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January 2020

New Glass Jars

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I’m often asked by people if they should collect jars for my candle making. Recycling is no bad thing, but I always politely decline their offer of recycled jars.

New Glass Jars

I want my candles to look as professional as possible. In order to do this, each candle needs to look and smell the same. It is difficult to get a collection of 24 of recycled jars that are exactly the same size and shape.

Buying new jars also keeps Glassblowers in business. Glassblowing is an art. One that I really admire; if I had the money an art that I’d love to learn. These are the reasons I buy new jars.

But remember that all the jars I use in my candle making are recyclable. So feel free to re-purpose them or deposit them in a glass recycling bin.

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North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Trust Fails to Respond to My Complaint

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On the 02/11/19 I completed an exposé report on the care I received and observed others receive back in September 19. You can learn more about my experience here. I sent it to North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Trust and was impressed by their prompt response.

The Report has been written and submitted as a formal complaint.

The North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Trust initial response was that they’d investigate my complaint and report back to me by 21/12/19.

But they have failed to report back to me or to make contact to let me know that their response will be delayed.

I have contacted them to ask for feedback. I have also reported my experiences to the Care Quality Commission.

I am debating as to whether to send my report to the media or to publish it online. For now, I’m holding off on these two options, in the hopes that the Trust will come back to me with a meaningful response.

I will keep you updated.


Edited: 29/01/20, 19:11: The Trust has made contact and arranged a face to face meeting to discuss my concerns.

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Who the Heck Approved the recent NHS Pay Deal?

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I am proud to be a Registered Nurse working in our NHS. And I certainly never came into it for the money. But who the heck approved this recent NHS pay deal?

This is the pay deal I’m writing about, from the NHS Employers website:

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Download (PDF, 113KB)

It means that I get no pay rise for 2 years. On the old system, the one I accepted the job under, I would get a small annual incremental pay rise each year.

For some people it means no pay rise for 4 years.

Linking pay increases and annual leave increases to the number of years in service does nothing to motivate newer employees.

I don’t understand how this deal was struck or who approved it. But in my humble opinion it’s scandalous. First the consequences of this pay deal should have been communicated to all NHS staff prior to the approval.

Second the deal feels really unfair, because you don’t see Politicians, Teachers, Police Officers, Civil Servants or Local Authority Officers having no pay increases for up to 4 years.

I work hard and regularly go above and beyond in my role. It feels like my work isn’t appreciated and being really honest I have found it demotivating.

Patients are the only reason I keep working as hard as I do.

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YouTube Talk: 15 Lies That Depression Would Have You Believe

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Here is my latest YouTube Talk:

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