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March 2024

Childhood Pictures

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Today, Mum & I have been going through pictures from my childhood and she has been telling me about my great grandparents on her side. It was my privilege and honour to do this. I’m going back tomorrow to finish off the job (there was a lot of photos), so consider this potentially part one of two. I had a wonderful, magical and joyful childhood. Thank you mum.

Here is the gallery:

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Edited: 1st April 2024 – Added further childhood photos to the gallery.

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The Issue All Authors Have

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The issue all authors have is reaching their audience. I believe every book has an audience and it is the authors job to find the audience for their book(s). There’s a lot written about using social media to help an author find their book’s audience, but I have come to feel that this is really only good for family and friends.

My latest two books haven’t done well sales wise, despite being great books, each in the own way.

So I have decided to run an advertising campaign on Amazon for 1 month for my health-related books: Ways The Human Body Can Go Wrong, The Alcohol Therapy Workbook and Mental Health Wisdom.

I’m also looking into another project with My Royal Navy Friend, but I can’t share details about this right now.

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Luna Hare Goes Physical & Digital

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My good friends Simon & Martin launched a stall in Leigh Indoor Market, Lancashire to compliment their online eBay sales late last year. They sell spiritual goods at affordable prices including:

  • Satya Incense.
  • Crystals & Crystal sets/Crystal grids.
  • Giftware.
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards.
  • Door Mats, signs and other homeware goods.
  • Burners – Both for incense (including backflow) & essential oils.
  • Essential Oils.
  • Candles.
  • It’s own range of charm pouches, talismans and spell kits.
  • Jewellery.
  • Trinkets.
  • And loads more.

Plus they are always getting new and exiting products in. They have just gone live with a website: Luna You can expect regular updates on the website, with online sales coming soon.

If you live in Leigh or Lancashire Luna Hare is the place to go for your all things spiritual, quirky and unusual.

Blog soon,


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