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August 2013

Import: My ‘Naked’ Confession

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I’ve got a confession to make, but first let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a gay man, twenty-seven year old and a professional. I’ve been single for the last 3 years following a bad breakup.

Here’s my confession: I don’t like to be naked.

Let me explain, it’s not that I mind being naked per se, just being naked in front of other gay men. A boyfriend is different – as long as he gives me the time to get comfortable being naked with him. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Like most teenagers I was body conscious, although it is probably better described as body paranoia. I remember hating PE at school, not just because of the sports but because of the changing rooms as well. I felt awkwardly self-conscious as I changed and had to be careful that the other boys didn’t catch my wondering eyes.

By the time I was in my late teens, I’d left school and attitude to my body and being naked had completely changed. At this time you could have almost described me as an exhibitionist. I enjoyed being naked, especially with other gay men.

As an adult I got into relationships with men, all of which for various reasons didn’t work out. I began to associate being naked with the feelings of emotional pain, heartbreak and vulnerability that inevitably followed. And I don’t handle vulnerability well – insert copious amounts of crying alone in private.

I’ve worked hard to get over these feelings and I thought I’d had some success. But I recently realised that I’ve regressed. I’m body conscious again and to make matters worse am still fearful of being naked because of my own associated feelings of vulnerability.

I’ve decided its time to take drastic action. I need to get naked around other gay men. I had a think about where it was going to be socially acceptable to get naked and where other gay men would be suitably naked. It won’t surprise you, when I tell you I struggled to think of a place. Most of the gay places I thought of are pubs or clubs and these tend to have a dress code that requires some form of clothing.

Until one day I had a eureka moment – how about a gay sauna? Yes, they may require towels but it is as close as I’m going to get. It’s certainly naked enough to bring those uncomfortable feelings to the surface. I’ve never been to a sauna of any description. So I’ve read up on other people’s experiences and sauna etiquette, but haven’t been brave enough to go into one yet.

However over the next month I’ve set myself the challenge to go into a gay sauna and will write about the experience in next month’s column entitled: ‘Getting Over Being Naked: My Sauna Experience.’ Wish me luck.

Published by: The Gay UK on Tuesday 27th August 2013.

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Congratulations to Keith W Winner of Jack The Giant Slayer Blu-Ray Giveaway!

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jtgs-giveaway-0 Congratulations to Keith W winner of a copy of Jack The Giant Slayer [Blu-ray] from my recent giveaway. Your details have been passed on to the people at Partners Hub.

Keith W was selected completely at random. The names of all people that entered were put into List Radomizer @ and then the Randomiser selected Keith W’s name completely at random. See the images below – you can click on the images to see full size:



Blog soon,


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No Excuse Not to Use a Condom – TheGayUK launches Project that sends FREE Condoms through the post

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the-gay-uk-logo The Gay UK has recently launched it’s ‘No Excuses Project’ which aims to make sure that gay men never have any excuse not to use a condom. They’ve teamed up with NHS Freedom’s Shop to have condoms delivered to your door, through the post for free.

Here’s what Jake Hook, The Gay UK‘s had to say about the project:
“I was watching Channel 4’s The Sex Clinic and it occurred to me that somehow we’re being failed as a community in relation to sex health education. With cuts to vital services and the upward trend of new HIV infections in the UK, either people aren’t freely able to access condoms or don’t know that they can dramatically make the sex you have safer.

“The day after the programme, I rang Katy Harrad at The Freedoms Shop and asked whether Freedoms would be able to help us out with condoms, luckily for us, she’s just as passionate about safer sex as we are.

“We’re working towards making sure that there is No Excuse – ever – not to have a condom in your home or pocket.”

Graham & Jake Co-Founders of The Gay UK

Graham & Jake Co-Founders of The Gay UK

Generally gay pubs & clubs are good at giving out or having available free safe sex packs – but that’s only useful if you live close the venues. Sexual health clinics are also a good source of free condoms, but this relies on having the confidence to step through the door.

So this idea of having condoms delivered to your door, discreetly packaged and for free is a brilliant idea. The Gay UK have already got celebrity backing from stand-up comedian Pam Ann, who is reported to have said: “If it’s NOT ON… it’s NOT ON!” They’ve been to as many Pride Festivals as they can promoting the campaign including: Oxford, Edinburgh, Reading, North Wales, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Doncaster.

no-excuse-project-logo You can learn more about the ‘No Excuses Project’ and get your FREE condoms here:

I’m so glad The Gay UK set up this sexual health campaign. I’m proud to write for and be involved with The Gay UK; a free gay online magazine which has an ever-growing readership and is already a huge success.

Take care & be safe,



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Book Review: The Hardest Thing by James Lear

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the-hardest-thing-james-lear-book-cover To ex-marine Dan Stagg killing is easy, but love is The Hardest Thing. Down on his luck, Dan accepts a simple protection job for big money. His job is to get ‘secretary’ Stirling McHahon out of New York City and then to await further instructions. No questions asked.

Stirling McHahon is young, blonde and is more of a hustler than secretary to Marshall, a powerful and crooked Property Developer.

The beginning of the book sets up the mystery with Dan and Stirling setting off on their out-of-town road trip. They start having rampant sex like rabbits, with everything described in a great amount of detail.

In the middle of the book there’s a number of sexual fantasy scenes involving the two main characters as well as various others. The expected masculine characters took the dominant role in the sex and I would have preferred more sexual versatility for all of the characters involved. The sex is the action and it has some completely unbelievable, yet enjoyable to read sex scenes.

Dan starts to fall in love with Stirling but knows that he can’t really trust him. Especially when he learns that Stirling McHahon is really an alias; he says that his real name is Jody Miller. Then Stirling/Jody/whatever-his-name-is gets snatched into a car.

Events build to a climax (no pun intended) at the end of the book, as the mystery is unravelled. Dan Stagg becomes the expected hero calling on his military training and physical strength to become like an action man. The ending is somewhat satisfying.

The large print formatting makes it easy to read and it is brilliantly written from Dan Stagg’s perspective. The simple storyline without the sex could have been told in about 50 pages, yet it is well paced. The Hardest Thing is surprisingly a page-turner and is one of the best gay erotic fiction story’s I’ve read in a long time.

The Hardest Thing is ‘A Dan Stagg Mystery’ indicating that it’s part of a series. If so, I can’t wait to read the next novel in the series.

Think of a gritty, gay, Fifty Shades of Grey – mostly minus the handcuffs and you’ve got The Hardest Thing. The Hardest Thing by James Lear is available to buy on Amazon or at your local book retailer.

Review soon,


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