feeling the energy flow from you and into the candle through your mouth. Repeat this 9 or 12 times.

The energy is now stored in the candle. Once you have done this you can either:

  • Light the candle which will slowly release the energy into the universe OR
  • Anoint the candle with appropriate essential oils, prior to lighting. Not sure what essential oils to use? I would highly recommend you buy The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham.
  • Tip: You can also scratch symbols on the candle using a sharp knife. Do this before anointing the candle.

The colour of the candle should match your spell’s purpose. Here is a brief colour magic guide:

White – All purpose colour, can be used for any type of spell.

Black – bindings, banishings, separation, keeping things hidden from view, getting rid of bad habbits.

Blue – healing, clarity, anything to do with Water or emotions, calmness, protection (also purple for psychic protection) and peace.

Brown – stability, houses/homes.

Green – money, growth, fertility.

Purple – co-operation, psychic development, respect from others.

Orange – attraction, personal motivation, energy, feeling alive, business projects.

Pink – self-love, friendships, magic for children, romantic love (at a push),

Red – romantic love, sex, lust, passion, inner strength.

Yellow – happiness/joy, creativity and success.

The above are very basic instructions for how to cast a candle spell. There can be much more to it than that including but not limited to: casting a bubble of protection prior to casting the spell, other ways of raising or drawing energy from other sources, calling in deities or other spirits for help. The books below all explain more:

Some Good Books on Candle Magic

If you’re looking for small quick-burn candles I’d recommend these. Remember it isn’t the size of the candle that counts, but how much energy you put into it.

Products from Amazon That You Might Like

Write soon,


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Book Review: Spellcraft for Hedge Witches by Rae Beth

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Spellcraft for Hedge Witches is a remarkable book about natural magic, spell craft and paganism by Rae Beth.

It is aimed at Hedge Witches (solitary practitioners) of all levels who are in need of healing for themselves or others.

Beth’s part-conversational and part-instructional writing style is engaging and informative.

Spellcraft for Hedge Witches covers all things natural magic including:

  • The basics: tools, visualisation, magic as energy, how to raise – intent – release energy and the importance of having a strong emotional resonance when spell casting.
  • Throughout brief mentions of the history of the Craft.
  • Magical Correspondence (along with why they’re important).
  • More advanced ways of working (nicely done as the book progresses so does the spell craft).
  • How to communicate and work with: the Fae, elemental spirits and the God/Goddess.

Here’s a list of spells in the book:
1. Spell to Heal Anything.
2. Chant for Power.
3. Spell to Banish Abuse from a Relationship.
4. Spell to Banish Humiliation.
5. Spell to Counter an Ill Wish.
6. Spell to Gain Psychic Protection.
7. Spell for Transforming Destructive Feelings.
8. Spell to Heal Psychological Trauma.
9. Spell for Justice.
10. Spell to Consecrate Your Life to a Chosen Purpose.
11. Spell to Gain the Right Home.

Dotted throughout Spellcraft for Hedge Witches are superb illustrations and purely on a visual front, these would have been even better if they had been in colour.

I’ve been pagan for well over a decade and still learned many things from Spellcraft for Hedge Witches. Beth also reminded more of many more things that I already knew, but had forgotten about. I found the ideas in this book inspiring.

Throughout Spellcraft for Hedge Witches Beth encourages the reader to be creative when spell casting and do what works for them. Beth truly is a wise-woman and this book is bursting with her wisdom.

I would highly recommend Spellcraft for Hedge Witches to any Witch, pagan or other follower of an earth-based religion. I bought it from The Goddess and the Green Man shop on a recent trip Glastonbury (read about it and see photos by clicking this link). It is available to buy on Amazon.

Review soon,


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Hello Darlings,

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Hello Darlings,

Recently my life has been so hectic. Here’s most of the things I’ve been doing since I last blogged:

I’ve challenged a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPA) that was issued on my car by the local Council. The local Council had wrote to me and asked me to move my car from my private resident car parking space to their carpark for a community event. I did as they requested. They day after the event my car had been issued with a FPA.

I had a spring clean in my bedroom, throwing out 6 bin bags, mostly filled with clothes that don’t fit anymore. I listed 3 suits on Gumtree. They’re practically like new having only be worn once or twice each. I like a new suit for job interviews ideally, but some of the times, I’ve had to buy a new suit due to putting on weight in the years between interviews. There has been a lack of interest on Gumtree, so I’m thinking of seeing if a local homeless charity wants them for their clients.

The UK Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) has changed the process for revalidation. Every 3 years, Nurses (such as myself) and Midwives are required to revalidate. Previously the process was to complete a form confirming that you had done the number of practice and learning hours required. Now we are required to:

  1. Complete a practice log to demonstrate completion of the required number of practice hours (450 hours for a Nurse such as myself).
  2. Complete a Continued Professional Development (CPD) log to demonstrate completion of 35 hours of CPD.
  3. Collect 5 pieces of Practice-related feedback.
  4. Writeup 5 reflective accounts.
  5. Have a documented discussion with another NMC Nurse or Midwife.
  6. Declaration of anything that could impair your fitness to practice.
  7. Declaration that you have have the appropriate indemnity insurance cover.

Here’s a video about NMC revalidation:

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Learn more in YouTube’s privacy policy.

So I have been doing some work to collect my evidence for revalidation. I have mixed thoughts about the new revalidation process. Overall I think that it is a good process, but with a few problems that could have been solved if the NMC had thought it through properly. These few problems for me are:

Firstly I think it should have been phased in, so all Nurses and Midwives should have used the old revalidation form and been informed to start collecting the data above for their next revalidation. I’m lucky as I keep paper diaries with details of my working hours. But if a Nurse or Midwife had been using an organisation’s electronic calendar and moved organisations in the last three years, he/she might be unable remember what hours they worked before switching organisations. Same goes for CDP.

Secondly it is very bureaucratic. This is not a problem for Nurses or Midwives that work in the community and can organise their diary to allow time for the revalidation process. But for Nurses or Midwives on busy hospital wards or departments, it is likely they will spend the many hours required to complete the paperwork in their own time. It is also likely that Nurses and Midwives will see it as a purely bureaucratic exercise, so not put the effort into revalidation that the NMC wants. I think it would be better if there were less forms to complete. For example, the NMC could require 3 pieces of practice-related feedback and 3 written reflective accounts, instead of 5 each.

Thirdly I think it’s important to mention money. Nurses and Midwives have to pay £120 per year to maintain their registration. Regardless of their income or level within an organisation. My registration date is the 24th September, but they want all of my revalidation paperwork in and the £120 paid by the 1st September. Moving the date that the payment is required is important because it means that I am paying £120 for closer to 11 months of registration rather than 12 months.

Fourthly the NMC should allow Nurses and Midwives to pay their registration fees up to and on their date of registration expiry. I also think it’s about time that they charge different rates of fees depending on the Nurses or Midwives NHS band of pay. I wouldn’t mind paying more so that junior Nurses pay less.

I’ve given some feedback to my good friend Steve on his novel manuscript. I’ve still got more to read and more feedback to give, but we had to pause the process due to me being so busy.

I took my car (see A Flashy New Car – Olly, The Citroen DS3) for a service and MOT at Halfords. Unfortunately it needed quite a lot of work doing, so it was a costly trip to the garage.

There’s been a few good job opportunities on NHS Jobs. I applied for two jobs and got interviews for both of them. The first job I was beat because the person who got the job had an addition 5 years experience than me. I asked for feedback and they told me that I did a superb interview. They said that there was nothing that I couldn’t have done any better. That they’d had to make the decision they did purely because the other candidate had more experience. They encouraged me to continue applying for jobs in the field and explained that had the candidates been different that I would have got the job hands down.

The second job I attended the interview, scored the highest, the managers wanted me and argued for two days with HR. HR didn’t want me to be recruited because I had no qualification in mental health. I have the experience but because I’m a Children’s Nurse rather than a Mental Health Nurse, in the end, HR wouldn’t let me be recruited. Again I asked for feedback and again they said there was nothing I could have done better and they encouraged me to keep applying. They stated that I would get eventually get a job in children and young people’s mental health services and that they hoped it would be in their service, as I would be an asset to any service that I joined.

I treated myself to some Witchy goodies:


I ordered a small Dorothy Morrison Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Package before the end of May and got these. Wakin’ The Dead candle and room spray for ancestor work and Forever Mine candle, room spray and oil to bring an endless love into my life. Kindly sold and dispatched by The Angry Cauldron. If you want learn more about the mystery packages, see my blog post here. But be aware that they were only being sold throughout the month of May.


I also bought a Limited Edition Rich Bitch candle and Limited Edition Rich Bitch oil.

Dorothy Morrison has done brilliantly at selecting the right things for each of the three Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages I’ve ordered. In this small package photoed above, I’ve got stuff for ancestor work – something that I really need to work on. She’s also sent me Forever Mine love magic products. My love life is a neglected area of my life and something I need to work on. So thank you and well done on selections Dorothy Morrison.

I’ve started casting spells and spell crafting again, after over 5 years of doing nothing. This is because I’ve been inspired by Dorothy Morrison’s products, which have been sent from the USA to the UK by the people at The Angry Cauldron.

I’ve spent time with my gorgeous bengal cats Dylan and Russell. I haven’t shared any photos of them on here for a while, so here’s a photos of them both:


My bengal cat Russell Cat Naps.


My bengal cat Dylan surveys his kingdom.

I’ve seen various family and friends who’ve had birthday’s or have at least sent them out a card.

I’ve attended a range of annual diabetic health appointments including: podiatry, retinopathy screening and an review with my Practice Nurse and GP. Prior to seeing the Practice Nurse and GP I had a fasting blood test. My cholesterol is high, so I’ve been started on statins. Statins to me are associated with people much older than I am, but seen as I have Type 1 diabetes, if statins can bring my cholesterol down they will also bring my blood sugars down. So it’s all good.

A few months ago I woke up with a painful left knee, groin, right shoulder and arm. As the days past the groin, shoulder and arm all got better but the knee didn’t. I ended up going to my GP for stronger painkillers, got referred to a Specialist and have just recently had a MRI scan on my knee. I think it’s probably cartilage damage, but am awaiting an appointment with the Specialist to find out.

The extra painkillers and statin have caused me to write up a drug regimen, so I don’t forget to take any tablets and I’ve just recently ordered a Colourful 7 Day 3 Times In-a-day Rainbow Pill Box to help make remembering to take everything at the right times easier.

I’ve been doing a Contraception module at Uni. Last weekend despite the good weather, I figuratively chained myself to my Mac to write the case study assignment. After editing the assignment over a few evenings, I have now submitted it online. I have till the 20th June to complete my clinical placement portfolio and submit it online.

I recently wrote via email to a private company to express an interest in working for them. By chance they were just about to advertise a Nurse vacancy and said they’d add me to the distribution list. The email came through late this week. Although it sounds like a lovely place to work the job just isn’t well enough paid.

After being told by several members of my family how good ALDI is in terms of price and quality, I decided to give it a go. The food is of a good quality and much fresher than the bigger supermarkets. I’m buying the same things I always buy, but saving around a third on my food shop. Plus ALDI is smaller so I am in and out quicker and I tend to buy much less on impulse.

Having decided to build up my collection of essential oils and because the box I was using to store them in was full, I went looking for a new box to keep them in. I tried searching everywhere online that I could think of (including ebay, Amazon, Etsy & Google Shopping). I searched using every combination of search terms I could think of, loosing count of the number of searches I did. I was looking for a wooden red chest type box to match my other two boxes. But I had no luck.

So I decided that I needed some magical help. I cleaned up the hallway (where it was to go) and used Dorothy Morrison’s Witched Witchin’ Oil and Dorothy Morrison’s Puttin’ on the Witch Oil to draw the box outline on the floor and visualised the box being there in as much detail as possible. A few hours later I stumbled across this lovely box on my first search on ebay for the bargain price of under £10 with delivery:


My new red wooden essential oils chest (1), which was a bargain at under £10 with postage.


My new red wooden essential oils chest (2).

So my darlings, please forgive the lack of blogging recently. As you will know if you’ve managed to read all this post, my life has been super hectic. I’m hoping it will start to quieten down in the next few weeks and then I’ll have more time to blog.

Write soon,



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