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July 2013

Book Review: The Wolf At His Door (Runes Trilogy Book 1) by Adrian Lilly

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the-wolf-at-his-door-adrian-lilly-cover In The Wolf at His Door by Adrian Lilly, events are about to unfold in Alec’s life that will change it forever.

Alec is an out gay man and his twin brother Adam is straight; both are College Students and live at home with their parents – Ilene & Jason. Their older sister Lucy lives with her partner Rene nearby. Also close is their grandmother – Geraldine, a woman who has psychic ‘vibrations’ when something bad is going to happen.

With Geraldine’s vibrations getting worse, Alec’s friends Sam & Celeste introduce him to Jared. Then Sam & Celeste are brutally murdered.

The Prologue is overly dramatic, too descriptive and far too long. But once past that you discover Lilly‘s wonderfully engaging writers voice and his third person writing style that switches between characters perspectives. His writers voice and storytelling makes The Wolf at His Door an easy read that becomes highly addictive as the reader reads on.

The story is told in three parts. In part one Lilly introduces the characters, Alec’s friend’s are brutally murdered in the night at a cabin in the woods and people are going missing. Part two deals with the aftermath of the murders, the Police start their murder investigation, green-eyed evil Darius targets Alec and the investigation of the missing people is ongoing.

In the third and final part Alec & Co. start their own investigation as to what’s going on. This leads to an absolutely epic ending and sets out the direction for the 2nd book. The love interest for Alec adds to the story. Overall the storyline was outstandingly captivating, oozes brilliance and is well paced.

The description was perfectly measured throughout; although it did have a few Americanism’s that Lilly could have minimised or removed for more universal appeal. There were a few minor errors in dialogue formatting. But neither the Americanism’s or the errors in the dialogue formatting interrupted the flow of the storyline.

Throughout the story there is a good mix of scenes: slow ones that evoke an emotional response, investigation ones that ignite the mind with questions and face-paced action scenes that grip the reader.

By the end of The Wolf at His Door the reader has many answered questions; but some are left unanswered – which is what will make the trilogy enthralling.

The Wolf at His Door (The Runes Trilogy) by Adrian Lilly is essentially a werewolf, gay, mystery novel. An enjoyable read that makes the reader impatient for the release of the 2nd book in the trilogy.

The book is only available in eformat; but this makes it perfect to read on the bus, train or tube to work. The chapters are short meaning you could read several on the way to work. However you will find yourself reading on the way home as well – desperate to find out what happens next.

The Wolf at His Door (The Runes Trilogy) by Adrian Lilly is available to buy on Amazon and in my opinion is well worth the price.

Review soon,


Edited 28-02-14 01:45: Removed a sentence about Alec’s love interest being uncomfortable due to a potential familial relationship. This was a misunderstanding by me, as a result of a piece of description within the book.

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A Flashy New Car – Olly, The Citroen DS3

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I recently took Sam, my Citroen C1 (see Back in the UK) in for a service and got talking to the Sales Representative. I took the snazzy Citroen DS3 for a test drive and left having took out another 5 year loan for this Citroen DS3:

new-car-olly-1 new-car-olly-2
new-car-olly-3 The 1.6 litre engine makes it a powerful drive, yet inside the car it’s quiet. The DS3 has so many features including: automatic lights, two strips of day lights, automatic windscreen wipers, auto-locking (on setting off driving or if left unlocked), cruise control, speed limiters, reverse parking sensors, electronic windows, electronic side mirrors, bluetooth, USB connection, lumbar supportive seats and a boot that’s big enough for a dead body.

The DS3 feels intelligent – anticipating your needs when you’re driving and responding automatically.

The interior is stylish, although it is missing cup holders and lacks storage space. The glove compartment is so small that a dozen CD’s would fill it to capacity.

new-car-olly-4 new-car-olly-5

The Citroen DS3 I’ve bought isn’t new; but it’s only had one previous owner whose looked after it. I’ve called him Olly because of his licence plate and because during the test drive an Olly Murs album popped out of the CD player.

As excited as I was to get my hands on Olly, bizarrely I felt bad to be trading Sam in. I name my cars, get attached to them and forget that they’re just a piece of metal – like a pet. Still, Olly has helped me get over it.

I’ve joked that I can’t even nip out for a pint of milk without Olly being flashy. When people ask what I mean, I say:
He has these two strips of day lights and even with the light settings off he thinks –
I’m a flashy car! I’m putting the day lights on!

Write soon,



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Film Review: I Want Your Love (DVD)

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I Want Your Love is collaborative film between gay porn studio NakedSword and independent filmmaker Travis Mathews.

Jesse is an aspiring artist who feels creatively blocked because of the state his finances and his massive amount of debt. After spending the last decade in San Francisco, Jessie decides to move back home to his parents in Ohio, the Midwest to free himself of the financial pressure.

I Want Your Love is the story of his last weekend in San Francisco with his friends, roommates and ex-lovers coming to his leaving party.

i-want-your-love-1 Sex plays an important role within this film and there are uncensored sex scenes from the start. Sex is used to show character development, intimacy, move the storyline along and the development of friendships: those that start with clear defined boundaries but turn into something more – entering that grey area between friend and lover.

Whatever type of man you’re into, you’ll find them in this film and I can guarantee that they’ll be in a graphic, all-exposed sex scene. Whether your taste be: bears, twinks, older, younger, white, black, asian, muscly, ordinary or just an all-round lover of all.

The film is extremely erotic and at times felt like watching a porn film. There’s even a threesome scene. The obligatory porn “I’m going to come!” scene followed by – well use your imagination, makes several appearances in this film. Arguably the storyline gets lost at times in the incredibly hot, but distracting sex.

i-want-you-love-2 Jesse is completely likeable, relatable and discovers that he’s searching for his true self. Over the course of the weekend he redefines what it means to him to be an artist, gay, and an adult. However the ending was a bit of an anti-climax.

It’s brilliantly directed and shot in a way that makes you feel like your sharing the characters most intimate moments. I Want Your Love is at times: funny, emotionally touching, romantic and sentimental as well as being abundantly horny throughout.

There were slow scenes of sparse dialogue that were followed by peaks of rampant high-paced sex. There was an annoying character – one who really grated, but luckily he wasn’t in the film much.

Mathews stated that he wanted to give an ‘honest and relevant’ representation of everyday gay life for men in San Francisco. I’m not from San Francisco so I can’t comment; but if that’s what it is really like – get me on a plane!

I Want Your Love is the perfect film to watch with your partner or other very close friends – not only thoroughly entertaining, it will give you plenty of ideas in the bedroom department. I Want Your Love [DVD] is available to pre-order/order on Amazon.

Review soon,



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Congratulations to Jude Winner of the Rip It Up Giveaway

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rip-it-up-book-cover-richard-wiseman Congratulations to Jude, winner of a copy of Rip It Up by Richard Wiseman. Your details have been passed on to the people at Total Media.

I’ve started reading Rip It Up and will be reviewing it soon. I can tell you that so far it’s fantastic and I’m starting to experiment with some of the idea’s in this unique self-help book.

Jude was selected completely at random; the names of all people that entered into List Radomizer @ and then the Randomiser selected Jude’s name completely at random. See the images below – you can click on the images to see full size:

ripitup-giveaway-1 ripitup-giveaway-2

Blog soon,


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