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June 2008

Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday Everyone!

How’s my week been? Busy.

I had a great time mid-week visiting my grandma. She is now attending a card making club for OAP’s. I’m pretty sure from the description she given me, that it is a Clinton’s sweat shop. After a long chat, she asked me about technology.

Now, years ago when I had more geekish features (such as my acne, glasses and overgrown mushroom styled hair), I was up-to-date. I could answer any question around technology. I spent a lot of time on my computer, as it didn’t care how I looked unlike some of my shallow peers.

However technology has come along way scince I was a teenager, it’s all gone wireless and more convenient. And I have not kept as up-to-date as I would of liked. My attitude these days is: I switch it on and hope it works.

I don’t think I was helpful. But I did show her how to remotely access her desktop PC from her laptop using

Speaking of technology, there had been a delay with my getting the contact page online due to technical difficulties. But I am pleased to say I have solved them. So if you want to email me, use the contact page.

Blog soon,


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Another Update

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Good Evening,

I had a lie in today as I had been up late updating the site.

So let’s see, what have I updated today?

My Pagan Beliefs.

I am hoping this evening that I get chance to do complete my contact page, as I feel this is important. I also want to add another work blog entry about the new NTA exploring the evidence document and has been draft published for consultation.

I guess I will just see how much I get done tonight after tea. So with out further ado – cheerio!


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Partly Online

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Hi Everyone,

I have uploaded a partly completed site. I have put the Adventures page up, but need to write up my road trip up!

I have put some photos on Flickr for the time being, so you can view them through the link on the photos page.

The Guestbook’s online too, so give me some feedback!

The other pages Paganism, Projects and Contact will produce error pages at present! My intention after going to bed is to get up and to put some content up on them.

You’ll hopefully see a lot of new content being added over the next few weeks, and I’ll try to make sure I post on here so your aware of what I’ve updated!

Well it’s quater past one, so I’m off to bed.

Night and Take Care,


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Welcome to the notice board of!

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As promised, the site has been redesigned after finishing my Nursing qualification at the University of Central Lancashire. What’s new? What’s the same? Well let me tell you…

First off there’s a fresh design with cartoony drawings. You’ll see some new areas (Adventures, Projects) along with some areas that have been around before (Photos, Work, Paganism, Guestbook, Contact Details). The art work for the cartoony drawings and the entire site design come to mention it has been designed by my good friend Sye Watts.

So let me guide you around the site. It’s return of the blogs! Here on the Home page I’ll be updating regularly with my news. It’s a great way for my friends, family and random people on the web to see what I’ve been up to including my Adventures.

Adventures pages are brand new and will show a blog containing photo’s and videos of planned adventures. These maybe little holidays like my ‘Road Trip around the UK – Stopping off at Edinburgh, Belfast, Anglesey, before heading home’, or exciting experiences from my five year plan. The five year plan maps out things I want to: learn, experience, do and the places I want to visit. And of course there will be photos.

camera image

The photo gallery has been updated removing the older galleries (such as 18th Birthday ones) and will include new ones from my Sony Cyber-shot T300 digital camera.  Although my adventures are important to me, so is my career and so work continues to be included on the site.

The Paganism link aims to state what I as an individual believe on the spiritual path I follow. It is also intended to serve as a guide for those new to the path including useful websites and recommended reading. It is just a guide though, as everyone inevitably finds their own path, on their own journey.  The guestbook has stayed too.

Yes, the guestbook has stayed but has been wiped clean for the new site. Sye refers to my guestbook as being for my grandma as she signed the last one! So prove him wrong, and Sign it Now. 

Finally I love hearing off people. The wonderful thing about the Internet is that communication is so much easier and quicker than ever before. So if you wish to drop me a message, email me using the contact form.

Well I hope that guide was useful. I am going to get going, I’ll post another entry soon.


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