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March 2013

My Advice to Apple

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Apple-logo Since The Death of Steve Jobs, Apple seem to have lost their way. The iPhone 5 was disappointing and in my iPhone 5 Review I wrote about the disappointments and missed opportunities. I’m no technology whizz; just a customer who wants Apple to build on it’s success. So Apple this post is addressed exclusively to you. Let’s start with the iPhone shall we?

Your next iPhone release should be an iPhone 6. Forget the ‘S’ models unless you are going add something new; something more than a bit of unnoticeable Speed. No more rehashing of the previous model.

On a hardware front you need to take advantage of new technology including Wireless Charging. You need to improve the features that customers want such as a bigger screen width. In the iPhone 5 Launch Key Notes Presentation you made a point about keeping it the same width as the iPhone 4 so that it could be operated by one hand; but is this really what customers want? It seemed strange that all your competitors have widened the width of their smart phones but you haven’t.

The great thing with all your devices is that the hardware and software work in synergy. But software wise you’re to slow at making the changes customers want. Think back to the copy/paste feature, it took you far too long to add it in an update.

You need to loosen your control on the App Store, especially when it comes to your competitors Apps. When you delayed the Google Maps App and made the shambolic Apple Maps App, customers were left frustrated at not having a decent Maps App. We live in a world of convenience; so inconveniencing customers is a good way to loose them. Some customers saw it as a cynical attempt to control which software they use and taking away customers choice is another sure way to make them switch to your competitors.

We understand the need to update hardware; but let’s never have a repeat of the Lightening Connector fiasco. Support your existing customers by providing an adapter free of charge; as charging £25 for a tiny connector was seen by many as an exploitation of your customer base. Give accessory developers early access to the iPhone 6; so that when it launches customers can buy compatible accessories such as cases, speaker/dock devices, car handsfree kits, etc. It’s now several months since the iPhone 5 launch and there still aren’t many accessories around for it.

A really good way to emphasise value for money would be to put product packages together. So buy the iPhone 6 and get the latest iPad for a reduced price if bought together. For the iMac you could put a reduced price Time Capsule and so on. This would encourage your customers to spend more and give them an added sense of value for money.

imac-2012 Take the new iMac as a good example. You’ve slimmed it down, made it lighter and added loads of great features. My iMac (Part 1) is the the older version. It’s become everything I use technology for: I write on it, play music, view photos, watch DVDs/TV on it and surf the web. I won’t be upgrading as you’ve removed the DVD player and I watch DVD’s on my iMac daily. You’ve assumed that I want to download or stream all the films, TV and other media. Most people won’t spend the price of an iMac that doesn’t meet their requirements. They’d choose a different machine instead.

The key message is that you need to ask and listen to your customers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the iPhone 6, iPod Touch, iPad, etc. you need to do market research for them all. You need to find out what customers want and need, rather than assuming you know what we want. You need to make sure your products are value for money; otherwise you’ll price yourself out of the markets.

Wishing you luck,

A Customer

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Me on TV – Live To The Nation!

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I got asked to be a Guest Speaker on the BBC Three’s Free Speech. Free Speech is formatted like Question Time; members of the audience ask questions to a panel of politicians or others involved in politics. Yesterday was the live broadcast to the Nation from Liverpool Hope University. I arrived a few hours before the broadcast with butterflies in my stomach and a buzz of excitement.


I realised once the broadcast had started I realised my vibrant purple shirt made me stand out, more than I had intended to do so. I listened to the questions asked, answers from the panel and opinions of the audience members. The debate lived up when we came to my topic: drugs and alcohol.


Rick Edwards (the Presenter) came to ask about my experience working in the field.


I had been expecting to be introduced differently and to get two minutes of air time. But because the debate had been lively, I knew I had to cut it down. So I said my piece.



This video clip is what I said:

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It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I learnt so much about the TV World. I think I looked good, sounded OK and did well considering it was my first time. If a simliar opportunity comes along in the future, at least I’d be less nervous as I now have some experience. I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to do it as well as two special ladies for their expertise and advice (they know who they are!).

If you are a UK resident and want to watch the whole Episode you can for the next seven days on the BBC iplayer: Free Speech – Episode 11. You can also get involved with the debate on Facebook or Twitter.

Obligatory Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer or any other associated company/organisation.

Blog soon,


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February Photo Challenge

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I’ve set myself a challenge each month aimed at giving me new experiences. February’s challenge was to take a photo everyday. Here’s the photos I snapped:

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone 5. I did miss four days, however other days I took more than one photo because of the day’s events.

I really enjoyed this month’s challenge. It helped me to notice the positives in a otherwise dark and gloomy month. I like that the photos also serve as a sort of visual diary. Something I’ll definitely be doing again in the future.

Blog soon,


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