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Luna Hare – Buy Spiritual Goods at Affordable Prices

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Luna Hare is an mostly online business that aims to sell a wide range of spiritual items at affordable prices. It is a business run by my two friends Simon & Martin.

Luna Hare‘s feedback on eBay speaks for it’s self. 100% Positive. Just look at these lovely comments, click to see full size image:

They sometimes do carboot sales and other events. Here is a photo from one of these events:

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SpellCast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century

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My latest book is titled Spell Cast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century and has been co-authored with my good friend Luna Hare. Here is some more information about SpellCast from the back cover:

SpellCast is a comprehensive compendium of spells, oils, charms and talismans. It is purely a book about magic, folk magic for the 21st century. The spells are ones that are tried and tested, with some that will stand the test of time.

In SpellCast you will read about the power of Instant Magic, of Banishment & Bindings, Blessings, Cleansing, Communication, Death, Employment, Finance & Money, Fertility, Friendship, Happiness & Joy, Health, Love & Relationships, Luck Magic, Protection, Transformative Magic and WishCraft.

This book will change your life. Your life will be abundant in all meanings of the word.

Making this book has involved researching correspondents, making magic (every Spell has been tried and tested and every Spell is effective) and a great deal of fun (a long with plenty of hard work). Here are some stats on the book:

  • It has around 25, 000 words.
  • 191 pages.
  • It contains 105 Spells, plus Blessings.
  • It has magic for every occasion.

You can view the contents page here. Luna and I have even give away a free Spell to give you a flavour of the book’s contents:

A Happiness & Money Spell
This Spell is from SpellCast – Folk Magic from the 21st Century. This Spell is highly effective and we have nicknamed it the Master Bringer of All Spell. For this Spell you will need:

  • A yellow candle.
  • A green candle.
  • A paper and pen.
  • Sandalwood essential oil.
  • A fire proof dish.

1. Charge the yellow candle for happiness and the green candle for money. Anoint each candle after charging with sandalwood oil.

2. Write out the following spell on a piece of paper:

By the Dragon’s light,
On this [month] night,
Bring happiness and money into sight.

Let [name]’s life be filled with joy,
Every task he/she does enjoy.
With happiness in his/her heart,
Any sadness and pain does now depart.

Let [name] claim monies owed,
Until monies he/she has bestowed.
He/she will not worry about money,
For it shall flow freely like honey.

By the Dragon’s light,
On this [month] night.

[Name] you are happy.
[Name] you have money.
By the Dragon’s might.
So mote it be.

3. When you are ready light both candles, say the spell aloud and then burn the piece of paper with the words written on to release the spell into the cosmos.

If doing this spell for yourself say for myself where the name is.

If you are doing the spell for someone else make sure to imagine them happy and with money.

4. Allow the candles to burn down, releasing the intentioned energy out into the universe.

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My New Book of Magick by Magickal Dragonfly on Etsy

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I’ve recently discovered Etsy. It’s a great site to get some really unique products and gifts. Whilst on my search for Yule presents I came across this Book of Magick by Magickal Dragonfly. I instantly fell in love with it.

It is handmade with locally sourced wood and the finished product is much better than my photos show.

So if you’re looking for a Book of Shadows that will stand the test of time, look no further. Magickal Dragonfly also do a range of products that look awesome. All handmade by a small family run business.

Here are more photos of the inside of the book:


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