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This workbook has been designed for anyone that is struggling with alcohol or has struggled with alcohol in the past.

It is written in a Motivational Interviewing style, one of the key therapies used to support people with alcohol issues. It has been designed using a trauma-informed approach and is strength–based.

What you will find in this book is more than just worksheets about alcohol. You’ll find all the tools someone needs to get into recovery from alcohol and stay there. It’s a therapy-based book, not an alcohol-based book.

About The Author
Antony Simpson is a Registered Nurse, a qualified Substance Interventions Practitioner, a Counsellor and a Youth Worker. He has been working with people with dependency/addiction issues for well over a decade.

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SpellCast is a comprehensive compendium of spells, oils, charms and talismans. It is purely a book about magic, folk magic for the 21st century. The spells are ones that are tried and tested, with some that will stand the test of time.

In SpellCast you will read about the power of Instant Magic, of Banishment & Bindings, Blessings, Cleansing, Communication, Death, Employment, Finance & Money, Fertility, Friendship, Happiness & Joy, Health, Love & Relationships, Luck Magic, Protection, Transformative Magic and WishCraft.

This book will change your life. Your life will be abundant in all meanings of the word.

This book contains everything that you need to know about mental health and mental illness.

Mental Health Wisdom is divided into three sections.

Understanding is section one and is all about the facts of mental health.

In section two, Empathy Through Lived Experience, the author shares his personal experience of mental illness.

Life Hacks is section three. It’s all about self-care and quick and easy ways to improve your mental health, prevent mental illness or relapse of mental illness.


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