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May 2021

Conwy Castle with Simon

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Simon & Me.

To celebrate my upcoming 35th birthday, my good friend Simon and I visited Conwy Castle in North Wales.

Essential Info

  • Conwy Castle is a well preserved, grand structure that once was a medieval fortress.
  • It was impressively built in just 4 years.
  • Admission Prices can be found here. Due to COVID-19, tickets must be purchased in advance of the visit.
  • Opening Times can be found here.
  • Parking is available, charged using Pay and Display.
  • Conwy Town has little else to offer, apart from the Castle visit.
  • Conwy Castle can be easily found using Sat Navigation or Google Maps.
  • At the time of our visit walking along the inside walls was not permitted.

Here are some photos of the Castle, click on any photo for full size image:

Stairs to Conwy Castle Entrance.
Conwy Castle (outside 1).
Walk Along the Wall (1).
Conwy Castle Wooden Sculpture.
Inside Conwy Castle (2) – The Well.
Inside Conwy Castle (4) – A Tower.
Conwy Castle (outside 2).
Walk Along the Wall (2), view from arrow slit.
Inside Conwy Castle (1).
Inside Conwy Castle (3) – View from arrow slit in a tower.

Inside Conwy Castle (5) – One of the smaller fireplaces.
Inside Conwy Castle (6) – The Bridge.
Inside Conwy Castle (7) – View.
Inside Conwy Castle (8).
Inside Conwy Castle (9) – Window.
Inside Conwy Castle (10).

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Getting Back To Life

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Me – Post Hair Cut (April 2021)

With lockdown restrictions easing, it feels good to be getting back to life. Back to living rather than existing.

Seeing friends and family again, planning adventures, visiting the hair salon, all things once taken for granted, now more appreciated than ever before.

I’m off on a week of annual leave. My plans include catching up with friends and family, a visit to Conwy Castle and celebration of my 35th birthday.

It is time to make plans for the future as well. I’ve just signed up to a level 2 Counselling course.

I use counselling skills everyday at work, but haven’t got any qualifications in counselling, so I thought it was time I rectified this.

Write soon,


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