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December 2009

Haven’t we done well, this year?

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A few weeks ago I decorated the apartment complete with Christmas tree and lights ready for my first Yule & Christmas in the apartment. See below for photos:

Yule has become an annual celebration at Chrys. Unfortunately I did not feel well enought to attend. However on the 21st December which is actual Yule (see Pagan Festivals) my body did allow me to do a little more and JL invited me round to her home. It turned out to be a late night as JL, her sister, JL’s mum and I all got talking and enjoyed the flowing conversation. It was truely lovely to be invited down, thanks for having me.

Christmas morning and afternoon I spent with my family. Throughout the morning and afternoon I recieved text messages with seasons greetings. I tried to reply to them all, sorry if I missed anyone out. While stiring the gravey mum stated “Haven’t we done well, this year?” To which I smiled and agreed thinking I certainly have.

(The gift’s I’ve recieved this year, plus a few I bought for myself.)

So I’d like to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU to everyone who has been kind enough to buy me a gift this year. With thanks in mind I’d also like to thank Kay and her family.

In the evening Kay invited me down to her house to exchange gifts we had bought one another. Both Kay and her family warmly welcomed me and I had a great time, I was only sorry I had to go so soon.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Yule and Christmas,


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Keeping you updated…

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I have been extremely busy recently (see Mad Busy) and coming up to the Christmas/New Year break its got even worse, if that’s possible? I hope to write up a number of blog posts sitting in my WordPress Drafts Box during the Christmas/New Year break. But in the mean time here’s a brief update:

Regular readers will know that back in September I started back doing two modules at Uni. (see Back to University) Well I’m still really behind on the work I MUST get my head down and do some of the work before the deadline in the first week of January. I have:

  • 1 Assignment to tweak
  • 1 Assignment to complete (I have started it but its more difficult than I thought!)
  • About 8 workshops to complete
  • What’s worse is I just can’t seem to get motivated.

    Christmas / Yule Preparations
    I have bought everybody’s presents, even exchanged some. A few suprises for people that I picked up at the weekend need wrapping. I also need to organise to visit some people to exchange gifts. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and friends.

    Lots of self-bought Yule presents
    I decided a few months back as I’m single and it is my first christmas in my new apartment (see The Move.) I was going to buy myself a few gifts to open Christmas day morning. So I bought myself a few bits ‘n’ bats and then on a whim when I got paid this month treated myself to some purchases on Amazon:

  • Eddie Izzard – 7 [DVD] (also see 7 by Eddie Izzard)
  • Mum Can You Lend Me Twenty Quid?
  • How NOT to Write a Novel
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future
  • Ha ha, I think I’ve spent more on myself than on everyone else put together. Feeling so self-centred but quite satisfied at the same time.

    Love Life
    JB and I have continued to see each other as friends (see Honest Conversations, Cards on the table & Tastilious Food with a BUT…) and decided to go on a date between Christmas and New Years.

    He had been planning a supprise for me on Christmas Eve but didn’t tell me and I have organised to catch up with some family and some friends to exchange gifts and catch up. He was gutted, I felt guilty and stupid (for making the assumption he knows what I do christmas eve, every year!). But it’s sorted with good communication and we are going to do it on the date. Have kind of a full day and evening together. He has been very patient with me considering how mad busy I’ve been in the last few weeks and I hope is patience will remain in the next two weeks which are still likely to be manic due to the looming Uni deadline.

    Other Stuff
    There’s loads of other stuff thats been going on that I haven’t had chance to blog about yet. But will do when life is less manic!

    Keeping you updated and informed as always,


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    Book List 2009

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    Regular readers will know that I love to write. Well recently I’ve started reading Wannabe a Writer? by Jane Wenham-Jones and a lot published authors recommend you read books to improve your writing. So here’s the books I’ve read this year:

    Read Books List 2009
    1. Dear Fatty by Dawn French
    2. Advanced Witchcraft by Edain McCoy
    3. Look Who It Is! by Alan Carr
    4. Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison
    5. Book by Whoopi Goldberg
    6. Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend by Jenny Colgan

    I intend to read more in the up coming year (2010) and will try to write up some reviews on books read both in 2009 and 2010. I’ve already been adding books of interest to my Amazon WishList which include a broader variety of fiction than ever before. It’s like I’m becoming obsessed with the written word.

    Write soon,


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    Six NOT Four

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    I orignally thought I had to complete four modules to get my university degree (see Back to University). I was disappointed to find out I need to do six modules. The cause of this disappointment was not only the additional time that it will take to complete the course but also the associated cost (£760).

    I thought about quitting and posted my intention to do so on Facebook. I got loads of comments encouraging me to continue. I then thought about the workload which has been much bigger that I had anticipated (I am currently behind but will meet my deadlines).

    In the next semester (starting January 2010) there is only one module that looks interesting and that is relevant to my practice. So after a lot of thought, I have decided to continue. But I am only going to do one module in January. Of course it means it will take longer than I had planned to complete my degree, but it is better to have a manageable workload rather than suffering burn out.

    Keeping you informed,


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