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March 2010

PostSecret – A funny blog

By The WebOne Comment

Hi All,

I recently discovered Post Secret. It’s very funny, 🙂 it asks people to send in their secrets and then publishes them on postcard images with a humors pictures. They’ve even made some of the faviourates in to a book, but unfortunately it’s only available in the USA.


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Book Review: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

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twenties-girl I took this book away when I went to Benidorm (see Adventure 2 – Benidorm Part 1, Adventure 2 – Benidorm Part 2 & Adventure 2 – Benidorm Part 3) and as promised, here’s my review:

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella is her most hilarious book to date. In it we meet Lara Lington who’s life is in a bit of a mess. Her boyfriend’s left her and told her parents of her obsessional texting, which got so bad he changed his number. She set up a business with her best friend as professional head hunters, which her friend is apparently fantastic at. Only her best friend went on holiday to Goa, met a man and hasn’t returned. Worst of all she is being forced by her parents to attend the funeral of her great aunt Sadie, who died at 105 years old and who she barely knew.

She arrives for the funeral with barely any family or friends present. The funeral commences and as the coffin is about to be cremated, Lara see’s this woman only about 25 years old in twenties style clothing. The twenties girl, her great aunt Sadie from her younger years who says,
“Stop! Don’t let them cremate me, I need to find my dragon fly necklace. I simply cant rest with out it.”

Lara begrudgingly agrees to help Sadie in order to get rid of her. The journey is packed with funny experiences as they get in to some sticky situations and start to help each other out; Lara in the search for the dragon fly necklace and Sadie in helping Lara to realise some home truths.

Along the way of course in true Kinsella style Lara meets a man, her best friend comes back in to her life and the mystery unravels as Lara and Sadie follow the clues trying discover who has taken the dragon fly necklace and why.

As the plot thickens the book absorbs you as you simply must find out what situation they are going to get themselves in to next, inevitably giving another clue to who took the dragon fly necklace and why. The ending is obviously been well thought out, researched and means its a typical chick-lit ending, but with a clever ending. It makes you feel satisfied and that all the loose ends have been tied up.

Like one of Sophie Kinsella’s previous books The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic which was made in to a film (Confessions of a Shopaholic [DVD] [2009]), I think this book would transform in to a film beautifully.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Review more books soon,


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Russell Howard is BACK!

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I found out that Russell Howard is back on TV starting 22:30 tonight on BBC3 with his topical comedy programme Good News. This comes after apparently Good News was the most watched programme on the BBC’s Internet TV streaming service the Iplayer.

I’ve also had an email to say that Russell Howard will also be touring again and boy has he gone up in the world. When I say him on his Dingledodies [DVD] [2009] tour he was in Bolton at a small venue for his gig. Now he’s playing at BIG arena’s. If you want to buy tickets you can at his website:

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Blog soon,


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One Month

By Happiness & Joy, Love & Relationships2 Comments

I am alone in the office at work. Sat looking at the screen typing a response to an email. There’s a knock at the door. I grunt in frustration at yet another distraction from my task in hand. I lift myself up off my seat and answer the door to a tall slim blond haired lady with this rather beautiful dozen red roses:

(Click on image for full size)

“Mr. Simpson?” she asks.
“Yes” I reply.
“These are for you.” she says handing me the bouquet. I thank her and close the door. I go back to my desk and read the card, it’s off Boyfriend-W for our one month anniversary. How wonderful is that?

I text him to say thanks and we exchange a few further text messages. I ring my mum to tell her, she laughs and says she already knows, Boyfriend-W had asked for her help. In some aspects it feels like I’ve known him longer than a month, with what I know about him and how I feel about him. I love him and everyday when I think it’s reached it’s peak – that I couldn’t possibly love him more, I find by the end of the day I love him more than I did yesterday.

In other aspects I feel like I’ve known him less than a month especially in terms of the time we get together alone. This doesn’t bother me, in fact the opposite, it excites me. This is because I know that we’ve got plenty of time together in the future to have special alone times.

For our one month anniversary I sent him two daft things:
1. A chocolate cow (a private joke that I think he got and appreciated) and
2. A slinky (one of them toys that walks down stairs, looks like a spring).

I am incredibility daft like that. I tried to send him something to make him laugh and give him a few minutes of entertainment (seeing if it can navigate his spiral stair case). Of course if I had known, I could have done the whole romance thing – but these things are best done after being thought about with the pure intention to suprise your loved one.

Thank you Boyfriend-W for being so thoughful, caring, kind, romantic but mainly for just being you. Look forward to spending many more anniversaries with you.

Take care,


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