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October 2013

Book Review: The Fallen by Charlie Higson

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the-fallen-charlie-higson-book-cover The Enemy Series is a series of books by Charlie Higson about all adults becoming diseased sicko’s that like to eat children. The stories are about the kids survival (or not).

This review will be like the ones I’ve done for the other books in the series – it will give an overview of the storyline. So please be aware that this review contains spoilers.

In The Fallen by Charlie Higson The Holloway Kids are finally back! These were the children introduced to us in book one of the series: The Enemy. Since then there’s been three books (The Dead, The Fear & The Sacrifice) with little mention of Maxie, Blue and the others.

The book starts by reintroducing the kids to the reader as they reach The Natural History Museum in London. They’ve travelled a long way to get there, but it’s not exactly the safe haven they imagined. They arrive to a scene of carnage. Grownup’s and lots of them are chasing the kids that have took up residence at The National History Museum.

The grownup’s were released from below the museum by Paul, a kid who got bit on the neck by and adult in one of the previous books and has started to get diseased. Blue, Maxie and Co get to work and help the geeky kids make the museum safe again.

The museum kids welcome the new comers and talk about their work – trying to find a cure for the disease. They explain that they need to get some supplies from a warehouse which used to be run by Promithios (a biomedical company). The problem is that the warehouse is a few miles away near Heathrow Airport. It might as well be hundreds of miles away, giving how dangerous the streets are.

So Blue, some of his crew and some of the museum kids set out on this perilous journey to the warehouse and back. The reader joins them on this journey, which is a throughly entertaining read. The excerpts of Lettis’s diary give the reader an insight to her character and perspective.

Big Mick’s death was a concern. It felt like Higson had been unsure where to take his character, so he killed him off. I recognise Higson’s need to develop Blue’s character to make him feel more vulnerable, more human, but killing off Big Mick didn’t fully achieve this for the reader.

Meanwhile back at the Museum: Maxie and the rest of the kids have got problems of their own – as Paul continues to cause trouble.

Blue is forced to leave some of the group in a Church, taking a smaller group onto the Promithios Warehouse. They reach the Promithios Warehouse to be met by The Twisted Kids. The Twisted Kids explain that they are the children of the Scientists at Promithios. That their parents found a lost tribe of people and were careful not to infect them with any diseases; but didn’t realise that the tribe had infected them with something.

An infection that only became apparent when the Scientists children were born odd and twisted. The Twisted Kids explain that they can’t stay there because the diseased grownup’s keep getting in. They agree to let Blue and Co take what they want, in return for letting them move into the Museum with the other kids. The Twisted Kids send a small group of their kids back with Blue and Co to check out the Museum.

Paul realises he can communicate with the diseased adults, leaves the Museum and heads back to David at Buckingham Palace.

Chapter 90 gives a summary of the over-arching plot. In North London Shadowman is following St. George’s Army; In East London The Kid is trapped in a dark cellar with The Green Man (a diseased adult) trying to stay alive; Southern London is a blackened ruin caused by a fire with Ed & Kyle crossing Lambeth Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral looking for Small Sam. Small Sam trapped by Mad Matt and his followers.

The Enemy Series has a very detailed storyline with lots of characters. Add to this a year between new releases and it means the reader (even one that’s an avid fan) looses track. It doesn’t help that the books in the series don’t always follow a straight forward timeline. So Higson should do more of these plot overviews like the one in Chapter 90.

The book ends with Small Sam finally arriving at the Museum to find his sister Ella. Only he’s a day late. Ella left with Maeve, Robbie and Monkey Boy a day ago for the countryside. Small Sam arrives with Ed, Kylie, The Kid, The Green Man and some other kids.

The Fallen is the best book of the series to date. Not as much action as some of the other books in the series, but as brilliantly written as ever. Lots of character and plot development that is starting to bring all of the kids together for the grand finale. It’s going to be an unbearable wait for the next book in the series.

Review soon,



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Wicked: Thrilling, Entertaining and A Must-See

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Wicked Ticket Steve & I were off to see the Witches, the Wonderful Witches of Oz!

On Monday night we went to watch Wicked on Tour; but beforehand we ate delicious food (as always) at Velvet Central. We both had tomato soup to start and then gammon steak as the main.

Having booked tickets in January, I was ready to explode with excitement and it didn’t disappoint. We headed to Manchester’s Palace Theatre:

Wicked Outside Manchester Palace Theatre Wicked Outside Manchester
The Manchester Palace Wicked:
Theatre Sign (from a distance)
The Manchester Palace Wicked:
Outside Video Display
Me Wicked Outside Manchester Steve Wicked Outside Manchester
The Manchester Palace Wicked:
The Manchester Palace Wicked:
Wicked Posters Manchester Palace Theatre Wicked Que
The Manchester Palace Wicked:
The Manchester Palace Wicked:
The Queue

We were sat one row from the front, an incredible view of the stage. I hadn’t realised when I’d booked the tickets, I though ‘BB’ row would be further back. I didn’t take photos during the show for fear of being kicked out.

The costumes and makeup were fabulous. The props were good and the set was truly transformative.

(Left: The Oz Map Stage Screen.)

Wicked Map Curtain
Wicked - Dragon The quick costume changes were impressive as were the choreography, the story, the good doses of humour throughout and of course the music. The only criticism was that occasionally the words of the songs weren’t clear. This was with both individuals of the leading cast and with the group singing.

(Right: Clock Dragon.)

Here’s a YouTube playlist, with all the songs from the show in full:

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Wicked was thrilling, entertaining, dramatic and an absolute must-see. If you’re thinking of going to the theatre, you’ve got to see Wicked. Here’s the official trailer:

Click here to display content from

I would definitely watch it again. Steve & I left wanting to book tickets to go again.

Write soon,


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Import: 15 Pleasurable Ways To Spend An Evening

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With the dark nights closing in, the routine this time of year can feel a bit monotonous. So we’ve come up with 15 pleasurable ways to spend an evening.

Depending upon your own personal preferences some of these activities might be your idea of absolute pleasure or excruciating pain. Still, hopefully this list will inspire you to do something different and fun that will break up the routine.

15. Spending Time with your Family
Whether it’s seeing my mum, catching up with my brothers, sister, or my nephews it’s always great to spend time with the family. With life being so busy an unexpected catch up is always welcome. So why don’t you text or call your family and see what they’re up to tonight?

14. Getting on the Consoles
Dust off and switch on your Xbox, PS3 or even the Wii and rediscover an old game. Spend the night shooting zombies, being manager of your own football team and playing online with people from across the world. You never know, you might even make a few new online friends.

13. Ordering A Takeaway
Treat yourself to some delicious food from your local take away. Best of all – don’t stress about the calorie intake, just enjoy.

12. Cinemas or A Night in Watching Films
Venture out of the house to the Cinemas for the latest flick. Alternatively pop on your favourite DVD’s at home for a cosy night in.

11. Hitting The Gym
We all know the gym is good for you, but many of us don’t go often enough. Burning off that excess energy at the gym has two main benefits. First, exercise releases endorphins that make you feel amazing. Second, you’re guaranteed to sleep well.

If you make it a regular thing, you only add to the benefits. Think: loosing weight, tighter body, more muscle mass and more stamina.

Plus there’s an opportunity to see that fitty that frequents the gym. You never know, you may even get talking to him and he may end up becoming your workout buddy.

10. Reading A Good Book
Reading a good book is like being transported into a whole different world; your imagination is ignited and you become totally absorbed.

9. A Romantic Meal Out, or A Meal Out with Friends
If you’re in a relationship, take the time out to have a romantic meal for two out at your favourite restaurant. If you’re single, drag one or three of your friends along to try a new restaurant.

8. Ten-pin Bowling, Laser Quest or Both
Find your local bowling, laser quest or both and book a night out of competitive gaming for you and you’re mates. Choose you’re team carefully though – as the loosing team is buying the drinks!

7. Taking A Dance Class
My friend and I took up Salsa Dancing a few winters ago and we were useless at it. I honestly haven’t laughed that much in ages; we both came out with bellyache from laughing so much at each other.

So take a dance class, even if you’ve got two left feet like me. You can also find some same sex dance classes that cater for gay people.

6. Meditation
Meditation may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a pleasurable evening, but bare with me here. Imagine low lighting, a scented candle (or three) and a guided meditation CD that makes you feel completely relaxed and slightly giddy from the visualisation.

I think relaxation can be pleasurable in itself, especially with the amount of stress we all have in our lives. I’ve spent many evenings doing mediation because I finish feeling absolutely blissful and if that feeling of bliss isn’t pleasurable, then I don’t know what is.

5. Having Sex
Spend an evening having sex! But rather than the usual quickie, make a night of it and take it slow.

Light some candles, sprinkle some rose petals and get the baby oil out. Give your partner a naked massage using the oil and resist the urge to step things up a gear.

Take the time to get to know every part of his body and let the tension slowly build, until climax.

4. A Few Social Drinks
Find out all the latest gossip by having a good chinwag with friends over a few social drinks. Just make sure that you know your limit if it’s a work night.

3. Visit the Roller Ring or go Ice-Skating
Visiting your local roller ring or ice skating may bring back memories of falling on the floor or on to solid ice, but you’ll enjoy it once your there. They usually have flashing disco lights and great music for you to skate to!

2. The Theatre
Book tickets and go and see a production at a theatre. It gives you something to look forward to and there are some absolutely fantastic shows on.

1. Being Creative
There’s nothing better than creating something. Whether you’re into: making music, creating collages, painting, writing, do whatever takes your fancy. Even if you don’t think you’re that good at it, just do it for the love of it.

Published by: The Gay UK on Tuesday 29th October 2013.

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Simply Amazing!

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What a proposal!

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Mr. Right please note: I expect something equally spectacular.

With love,


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