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December 2011

The Progress in 2011, Review of Goals

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At the beginning of last January I set some Goals for 2011. I’m going to review the progress I made so that I can look at Goals for 2012. I am going to say at this point as I wrote in my The Annual Christmas Card Letter that it has been an emotionally difficult year due to the death of Alex (see My Darling Baby Brother & Grief). This has undoubtedly had an impact on my progress with some of these goals. So with that said, let’s have a look starting with Health:

1. To quit smoking.
2. To test my blood sugars twice a day.

Well I haven’t quit smoking this year. But I know I need too. So it will probably go on new years goal list.

After recently being ill I have started to test my blood sugars more than twice a day, but it still needs to be on next years goals as I’ve only recently started regularly testing my blood sugars.

3. To complete my Dissertation and Change for Children modules, therefore completing my degree.
4. To complete Complementary Therapies (Teach Yourself Your Evening Class) with Ian (my boyfriend).

As I wrote about in the The Annual Christmas Card Letter because of Alex’s death I didn’t manage to complete the Change for Children module meaning it will be a goal for the year ahead.

Ian and I split up, but I was still determined to at least start Complementary Therapies (Teach Yourself Your Evening Class). That was until I realised the cost of essential oils and the other equipment I’d need. So the course has popped in the cupboard of no return.

5. To use my creativity more in my everyday life.
6. To write a short story per quarter of the year with themes. The themes and deadlines:

Theme Deadline
Heroes and Villains 31st March 2010
Love 30th June 2010
Life & Death/Light & Dark/Good & Bad 30th September 2010
In search of an “object”/Holy grail 31st December 2010

7. To read 10 fiction or autobiographical books and review on the blog.
8. To read 5 pagan books and review on the blog.

I feel that I do use creativity more in my everyday life, especially with this new job.

I haven’t done any creative writing this year, despite setting myself deadlines. I do have some good ideas and hope to write in the year ahead. I want to be Writing Something Worthwhile. I’ve read twelve fiction or autobiographical books, but not managed to review them all on the blog. I hope to catch up with the reviews in the new year. I haven’t managed to read 5 pagan books this year.

Paganism & Spirituality
9. To continue to work on invokation of Apollo.
10. To read Astral Projection for Beginners by Edain McCoy and regularly practice my astral projection.
11. To buy a book on runes, learn runes and practice.
12. Host a psychic party.

My pagan and spiritual development has been somewhat arrested this year. I bought Astral Projection for Beginners by Edain McCoy but then borrowed it out so haven’t read it yet. But I have done some Astral Projection. I also bought runes and a book about it, but runes didn’t connect with me as a method of definition.

13. Pay off credit cards.
14. To not increase my debts.
15. To live more frugally.

My credit card debts have stayed at roughly the same owed. So I’ve managed to not increase my debts which was a goal for this year. But in the year ahead I really need to focus on reducing the debts and the interest that I pay on them. I need to renegotiate my out goings and save regularly for that “rainy day.”

Family and Friends
16. To support them to achieve a state of increased happiness.
17. To see my friend Simon at least once a month.

I hope that I have supported my family and friends to achieve a state of increased happiness. I have given advice, supported them through difficult times and most importantly been their to listen. I’ve definitely achieved the goal to see Simon at least once a month, in fact I’ve exceeded it!

18. Save up to visit the Egyptian Pyramids.

I haven’t managed to save up to visit the Egyptian Pyramids, but it is a place I’d still like to visit.

Coming soon – My Goals for 2012.

Write soon,


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The Annual Christmas Card Letter

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Every year I write to my family and friends and include a Christmas card letter – letting them know what’s happened in my life in the last twelve months. This year has been no different, below is my letter tweaked slightly for you, the readers.

Get in touch, contact me

Monday 21st November 2011

Dear Reader,

How fast this year has flown! I hope you find that yours has been a positive one, that’s been filled with joy. My year has been a tough one, more so than I could have ever expected. In January Alex my younger brother (18 year old) suddenly and unexpectedly died (see My Darling Baby Brother & Grief). I lost my enthusiasm for life, and still have times when I am incredibly sad. (Right: photo of Alex.) It was around this time that I also got a letter from work stating that I was ‘at risk’ of redundancy due to the government budget cuts.

In February I continued to work on my final two university modules to complete my Nursing Degree (elearning). However due to the strict fortnightly deadlines on one module and the emotional trauma I was experiencing at the time, I was forced to put the module back. This means that instead of graduating with honours this year it will be next year.

My Darling Baby Brother

My Darling Baby Brother

25th Birthday Blackpool

In May family and friends joined me to celebrate my 25th Birthday in Blackpool (Left: a photo of family and friends, see My Blackpool Birthday). A good time was had by all and I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family. Simon and I also visited Anglesey to see some of the ancient pagan monuments. (Right: a stone circle, see Visiting: Ancient Angelsey.)

Pagan Stone Circle in Anglesey

Dylan & Russell

June brought the arrival of new additions to my immediate family, two gorgeous Bengal kittens named Dylan and Russell. I have had hours of laughter from them, lots of cuddles and intermittent mischievous behaviour (Left: Dylan and Rus saying hello to the camera, see Kittens at home and spending time with Family and Friends.) In July I had the privilege to attend Shaun (my long lost brother) and Sarah’s (his now-wife) Wedding. It was a very emotional and touching ceremony, followed by a big reception and evening party (see The Wedding of the Year).

Shaun & Sarah's Wedding

September brought new career prospects as I got interviewed for and offered a new job. I accepted and started a three year post. I am enjoying the challenge and making the most of the opportunity to learn.

John Barrowman LIVE

In October I finally got to see John Barrowman Live. I have wanted to see him perform for the last four years. The first two years I couldn’t manage to get tickets (as he only plays at more intimate venues), last year I got tickets but was too ill to go, so I was pleased to finally make it. I went with Simon and we had a fantastic time. (Left: John Barrowman before the curtain dropped, see An evening see John Barrowman LIVE.)

Now as the winter starts to signal the years end I find myself in a reflective mood. My love life this year has been barren, but I haven’t minded as I haven’t been at my best. Most of my goals for this year have not been met, and my spiritual beliefs have been challenged. Still despite all that has happened this year, there have been moments of joy and positivity.

My hopes next year are for more positivity for me and those I care about. In the New Year I hope to make more progress in whatever goals I set and hope those around me make progress in their lives too. Most of all, I hope for happiness for all.

My love always,

Antony xxx

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