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Z-VIRUS Powers for just £8.00

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My latest book Z-VIRUS Powers is out now! You can buy a signed copy from me, which comes with a free bookmark, free UK postage and entry into a prize draw to win one of these following prizes:

For just £8.00 (including Postage & Packing). Payments are made securely by Paypal. The first batch of books arrives Monday afternoon and I have already sold 5.

If you love a Zombie Apocalypse story or an X-MEN type story you’ll love Powers.

Blog soon,


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Treating My Vasculitis

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Last week I was feeling a bit lost. My blood tests had come back positive for vasculitis. My ENT Consultant stated she had referred me to a vasculitis centre and started me on some steroids. She said that I wouldn’t need to be seen again by her, unless the Vasculitis Specialist requested it.

But instead of an appointment to see the Vasculitis Specialist, I got a letter through for another ENT appointment in a month’s time. Having checked this week, apparently the appointment is with a Vasculitis Specialist.

I didn’t know how to navigate the world of vasculitis. I didn’t really know much about what the diagnosis meant. I needed help. So I telephoned the Vasculitis UK’s helpline.

The volunteer who answered the phone was fantastic. But she didn’t have good news. The steroids just mask the symptoms and are not the treatment. The treatment is chemotherapy medications and immunosuppressant medications, with the aim of getting the vasculitis in remission (under control). I could be on this treatment for some time. As once the disease is under control, it will be about maintenance (keeping it under control).

The volunteer gave me some excellent advice around my local specialist treatment centre, which I have followed. Unfortunately, the centre hasn’t yet received a referral for me so I am following this up.

I have no idea what this means for me and my life at the moment. Right now, I’m just having to take it day by day.

Take Care,


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Book Review: The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare

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The Pagan Bard by Luna Hare is a book containing 55 poems about the seasons and other natural/spiritual poetry. They are spread over 76 pages and are beautifully presented along with images and swirls.

The poems have been written over 30 years and are wonderfully wholesome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and everyone of them. In each poem, Luns takes you on a deeply personal and spiritual journey.

This book is not only enlightening but also entertaining.

If you’re looking for a nature or pagan themed poetry book, this is the one for you.

Full disclosure: I helped to edit this book.

Review soon,


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