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Let’s Talk Crystal Grids

By Monday 15 April 2024Amazon, Paganism, Thinking

Let’s talk crystal grids. Recently, they have become all the range. But they’re an old, if not an ancient concept. Judy Hall (2009) was writing about these before they were widely popular, in her book The Crystal Bible Volume 2.

A Crystal Grid.

Gridding is the art of placing stones to create an energetic net to protect and energise the space.

The Crystal Bible Volume 2 by Judy Hall (2009).

I love Judy Hall. But she was thinking specifically about a physical space. Crystals can also be arranged in a pattern to amplify intention. One of the most common ways to do this is geometrically and that’s exactly what a crystal grid allows.

My crystal grid (above) has at its centre Aqua Aura Quartz associated with abundance. Surrounding it is a cirtrine point (in this case associated with money), two pieces of adventurine (also money), a carnelian (success), an amethyst (associated with the spiritual plane) and a quartz (good for any purpose). The intention of this crystal grid is to bring in sales of my latest book Ways The Human Body Can Go Wrong. I’ve also asked some of my ancestors for help with this.

To learn more about the Magical Properties of Crystals see my page. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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