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October 2020

Yankee Candles For Autumn & Winter

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There’s nothing better than a fragranced candle in the Autumn & Winter. I make my own candles that can be purchased here. But in case you want a well-known brand, here’s some Yankee candles by season:


Pumpkin Patch Large Jar Candle
Price: £23.72, Buy Here.

Black Cherry Large Jar Candle
Price: £21.51, Buy Here.

Spiced Orange Large Jar Candle
Price: £23.99, Buy Here.

Autumn Glow Large Jar Candle
Price: £24.00, Buy Here.


Christmas Magic Large Jar Candle
Price: £19.99, Buy Here.

Christmas Cookie Large Jar Candle
Price: £17.43, Buy Here.

Cinnamon Stick Large Jar Candle
Price: £20, Buy Here.

Candy Cane Forest Large Jar 
Price: £29.99, Buy Here.

Sparkling Cinnamon Large Jar Candle
Price: £21.06, Buy Here.

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Candle Magic: The Basics

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Candle magic has grown in popularity in the Pagan community. This is because candle spells are simple, yet highly effective. There is a spell for every occasion or to deal with every problem in a person’s life.

Power is raised for a spell through visualisation, words of power and emotions. Tip: Emotions are the key to successful spells.

First visualise what you want to happen, be as detailed as you can. At the same time imagine in your heart how this would make you feel. Imagine both the thoughts and emotions as energy and imagine them mixing together through out your body. Hold the energy until it has built up, then say your words of power, say the spell, seeing and feeling the energy flow from you and into the candle through your mouth. Repeat this 9 or 12 times.

The energy is now stored in the candle. Once you have done this you can either:

  • Light the candle which will slowly release the energy into the universe OR
  • Anoint the candle with appropriate essential oils, prior to lighting. Not sure what essential oils to use? I would highly recommend you buy The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham.
  • Tip: You can also scratch symbols on the candle using a sharp knife. Do this before anointing the candle.

The colour of the candle should match your spell’s purpose. Here is a brief colour magic guide:

White – All purpose colour, can be used for any type of spell.

Black – bindings, banishings, separation, keeping things hidden from view, getting rid of bad habbits.

Blue – healing, clarity, anything to do with Water or emotions, calmness, protection (also purple for psychic protection) and peace.

Brown – stability, houses/homes.

Green – money, growth, fertility.

Purple – co-operation, psychic development, respect from others.

Orange – attraction, personal motivation, energy, feeling alive, business projects.

Pink – self-love, friendships, magic for children, romantic love (at a push),

Red – romantic love, sex, lust, passion, inner strength.

Yellow – happiness/joy, creativity and success.

The above are very basic instructions for how to cast a candle spell. There can be much more to it than that including but not limited to: casting a bubble of protection prior to casting the spell, other ways of raising or drawing energy from other sources, calling in deities or other spirits for help. The books below all explain more:

Some Good Books on Candle Magic

If you’re looking for small quick-burn candles I’d recommend these. Remember it isn’t the size of the candle that counts, but how much energy you put into it.

Products from Amazon That You Might Like

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My Bum bag List 2020

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Apparently bum bags are back in fashion. I don’t quite how or why this 90s thing has made a come back, but seen as how it has, here is my list of bum bags for men. All from Amazon and in order of preference:

Superdry Freshman Black

Made by Superdry this two compartment bum bag is perfect for carrying those small essentials.

Price: £18.28, Buy Here.

Nike Bum Bag

I love the design of this bum bag. Nike have kept the traditional triangle shape of the bum bag but made it look more sleek and modern by giving it sharper angles.

This bum bag has one main compartment with double zip closure and a discreate pocket (that is also zip closure) on the back.

Perfect for a day out at he zoo, theme park or other attraction (yes I am aware that we are currently in various tiers of lockdown).

Price: £12.00, Buy Here.

Eastpak Springer Bum Bag

This simple one compartment bum bag comes in a vast array of colours and is a best seller on Amazon.

Price: £11.95, Buy Here.

Waterproof Bum Waist Bag

This massive bum bag has 5 sections: a front pocket, two side pockets, a back pocket and the main compartment.

I’ve nick named this the Survival Bum Bag based on its colour and large capacity.

Among its features are: a key hook in a zipped pocket and headphones hole. The bag is said to be fully waterproof.

It comes in a variety of colours including: army green (image left), camo, dark blue, dark green and black.

It reminds me of something a prepper might have.

It is perfect for a camping or glamping holiday.

Price: £16.68, Buy Here.

OLEADER Tactical Waist Pack 

This is similar to the bum bag above, just not as big and with not as many features.

It has a main compartment that is big enough to hold a 500mls water bottle.

It has two side pockets secured with both zips and straps, a front pocket secured by a clip/flap and zip closure.

It comes in a variety of military style colours, check them out on Amazon. This bum bag is perfect for any man going commando in nature.

Price: £13.99, Buy Here.


As bum bags go this is pretty cool. It has a main compartment with an internal zipped pocket; a front and back zip pockets and a hole for headphones.

The material is water resistant and looks durable.

The fully adjustable strap contains a closed key loop and a safety reflection loop.

Price: £8.99, Buy Here.

KK Water Resistant Bum Bag

I like the colour of this bum bag. It has: a main compartment with an internal zipped pocket, a front zipped pocket, a key hook and a reflective strip on the front for additional safety at night.

Price: £9.89, Buy Here.

Adidas Linear Core Bag

Adidas’ 2020 version of the bum bag. Sleek, simple and with any extra material got rid of in the design.

This is perhaps my favourite bum bag, despite its impracticable small sized compartment.

Price: £13.07, Buy Here.

AirZyx Bum Bag

This bum bag has two compartments and a front pocket all with zip closures to keep your valusbles safe.

It comes in a variety of colours including: black (image left), light blue, dark blue, olive green, purple, red and pink.

Price: £9.98, Buy Here.

FREETOO Bum Bag For Men

This bum bag has two main compartments and two front pockets that are all zip closure.

It is fully waterproof.

It comes in a variety of colours including: black (image left), blue and grey.

Price: £13.26-£18.99 (depending upon colour), Buy Here.

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My Man Bags List 2020

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I love a good man bag. Fortunately there isn’t any shortage of them on the market. So here’s some of my top picks off Amazon, in order of preference:

DIESEL Blue Man Bag

Look at this, isn’t it gorgeous? It boasts two compartments with zip closures. It has a front pocket that is also a zip closure.

The strap is fully adjustable for comfort.

It looks like the perfect sized man bag to me.

Price: £33.23, Buy Here.

MANNUOSI Messenger bag

This bag is big enough to hold an iPad.

It comes in either brown or black (I prefer the brown).

It has a handle as well as a strap.

It has a large compartment, followed by a smaller one. Perfect for a guy on the go.

Price: £32.99, Buy Here.

Verran Cross-Body Bag for Men

I really like this bag. It boasts being waterproof, shockproof and scratchproof.

It has two main compartments with the larger able to hold an 10 inch tablet.

It has a closed hook for keys.

The front compartment has two pockets for pes and the like.

It’s also a great price.

Price: £21.98, Buy Here.

Black Cross Body Messenger Shoulder Bag

I’ve nicknamed this the Economy Bag. Despite it’s afforable price it is one of the larger man bags on the market.

It comprises of two zipped compartments, a front pocket and a zipped pocket at the back.

It comes in a variety of colours including: grey/red (as image left), black/red, light brown/red and blue/red.

Price: £8.99, Buy Here.

THE NORTH FACE Shoulderbag

When you buy The North Face you buy quality. I have a The North Face Backpack that I’ve had for about a decade – it’s super comfy and has never let me down. I use my backpack every day I work, it’s that durable. This is how durable I imagine this little bag to be.

It has one central zipped compartment accessed from the top. There is a possible front compartment , I can’t tell from the photos on Amazon.

Price: £26.95, Buy Here.

flintronic Sling Bag, Chest Bag with USB Charging Port for Men

This has got to be one of my favourite bags. It doesn’t quite fit into the man bag category, being closer to a backpack rather than a man bag.

But this little beauty is packed with features and that meant I couldn’t possibly leave it off my list.

First is an external USB charging port which means you can charge your smart phone on the go. This does require you to buy a Power Bank. I’d recommend the GETIHU Power Bank because it give you an LED display with how much power is left in the battery.

The bag is water repellent meaning that electronics and books/notebooks should be some what protected from the rain.

The shoulder strap is fully adjustable to ensure maximum comfort.

The size of the large compartment is big enough for an iPad Mini. It is zip and clip close. Plus there are two zip closed pockets along the front. Ideal for phones, keys, passports and other smaller essentials.

Price: £9.99, Buy Here.

Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Sling Chest Bag Handbag for Men

This is the bag of my dreams! Everything about it has been well thought out for the modern man and I just love the futuristic design of this bag.

First it has an external USB for charging your phone on the go. Again you’ll need to buy a Power Bank and I recommend the GETIHU Power Bank because it give you an LED display with how much power is left in the battery.

This bag is fully waterproof. The main compartment is secured with a double zip meaning that you could put a small padlock on it. Inside it has a pocket for an iPad, two smaller pockets big enough for most smart phones and wires.

In addition to the main compartment there is a smaller one at the front.

It boasts a 3D breathable back with fully adjustable strap for comfort.

If you click the Buy Here link you’ll see just how much stuff you can fit into this deceptively small looking bag.

The price of this bag is the only thing that disappoints. It is quite pricey for a man bag, in my opinion.

Price £29.99, Buy Here.

Adidas Festival Bag

Adidas has dubbed this their festival bag. The perfect man bag to take to any festival or event (I am aware we are currently in various tiers of lockdown).

The main compartment has a large pocket a the back. There is a front pocket for small essentials. Both the main compartment and from pocket are zip closures.

I like this bags camouflage and quirky design.

Price: £18.69, Buy Here.

BAIGIO Men’s Shoulder Bag

This medium-sized man bag has a pocket in the main compartment designed for an iPad and designed to be shockproof.

In addition to the main compartment there is a zip close pocket at the front.

The material is said to be water resistant, durable and light weight.

Price: £14.99, Buy Here.

Adidas Training Organiser Shoulderbag

A small and simple man bag. Made by the well-known brand Adidas.

It is made from material and has two compartments that are both zip closures.

It doesn’t have any special features of note, but the brand name will be enough for some people to splerge on this inexpensive man bag,

Price: £13.44, Buy Here.

Adidas Linen Core Adult Man Bag

This man bag is similar to the one above, but just has the brand name without logo, vertical rather than horizontal

It has the same two compartment zipped design.

The only other difference is cost. This one is slightly cheaper than the above.

Price: £12.99, Buy Here.

Plambag Small Messenger Bag with Multiple Pockets, Men Crossbody Bag

The bag is super practical. The front pocket has pace for cards, smart phone, pen and keys. It even has a hole for ear phones and is complete with a zip closure.

In it’s main compartment it has zip pockets. It has a mesh pocket on the inside of the flap. Literally this bag is all about the pockets.

It has both a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap for comfort.

Ideal for Mr Practiable.

Price: £16.98, Buy Here.

Eastpak The One Messenger Bag

A small and simple man bag.

Has an internal zipped pocket in the main compartment and an external zip pocket on the front.

It’s the price that makes this bag appealing.

Price: £14.95, Buy Here.

Eastpak The One Messenger Bag (Sunday Grey)

Same as above, just in a fantastic Sunday Grey colour.

Price: £17.95, Buy Here.

BAIGIO Leather Shoulder Bag for Men

This unique looking leather bag comes in a range of colours including: black/blue (image left), coffee/navy and blue/black.

It’s main compartment is protected by both a zip and a flap.

Despite outward appearances it looks bigger on the inside, a bit like a TARDIS (for any Dr Who fans out there).

It looks like it would be big enough for an iPad Mini or other small tablet as well as your other essentials.

Price: £21.99, Buy Here.

Men’s Students Vintage Canvas Bag

This is the quirky entry on the list. It is a huge bag, that is more of a messenger bag than a man bag.

It’s main compartment is big enough to easily store an iPad along with any other essential items. The bag is so big that smaller items might get lost at the bottom of your bag, so this is not ideal for you if you have lots of small items that you want easy access too.

As the title indicates it is an ideal bag for students, so any male students out there get this ordered.

Price: £19.99, Buy Here.

Nike Men’s Core Small Items 3.0 Shoulder Bag

This discreet and non-descript looking bag is actually by Nike. Though you can barely see the Nike logo due to it also being black.

There’s not a lot to say about this bag. It’s a small man bag with one main compartment.

It’s lack of anything, selling features or otherwise makes me think it was designed on a Friday afternoon; the designers mainly trying to get through the last few hours of work before a planned weekend of enjoyable activities.

In my opinion not worth the price and it nearly didn’t end up on this list at all.

Price £19.99, Buy Here.

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