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The WORST Week of My Life

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Last week was the worst of my life. The hole in the roof of my mouth got bigger. It took away my ability to speak and be understood clearly, restricted my diet and fluid intake and made taking medications challenging.

It sent my mood very low. Apart from attending a coupe of medical appointments, I slept. Day and night. That’s all I did. The situation felt overwhelming.

Its taken me a week to figure it out. I’ve been stressing and worrying about things that I have no control over. It reminded of this page in The Alcohol Therapy Workbook:

So I am re-focusing on what I can control: me. My thoughts and behaviours.

Write soon,


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Health Update: Problems With Speaking & Being Understood

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In a month, the hole in the roof of my mouth has doubled in size. The NHS has lost my Max Fax referral and it is now affecting my ability to speak and in being understood.

It has already affected my diet and fluid intake, causing me to loose weight.

So I had no choice but to go to my local A&E Department and request another Max Fax referral. It was so fustrating the staff not understanding me when I tried to explain myself. The only way I can be understood clearly is with yes and no answers.

Vasculitis continues to get me down and I’m still waiting to start on the treatment fot it.

Blog soon,


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Video Trailer for Z-VIRUS Powers

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Here is the video trailer for my latest book Z-VIRUS Powers, enjoy:

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Product Review: Who Gives A Crap – The Lil’ Bundle

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I recently saw Who Gives A Crap advertised online and decided to give them a try. I mainly decided to give them a try for two reasons:

  1. They work out cheaper than buying from the supermarkets.
  2. They do home delivery, this makes my life easier, as having vasculitis I’m finding it difficult to carry a lot of shopping around.

I ordered their The Lil’ Bundle for £51.20 (including postage and packing) which came with:

  • 24 rolls of Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • 12 boxes of Forest Friendly Tissues
  • 6 rolls of Forest Friendly Kitchen Towels
A small photographic sample of what I received.

I was a bit worried about how strong bamboo toilet roll and the kitchen towels would be. I detest having toilet paper or kitchen towels that fall apart when they get wet or when you’re trying to use them.

I need not have worried though, because the people behind Who Gives A Crap have really put quality at the heart of what they do. I am incredibly pleased all of the products.

As an added bonus, as well as being friendly to the environment, 50% of Who Gives A Crap’s profits go towards ensuring clean water and toilet facilities for the poor. So not only do you get a quality product (with really cool packaging), but that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good inside.

The only thing I’d change is their website. It gives you 20% of bundles, but only three bundle options. What if you need toilet rolls, but no kitchen roll? It would be great to save the 20%, but to have more bundles to choose from.

Review soon,


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