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Product Review: Who Gives A Crap – The Lil’ Bundle

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I recently saw Who Gives A Crap advertised online and decided to give them a try. I mainly decided to give them a try for two reasons:

  1. They work out cheaper than buying from the supermarkets.
  2. They do home delivery, this makes my life easier, as having vasculitis I’m finding it difficult to carry a lot of shopping around.

I ordered their The Lil’ Bundle for £51.20 (including postage and packing) which came with:

  • 24 rolls of Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • 12 boxes of Forest Friendly Tissues
  • 6 rolls of Forest Friendly Kitchen Towels
A small photographic sample of what I received.

I was a bit worried about how strong bamboo toilet roll and the kitchen towels would be. I detest having toilet paper or kitchen towels that fall apart when they get wet or when you’re trying to use them.

I need not have worried though, because the people behind Who Gives A Crap have really put quality at the heart of what they do. I am incredibly pleased all of the products.

As an added bonus, as well as being friendly to the environment, 50% of Who Gives A Crap’s profits go towards ensuring clean water and toilet facilities for the poor. So not only do you get a quality product (with really cool packaging), but that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good inside.

The only thing I’d change is their website. It gives you 20% of bundles, but only three bundle options. What if you need toilet rolls, but no kitchen roll? It would be great to save the 20%, but to have more bundles to choose from.

Review soon,


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Book Review: The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare

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The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare is a book containing 55 poems about the seasons and other natural/spiritual poetry. They are spread over 76 pages and are beautifully presented along with images and swirls.

The poems have been written over 30 years and are wonderfully wholesome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and everyone of them. In each poem, Luns takes you on a deeply personal and spiritual journey.

This book is not only enlightening but also entertaining.

If you’re looking for a nature or pagan themed poetry book, this is the one for you.

Full disclosure: I helped to edit this book.

Review soon,


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Venue Review: Feast at the Mills

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This is a review of the outdoor venue Feast at the Mills in Wigan. Last weekend, a lovely family (who have unofficially adopted me) and I headed to Feats at the Mills. It was a Sunday lunchtime. So we had the pleasure of seeing Back to the Future on their cinema-sized screen.

On entering Feasts we saw four food vendors, a cake vendor, a coffee vendor, a bar and plenty of space to relax. I would say that the set up is very bare bones at the moment. Woodchip makes up the counters that isn’t even painted in places and electric lighting is limited.

There is also lack of heaters in the outside venue. They’ve tried to make up for this with blankets dotted around the place. But I would recommend that when you visit, dress warmly – as afterall we are in the North of England.

It should be noted for you Cash is King people that the food vendors don’t accept cash, only card payments. The bar does accept cash, but they prefer card payments. They welcome pets, families and have toilets.

Both the family and I wanted coffee and had to ask for a member of staff on both occasions to staff the stall. Yet there were three staff behind the bar and an additional one milling about and generally looking disinterested and unhappy to be there. Given the cold weather that day, you’d think they’d have kept the coffee vendor staffed at all times, as people really weren’t after alcohol at that time in the day.

Now onto the food. For me, the main attraction at any venue. They had a Stake Shack, a pizza place, a chicken place and a Greek place. I ate from the Stake Shack, getting a stake, chips and peppercorn sauce which was delicious. For desert I got pancakes and ice cream which were both brilliant. The food and live music are what make this venue truly unique, however no live music is on till about 3PM on a Sunday, which was the time we had to leave. Therefore I can only speak about the food.

Overall it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience. It is the perfect place to meet up and catch up with family/friends. The food is excellent, but what made the experience special to me was spending good times with family.

Review soon,


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Book Review: The Poetic Prisoner (Breaking Free Vol. 1) by Taym Doraj

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Full Disclosure: I edited this book and contributed creatively to the cover design.

Here is how The Poetic Prisoner’s back cover describes the book:

Talented Poet, Taym Doraj takes you on an emotional adventure in The Poetic Prisoner (Breaking Free Vol. 1).

Taym shares poems about his time in prison, his battle with addictions, crime, mental health, broken and dysfunctional family ties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this book you’ll find poems about dark times, the desire to change, love, connection, hope and being inspired to transform his life. From life going all wrong, to a positive vibes mindset developed from God, yoga and meditation.

One of the reasons I love this book is because everyone of the poems are brilliant. Taym has a really engaging writer’s voice and tackles tough subjects well. He uses the imagery of dark and light throughout this book and shares how he transformed his life from negative to positive.

Taym hopes to use his life experiences and this book to inspire people to be healthier and happier. It’s a fantastic book that deserves your attention and is thoroughly enjoyable to read. Like most poetry books it is short at just 47 pages. But Taym is clever and doesn’t waste a single word.

The Poetic Prisoner (Breaking Free Vol. 1) by Taym Doraj is available to buy on Amazon.

Review soon,


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