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Book Review: The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare

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The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare is a book containing 55 poems about the seasons and other natural/spiritual poetry. They are spread over 76 pages and are beautifully presented along with images and swirls.

The poems have been written over 30 years and are wonderfully wholesome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and everyone of them. In each poem, Luns takes you on a deeply personal and spiritual journey.

This book is not only enlightening but also entertaining.

If you’re looking for a nature or pagan themed poetry book, this is the one for you.

Full disclosure: I helped to edit this book.

Review soon,


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The Druid Temple – Yorkshire

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Yesterday my good friend Simon and I went to visit The Druid’s Temple in Yorkshire. Not a real Druid’s temple, but a rather pleasant structure built around 200 years ago. The folly was built to give people jobs so that they could feed their families.

Essential Information

  • The is no charge to see The Druid’s Temple, but there is a charge for parking.
  • The Druid’s Template is about a 10 minute walk from parking, uphill, so might not be suitable for people with mobility problems.
  • There is a Cafe with toilets near to parking.

Blog soon,


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The Pentagram & Elements

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Click image for full size.

In Witchcraft, the Pentagram is a common symbol. It is used for protection and various pentagrams can be found around a Witch’s home. It also symbolises the elements and directions:

  • Earth – North (green).
  • Air – East (yellow).
  • Fire – South (red).
  • Water – West (blue).
  • Spirit – All (purple).

These elements are often incorporated into a rituals or spells, although this does depend on an individual’s preferences and pagan path.

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Preparing for Surgery

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Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

I love this quote, so with this quote in mind: I have done a candle magic spell and set up a crystal grid:

The crystal grid (photo above) includes a Lapis Lazuli point, two red Tiger’s Eye crystals, two regular Tiger’s Eye Crystals and three Carnelian crystals. Centre is a blue candle for healing.

I need upcoming nasal surgery to be successful. I need to feel healthy again, in order to be happy and return to normality.

My very best wishes,


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