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March 2009

Alderley Edge, The House & Mother’s Day!

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Wow, it’s been busy.

It’s a lovely evening of chilled out blogging for me (I know it’s about time).

So lets catch up….

The other weekend David and I went to Alderley Edge. It’s kind of like an…well…an edge. A beautiful view (unfortunately I didn’t quite manage to get a picture. David and I had an intimate kiss – it was lovely. We did have to watch out for straight people about but that’s what you get when you live in a hetrosexual world.

I did manage to get a random picture of a cave:

(David and I had to sneak under the fence to get this – which was haliourious as David had a backpack on!)

In other news, I have rather naughtly started buying for the new apartment. I bought this kettle:

It is sooo camp and flashes all different colours when it does different things. – I know, us gays are attracted by bright multi coloured lights! As you have no doubt guessed, the apartment will be a gay one.

This weekend just gone David and I went to Manchester Minerals. We both bought various crystals (for a lot cheaper than they would be at various new age shops I might add). But I bought this big clear quartz:

I have decided I am going to buy one a month when possible to fill my new apartment, with positive, healing energy. David and I both knew that it was Ostara on Saturday (see Pagan Festivals) and although we did nothing specific. We did recognise (and buy the crystal) for my new home (new beginnings) as well as buying several

Orange, red, yellow and pink.

Crystals. Do you think that will do?

Sunday was Mothers Day and I went down for Sunday dinner at my mums. She cooks the absolute best Sunday dinners I have ever had! Gordan Ramsay – eat your heart out!

Mum and I watched the two Narnia Films, especially the Prince Caspian one that I haven’t seen. I realised that a lot of the film themes around sacrifice. If we made more sacrifice’s for one another, would the world be a better place? (Just a random thought there!)

Hope the update was worth the read. Coming soon, Tina Turner – photos and videos.



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Things are changing…

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…and it’s all good!

I know I have started to feel stuck in a rutt. So I decided to get myself out of it!

I went to an apartment block to see if their were apartments to rent but soon discovered on entering the sales office that there weren’t. But with the encouragement of a work colleague (and friend) we viewed two apartments. The second I loved!

So yes, I’ve decided to buy. If I can. I have reserved it and am meeting with a Financial Advisor (who’m I have already been in communication with) and we are going to put an application in. So I don’t want to give any further details at present or supply photos, until I’m certain.

But if all goes well, I could be moving out of this house-share in 6 weeks or less! Yippee!

I would like to thank my family, friends and work colleagues who have had loads of open and honest conversations with me. You have been a invaluable source of support – allowing me to use you as sounding boards. However special thanks must go to (in no particular order): Simon, Mum & David. They have been fantastic! Thank you.

Update you soon,

Antony x

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Jacket Potatoe Themed Party

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After my recent rants (see Not a Happy Bunny and Charity begins at home?) I am pleased to say that the weekend was very positive.

Saturday David and I went to Chrys’ for a Jacket Potatoe Themed Birthday Party. The idea is that you ask guests to bring drinks and fillings for jacket potatoes and you provide the potatoes (cooked of course!). I was the designated driver and David had a few drinks. It was funny to hear him rabbiting on in the car, tipsy on the way home.

The party was wonderful, lots of people in attendance busily socialising, the fire in the garden (maintained by Simon), plenty of magic tricks and games. It was one of the best parties I have attended in a long time (then again, Chrys’ always are!).

Sunday (today) I had to leave David’s quite early :(. I had plans to meet up with my friend C to help her look at moving a business idea on. I was pleased to be able to help her and her business partner out. We first looked at the background to the idea, what they had and then what they needed to do next in order to move it forward. I helped them complete an Action Plan which is timescaled. I will be meeting up with them again in a month in order to see where they are up to.

I seemed to have given them a fresh dose of motivation and direction on what to do next. I am glad that I have been able to help a friend out. I have often thought we should have a National help a friend out day.

I am nackard after last weeks busy week and the busy weekend. So that’s all for now folks.


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Charity begins at home?

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Radio 1 has done my head in this week! To the point were I have actually turned it off. I have felt bombarded in my own car!

Chris Moyles and some other celebs have been climbing Mount. Kilimanjaro for Comic relief and all I’ve heard all week is donate, donate, donate. Calls from the Dj’s inbetween each song, countless adds for it (I mean the BBC is suppose to be an add free service – that’s why we pay our TV licences).

Now there’s two things here:
1. Repeatly been asked to donate (that has triggered this rant)
2. Charity begins at home.

1st – I don’t mind being asked once, twice or even daily. But what seems like 100’s of times in a day? Come on.

2nd – To me charity begins at home. I am broke as are many of my family and friends due to the credit crunch and we are in debt. In fact some of my friend’s are struggling to eat well and also struggling to pay the bills to keep the roof over their heads. So if I had any free cash to give to charity – I would much rather give it to my family or friends to support them in this difficult time.

Is this right? Do you think Charity begins at home?

Take heed Radio 1 you will loose listeners repeatly bombarding us with charity appeals. And I for one will not be tunning in again until comic relief is over.

Rant Over,


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