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October 2008

Mum, Heroin & Me – C4 Documentary

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Last night I watched a documentary on Channel 4 called Mum, Heroin & Me. I seen young people and their families effected by substance misuse.

This documentary showed me the young person’s perspective that I was all to aware of. But it also showed in great detail the effect on the family and particularly the mother. When working on young people sometimes we can focus on them and give less focus to the families which also need support. I was reminded of what families go through listening to this particular mothers experiences.

If you want to see the program it is available on watch again at:

Have an ace weekend,


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Beautiful me & beautiful things

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I have been made beautiful again by the wonderful hair dressers. I haven’t had my hair cut for about two and a half months and was beginning to look like cousin IT out of the Adams Family. Look at my lovely new hair:

(Click for full size image)

I have been having a really relaxed week off so far. The dreaded styes (see A mad week!) I have been given anti biotics for but also diagnosed that I have a small cyst in one of them. I shall be seeing a specialist about them shortley.

But back to all things beautiful… I have also purchased this beautiful stone oil burner from Shared Earth. I have had to put a full size image here to show it’s true beauty:

(It’s also the pagan symbol representing the Tripple Goddess)

An Update on the David Situation
We where lucky enough to see each other last night. We have discussed somethings, but are still unclear on the future. We shall hopefully spend some more time together at the weekend.

Take Care,


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A mad week!

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Hello All,

What a mad week it’s bin, eh? Here’s how my week has been:

Monday – worked all day and evening.

Tuesday – Worked till 2pm taking flexi for working the evening yesterday. Sye (see Sye’s blog) and I went to see Dylan Moran. Dylan was very funny, although I couldn’t relax as I knew I have my job on Wednesday (see Good & Bad news). Dylan didn’t like the use of camera’s but I managed to get a few pics:

Wednesday – I had my interview in the morning. I didn’t feel confident going in to the interview and felt like I waffled my way through the presentation and interview that followed. I got the inital call after I had just asked a question in class and had to call my manager back.

It was either going to be an offer of permanent employment or not. I was apparently the best applicant (despite that I felt I stumbled through it), and was offered the job. I accepted the offer.

With all the adrenaline from Wednesday I didn’t sleep well through the night.

Thursday – I woke up with styes on my eyes and feeling nackered. Usually I work Thursday evenings, but it was cancled. So I made an important decision to stay in an open a bottle of white wine. I was feeling a bit deflated and a little in need of a good laugh, so I went on YouTube. This is oneof the videos below made me laugh aloud:


Gay Boyfriend

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Happy Watching!

Friday – Was a day at work. In the evening, I just chilled out. I needed it. It has been a odd week.

Plans for Saturday & Sunday – Well today (Saturday) I intend to visit my mum (she’s cooking sunday dinner!). I had planned to see David but….

The David Situation
We really haven’t communicated this week on both sides. A few text messages & no calls. I was accused of ignoring his text last night (I was alseep). And apparently I have cut him off this entire week. It has been a mad week, and maybe I have cut him off. But that’s the way I needed to be to deal with this mamoth week. I have done nothing wrong. I am quite angry at him for his accusation that it is ‘my fault’ as communication is a two way thing.

I think maybe he want’s too much off me. Perhaps I can’t give him what he needs? Perhaps I am too independant? As he would say ‘Who knows?’.

I am thankful for the good times we have shared (such as Tatton Park), but don’t know what the future holds or if indeed there is one.


Wesite News
I have altered the mini poll so it is on rotate. So get voting to have your say on my site:

I also recieved an email this week from Amazon stating they have reduced their minimum order for free delivery to £5 from £15, so it’s the perfect time to begin your online christmas shopping. If you use the links on this site, I also get commision.

Coming up on the website:

  • Paganism – Recommended Reading page, finally done.
  • Something added to the projects page.

Blog soon,


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