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June 2009


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As I am sure you are all aware M J recently died. In my mind I debated about his life. He was a fantasic singer, dancer and performer. However at times in his life his talent was over shaddowed by various accusations and the weird actions he took. Such as:

I recently posted about Susan Boyle on Britian’s Got Tallent where I said:

But then it struck me…when did we stop appreciating the talent of singer, more focused on the looks or life style of the singer?

So this this in mind, Rest In Peace M J. Thanks for the music as well as the artists you have inspired.

M J Black and White
M J Thriller

Write soon,


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An interesting AIDS Advert

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This blog contains an animation with gay sexual scenes – promoting condom use to fight against AIDS. It is likely to be an educational safe sex health message from some other country.


(I don’t know how I can make that any clearer than above.)

I don’t know who produced it. But it shows being a gay boy/man growing up and getting hurt (after sex with partners) but him always using a condom. He eventually finds Mr Right and all is happy. It is a lovely video.

I like the message it promotes about being safe with partners. I also like the message about eventually finding Mr Right rather than Mr Right Now.

So Mr Right, I will find you. I know I will.

My love to all,


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I’m so vain

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This all started when talking to a friend of a friend. “So go on then…how old do you think I am? I asked.
“Twenty eight?” My face visabley dropped. And I decided it was time to get vain.

So here’s what I don’t like about myself and what I intend to do about it:

1. Teeth – They have been discoloured since I was a teenager. Yet they are healthy, not a single filling in my life and good strong roots on them. The discolouration has always bothered me. So I have decided next month to have them lazer whitened at Style Smile. (If they are any good and effective, I’ll let you know!).

2. Hair – It’s getting a bit long and frizzy again, I have to admit. For a gay man sometimes I let my hair get a bit messy. So it’s a new hair style with regular visits to the hair dresser to main tain it. I just don’t know what style to have, ideas anyone?

3. Clothes – I’ve got some nice clothes, but as a gay man, can you ever have enough? Plus my style maybe needs to have a slight make over? I always go for the safe options. I need to take a few risks with my style. Maybe they’ll pay off?

4. Under Eyes – Sometimes I have massive scary looking bags under my eyes. I was considering extreme actions to get rid or reduce them but someone suggested buying some consealer. So I shall buy some consealer and let you know how I get on.

Blog vainly soon,


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Liar Liar

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Your pants are on fire!

Charlie from big brother. See:

…And he’s alarmingly candid and eerily precise about his sexual conquests – 69 men and 103 women. Hmm, we’re wondering about that ‘103 women’ statistic. That’s a mighty large number of women for a ‘gay’ man. Is there something Charlie’s not telling us?
(from:, Access online: 20th June 09)

Now fair enough many gay men I know have slept with a woman or two before discovering their sexuality as a gay man. But 103 women. Sounds like he’s Bi to me. That’s fine – but why lie about it?

He has gone down in my estimations. Sorry Charlie, but you shouldn’t lie and you certainly shouldn’t have entered Mr Gay UK.

Ramble soon,


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