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May 2009

Scape Goat

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Do you ever have moments in life were you think you understand what someone is saying, only to find out they are saying something completely different?

This happened to me a few weeks ago. My friend (T) had always called herself the “scape goat”. I had thought for years that when people were saying this they were saying the escaped goat. I thought that it meant that you were good at escaping out of situations. I imagined a sort-of ninja goat with a band around it’s forehead and a rope shooter with a hook on the end. (Ok. My imagination ran away with me. It does that sometimes!)

So after giving the escaped goat a great deal of thought, I concluded:
“T. I wouldn’t mind being the ecaped lion, or tiger…you know with claws…or even… the escaped dolphin because it’s cute, but I don’t get why be a goat?”

Needless to say, T was very confused and I had to explain my thinking to her. She laughed and then she explained to me what she had actually been saying and explained what it actually mean’t.

Shortly after, I was telling another friend this experience, she sent me this:

Not how I imagined it, but I laughed – knowing I am not the only one with an over active imagination.

I think she may have found it off the Internet (I would like to credit the author, but I don’t know where my friend found it – and she can’t remember).

Write soon,


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The dreded BT

By Rants, Technology2 Comments

I placed an order for a phone line and broadband online with BT. I had no choice than to go with BT as I needed a phone line “installing”. They were suppose to be coming to install a line (at a charge of £125!) on my birthday (14th May 09). By “install” they mean flick a switch on the green box outside. I waited and waited but they did not turn up (or bother to let me know).

So I rang them and they stated the order is “stuck” in the system. Whilst on my Blackberry Storm to them they couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them. They asked me if I had a land line they could call me back on. My response: “If I had a land line, would I be ringing you to have one installed?” Honestly sometimes the stupidity of BT staff amaze me.

The order was replaced after several broken conversations and they finally managed to come out today, install a line and post out my BT Hub (that also arrived today).

Prior to this suffering from Internet Withdrawl, I decided to get Mobile Broadband. I saw an 02 dongle and picked it up. Can you believe that it didn’t pick up a single wireless network? I took it back and got a 3 dongle, worked like a charm. Well done to three for beating 02 on signal (I have to admit, that I never saw that coming in a million years!).

Meanwhile, in my on-going struggle with technology I still couldn’t have a clear conversation with anyone on my Blackberry Storm. So I took it in to the shop, guess what the problem is? It needs a software upgrade, only the handset wont allow me to do it. So it has been sent off to the repair centre for something that should be able to be done at home.

My advice:

  • Avoid BT were ever possible – they are the biggest communication company, yet can not communicate amoungst themselves.
  • Don’t buy a 02 Mobile Broadband dongle it wont have converage, buy Three Mobile Broadband.
  • Don’t buy a Blackberry Storm, all I am hearing (and experiencing) is endless problems with the hand set.

    Rant over,


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  • The Move

    By Happiness & Joy, Home, Life2 Comments

    Hi All,

    I’m back! The move to the new apartment (see Things are changing…) was on Friday 24th April 09, which coinsided with the evening I was going to see Girls Aloud. I got the keys at half two in the afternoon and soon after had to leave my lovely new place to go to David’s to get ready for Girls Aloud. I will be sharng some Girls Aloud photos from the gig in a blog post soon.

    I was lucky to have a full week off work to move and nip to IKEA. Mum came with me to Ikea, all I have to say is: NEVER buy Ikea furniture. It never goes together exactually as it’s suppose too. When you have finally managed to build the piece of furniture (usually after many choice words directed at the inatimate object), you always have left over screws.

    I managed to blag David in to building the bookshelf with me. It was suppose to be a bit of fun but was actually quite a stress for us both. He decided to let me build a lovely antique style desk (which I shall be using to do some creative writing – hopefully in the near future). After much stress (and again choice words directed at the inatimate desk) I have managed to build it.

    So I think it’s time you saw some pictures? Ok, here you go:


    Living Room & Kitchen

    Office & Guest Bedroom
    (Also known as ‘the junk room’)

    Master Bathroom

    Master Bedroom & Ensuite

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my family and friends who have sent cards (and in some cases gifts). You shall all be invited to the house warming, err, when I organise one. (June sounds like a good month.)

    I think that’s a good substantial first post-move post.

    Coming soon, see photos from the Girls Aloud gig, hear about the dreaded BT (and discover exactually HOW I’m online), laugh at the scape goat, find out what I got up to on my birthday (23 now! I think…), see photos of some of my birthday gifts, find out how domesticated I am (or not as the case may be), find out about The Cabinet!, what happened when David and I adventured on our week off, and sooo much more!

    I’m back world, look out!


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