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Z-VIRUS Powers for just £8.00

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My latest book Z-VIRUS Powers is out now! You can buy a signed copy from me, which comes with a free bookmark, free UK postage and entry into a prize draw to win one of these following prizes:

For just £8.00 (including Postage & Packing). Payments are made securely by Paypal. The first batch of books arrives Monday afternoon and I have already sold 5.

If you love a Zombie Apocalypse story or an X-MEN type story you’ll love Powers.

Blog soon,


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Book Review: The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare

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The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare is a book containing 55 poems about the seasons and other natural/spiritual poetry. They are spread over 76 pages and are beautifully presented along with images and swirls.

The poems have been written over 30 years and are wonderfully wholesome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and everyone of them. In each poem, Luns takes you on a deeply personal and spiritual journey.

This book is not only enlightening but also entertaining.

If you’re looking for a nature or pagan themed poetry book, this is the one for you.

Full disclosure: I helped to edit this book.

Review soon,


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Z-Virus – Powers

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You asked in a poll I ran for a Zombie Story and I will deliver. Here are details of my new book:

The Z-Virus mutates people’s DNA. The majority of infected people become zombies, but a minority seem immune but the virus causes them to develop powers. 

At first these powers like invisibility, telepathy and telekinesis aided survival. But as the Z-Virus continues to mutate, the powers become more and more destructive.

Forced with no other choice, one group goes in search of a cure. But will they survive the roaming zombie hordes long enough to make an epic journey across the country to find the cure?

Join Alexis, Vis, Chan, Luke, Natalie, Grace, Chloe, Kyle, David and Goliath on this journey in Z-Virus Powers, the first installment of this three part story.

Due for release: End of 2024.

This is my first foray into fiction. I’m really enjoying writing the first draft – it’s so much fun.

Write soon,


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Are you a book review Blogger? Request a copy of any of 5 books & I’ll send you a FREE PDF review copy

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Are you a book review Blogger?

If so, you could get a FREE PDF review copy of any, some or all my books to read and review on your blog. Here is a summary of each of my five books:

Here are all of my books:

Ways The Human Body Can Go Wrong – overs every system of the body, what can go wrong when the body malfunctions or fails, symptoms (including why these happen) and cures/treatments available.

My Royal Navy Friend – My dear friend Roy decided to follow in his family’s footsteps and enlist in the Royal Navy. I wanted to maintain our friendship, to continue to support Roy, to make him laugh and to entertain him. So I came up with the idea of sending him a weekly email on random topics.

The Alcohol Therapy Workbook – This workbook has been designed for anyone that is struggling with alcohol or has struggled with alcohol in the past. It is written in a Motivational Interviewing style, one of the key therapies used to support people with alcohol issues. It has been designed using a trauma-informed approach and is strength–based.

SpellCast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century (co-authored with Luna Hare) – SpellCast is a comprehensive compendium of spells, oils, charms and talismans. It is purely a book about magic, folk magic for the 21st century. The spells are ones that are tried and tested, with some that will stand the test of time.

Mental Health Wisdom – Developing Understanding & Empathy – This book contains everything that you need to know about mental health and mental illness.

For a free review copy please email me here.

Write soon,


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