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December 2008

A round-up of 2008

By LifeNo Comments

Hi All,

Thought I would give you a round-up of 2008. Here are the main events of the year:

  • February – Moved from Nurses accomodation to a private house-share.
  • May – Went to Scotland, Ireland and Wales on a Road Trip
  • June – The new site design was launched (see Welcome to the notice board of!)
  • July – Went to see Kylie, met David (see Thanks to the attractive stranger)
  • August – Attended Pride with David
  • September – Completed Reiki One (see Reiki One – Qualified)
  • October – Applied for job, got it. Went to see Dylan Moran (see A mad week!) and did Samhain ritual with David (see Samhain Ritual, goes well).
  • November – Went to see Russell Howard (see Russell Howard, Campness & Heating) & The Feeling (see The Feeling were Awesome!).

    So there you go. What a busy year it’s been. I should mention that this post was actually written about a week ago, using the edit timestamp feature on my new blogging software, that I love. So it will keep you updated, even when I’m not about!

    Wishing you the absolutely best New Years,


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  • Christmas Specials

    By Amazon, Books & Authors, Friends & Family, Happiness & Joy, Life, Music & Radio, Technology, TV, Online Streaming & FilmsNo Comments

    Hi All,

    I have loved the Christmas Specials on TV this year. They Have included Dr. Who, Gavin & Stacy, Royal Family, Wallace & Gromit.

    Some of my gifts (off my loving family, friends & David) have included:
    * Money and Vouchers
    * DVD’s (including Dream Girls, The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Feeling Live, Merlin, P.S I Love You)
    * Books (Psychic Party Games, Dear Fatty)
    * And soo much more!

    I would like to thank you all for these.

    I also treated myself to a new HD-ready, 26″, LCD TV. It was about time as I had had my 14″ TV/Video since being fourteen years old.

    So, I’ve done well.

    With Love,


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    Funny cartoons from a friend

    By Friends & Family, The WebNo Comments

    My friend Sye produced these really funny cartoons. Have a look:

    He really is talented and can be very funny at times.

    And in response to your recent blog entitled Where am I going?, go for it! If that’s what you want darling.

    All my love,


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    Popular Posts

    By The WebNo Comments

    What on earth am I doing posting on Christmas Day? I bet your thinking?

    Well I’m not!

    I have set this post to be published on Christmas day, just incase any mad people happen to be surfing the web!

    So as I’m not here, why not read some of the most popular posts (as of 22nd December 08)

    1. Relaxation, something we all need at Christmas time. Gives some top tips on how to chill out, especially as Christmas can also be extremely stressful.

    2. No Vote to Congestion Charge, a short post thanking those who voted no to the congestion charge in Manchester. (Don’t ask me why that’s so popular! You make it popular by reading it!)

    3. You know your getting old(er) when, a blog entry about things I’ve noticed as I get older. Should of added: You know your getting old(er) when… Christmas seems a lot of effort for one day.

    4. Glad to hear he is well, documents a recent bump in to an ex-partner and wishes him well.

    5. Phones, an esssential entry if you are planning to buy a new phone. Gives the pro’s and co’s of some of the phones I’m considering when my contract comes up for renewal.

    Happy reading, will blog when I’ve finished a quiet celebration with the family & boy friend.


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