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April 2020

Book Review: Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

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Don’t panic. Don’t panic.

Christmas Shopaholic is the best book in the Shopaholic Series to date.

Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) returns and it’s her turn to host Christmas.

Becky and Luke’s guests will include: Becky’s mum and dad, their neighbours Janice and Martin, Suze & Tarquin and their children, her sister Jess and her partner Tom.

Becky desperately wants her Christmas to be like a Christmas movie. Everyone getting on, following traditions and everyone to say: Do you remember that Christmas at Becky’s? Wasn’t it great.

But with the guests falling out with one another; everyone making demands around their Christmas traditions; trying to get Luke a sensational gift; and an ex-partner coming back into her life with the offer of friendship – but whom has secret motives;

making an outfit for Minnie’s school nativity; worrying about her sister Jess who won’t open up about what’s going on in her life; supporting one of the school mums whose having a rough time. Becky has a lot going on.

Can Becky pull off her dream? Well if you’ve read any or all of the Shopaholic series, you know Becky is resourceful and often solves problems in her own unique way. It is her ideas and how she pulls it off that makes this book a joy to read.

This book had plenty moments of comedy that made me laugh out loud. The ending made me cry with happiness. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of Christmas Shopaholic and was gutted when I read the last word of the last page.

I’ve always thought of Becky’s husband Luke as being a bit two dimensional, but he scored major brownie points with me and some realism points to, by swearing and holding people to account in this book.

If I could say anything to author Sophie Kinsella, it would be to make Luke a bigger part of the story. He is barely mentioned in most of the Shopaholic novels, yet is a big part of Becky’s life.

Christmas Shopaholic is available to buy on Amazon.

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My 1,000th Blog Post

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This is my 1,000th blog post. I always said my blog would be eclectic, but I didn’t realise just how true this would turn out to be. It covers all aspects of my life including: Achievements, Creative Projects, Days Out, Emotional Posts, Pets and Travel.

This is my 1,000th Post.

I’ll start by listing my most popular content according to Jetpack Stats:
Most Popular
1. My List of Famous People Series:
A List of Famous People Who Are Middle Children
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#MentalHealthMonday – A list of Famous People who have experienced Mental Illness
A List of Famous People with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and/or Dyscalculia

2. My Inspirational Quotes Series:
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3. My Photos page.

4. My The Secrets to Self-Awareness blog post.

5. My The Enemy Series by Charlie Higson Book Reviews:
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6. My 10 Gay Animals post.

7. My Candles of the Gods page.

8. My Productivity Journal Review Series:
Productivity Journal Review: Inspire Now Journal by Inspire Now Daily
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9. My What influences my IDENTITY? post.

10. My 15 Lies That Depression Would Have You Believe post.

Next I’ll look at some different aspects of my life and share the posts that I think are awesome.

1. Published Author: Mental Health Wisdom – Developing Understating & Empathy.


2. Independently published some Short Stories.

3. Landed my dream job, see my Causes For Celebration post.

4. Previously written for The Gay UK.

5. Gained a 2:1 Degree in Nursing, see my Degree Results post.

6. Have overcome adversity, see my A Tale Of Overcoming Adversity post.

Creative Projects
1. Creative Writing – See Mental Health Wisdom – Developing Understating & Empathy and Short Stories.

2. Candles – See Candles of the Gods.

3. My letter to my 16 year old self.

4. Yule cookies.

Days Out
1. Rivington – I’ve blogged multiple times about my love of Rivington. See the below for a couple of examples:
Rivington Adventure: Ruins & The Picnic
Rivington Adventure: Lever Castle
The Bank Holiday Weekend: 4 Lovely Days
Walking in this…

2. My Hadrian’s Wall Series:
The Hadrian’s Wall Adventure (Part 4) – Warkworth Castle & Tynemouth Priory and Castle
The Hadrian’s Wall Adventure (Part 3) – Haydon Bridge, Chesters Fort & Museum, Brunton Turret and Corbridge Roman Town
The Hadrian’s Wall Adventure (Part 2) – Poltross Burns Milecastle, Walltown Quarry and Vindoland Roman Fort & Museum
The Hadrian’s Wall Adventure (Part 1) – Lanercost Priory, Banks East Turret & Birdozwald Roman Fort

3. My Cumbria Adventure: The Druid Circle, Old Farmhouse Pub/Restaurant, Holly Trinity Church & Millom Castle post.

4. My A Visit to York and Knaresborough post.

5. My Harry Potter Studio Tours:
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6. My visits to Blackpool Zoo:
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Emotional Posts
1. A Rare Photo.

2. I’ve Got A Secret To Tell You…

3. Feeling Ready

1. From Kittens to Cats

2. My New Kitten Nicholas (Black Bengal) & Introducing Him to Dylan and Russell (My Two Bengal Cats)

1. My India Series:
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My India Adventure (Part 6) – The Taj Mahal
My India Adventure (Part 5) – Gandhi’s Grave & India Gate
My India Adventure (Part 4) – Delicious Food
My India Adventure (Part 3) – Shopping in Delhi
My India Adventure (Part 2) – The Wedding
My India Adventure (Part 1) – The Journey, First Impressions of Delhi, The Guest House & The Family
The Adventure of a Lifetime – Going to India

2. My Benidorm Series:
Adventure 2 – Benidorm Part 3
Adventure 2 – Benidorm Part 2
Adventure 2 – Benidorm Part 1

3. The Stonehenge Adventure Series:
The Stonehenge Adventure (Part 3) – Stonehenge and Woodhenge
The Stonehenge Adventure (Part 2) – Glastonbury, The Chalice Well and The City of Wells
The Stonehenge Adventure (Part 1) – Avebury Stone Circles

Here’s to the next 1,000 blog posts. Write soon,


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Killing Time

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When I’m not at work it feels like I am killing time. Killing time until I am released, free from house arrest. Normally I’d be keeping myself happily amused with: reading, writing and candle making.

I even relieved some massive jars for the latter activity today:

A medium-sized jar (left) and a MASSIVE jar (right).

But I just can’t seem to motivate myself to be creative. I can’t even motivate myself to entertain myself. I just want to sleep.

Maybe it’s because the weather is good and I usually see people and do things when the weather’s good. I wonder if I’d lack motivation if it were the middle of winter?

Who knows. I’m working all over the long Bank Holiday, so at least boredom won’t set in.

Write soon,


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