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August 2008

Tatton Park, a poem.

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I would like to deadicate this poem to two people.

To Mum,
For the comment: "what if he’s one of the good ones?"

To David,
For being who he is and for making me feel how I do.

I thank you both.

Tatton Park, by Antony Simpson (August 2008)

‘Tatton Park that day,
The birds danced in celebration of love.
I didn’t think you could make me feel this way.
Explosions inside of me on our first kiss,
My fear being that this, I could miss.

Time always feels so short,
Before I know I am without you.
Being with you longer is my only thought.
Your heart echoing this feeling too.

The horny mornings and the sofest touch.
They are addictive, like a drug.
What happens if you become my crutch?
I would need your tight, strenghing hug.

Am I wrong to have so many dreams about us?
It’s still so early.
But they make me happy, it’s such an incredable buzz.
We would be caring, treating each other fairly.

In you I would put all my trust,
We are so lucky to have met.
Feeling love in life is a must,
We paired are a perfect set.

So now I look forward to more pleasure.
More days like in Tatton park.
Feelings so strong that they are difficult to measure.
The days forever, never going dark.’

Take Care,


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Elephant cups…and more news!

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I have been seeing more of the attractive stranger, also known as David recently. Quite some weeks ago we went in to a shop called Shared Earth in Manchester. It’s an ethnic shop, filled with bright mutli-coloured objects, usually that are hand made and fair trade. I made a comment about liking some Elephant cups that I saw.

They where two cups in a pair that had their arms out hugging. David must have took this comment on board, as a few weeks later he bought me a suprise:

Elephant Cups

Awwe, they are sooo cute! Thank you soo much David.

In other news:

Take Care,


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Coming Up…

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Hi All,

Here’s what’s coming up in my life over the coming months:

I am looking forward to all of these events and shall keep you informed on my progress via this blog. Take care,


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