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July 2011

TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 3

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Episode 3 was the best episode to date! It starts with Captain Jack, Gwen, Rex and his colleague starting to investigate whose responsible for Miracle Day. At the same time the world start to realise the impact of Miracle Day: that people need pain killers as they’re in pain but can’t die with some believing that they are soulless. Meanwhile Oswald (the openly admitted and found guilty paedophile and murder) starts going on TV talking about how he feels he’s been forgiven for his crime.

Jack and the gang are led to a pharmaceutical company called Phi Cop and discover a warehouse containing a stockpile of pain killers. How did Phi Cop know Miracle Day was coming? As they discuss infiltration of Phi Cop, Rex falls out with the gang and goes off on his own – going to a doctor who treated him after a accident that happened on Miracle Day. Rex has an intimate encounter with the Doctor and she tells him of the PR Agent who has invited her to a meeting at Phi Cop. Who is this PR Agent? Why is she working for Phi Cop? The PR agent approaches Oswald and he has a meeting with Phi Cop.

Jack’s theory of morphic fields hits the mainstream web meaning investigating the phenomena is more difficult. Jack, Gwen and the CIA collegue of Rex’s are walking along and Jack sees a gay bar. Jack leaves for the bar, smiling, saying “I’m a mortal man, with mortal needs.” Jack meets a bar man and what follows is a really steamy sex scene. After the sex scene, drunken Jack rings Gwen saying how he wishes Ianto was there, if only he’d survived a few more months. Drunken Jack feels lonley and says to Gwen that as long as they’ve got each other they don’t need anyone else. Jack is practically naked in this scene with a cover covering his bits (which is probably why it’s my favourite episode so far – as John Barrowman is hot!). But Gwen’s not really listening as she’s made contact with Rhys and her baby securely on the computer through the Torchwood’s systems. Jack sighs realising she doesn’t feel the same, that she’s moved on from the Torchwood family and got her own now.

Rex comes back to the team after asking the doctor to attend the meeting at Phi Cop. The team using Gwen with contact lenses (that show the others what she’s seeing) start their infiltration of Phi Cop. Gwen goes to the PR Agents office and downloads information from her computer, nearly getting caught. Meanwhile Jack confronts Oswald at the TV station to find out about the conversation with Phi Cop. Oswald admits that he enjoyed the rape and murder of the young girl and Jack realises that he actually wanted to be executed. Jack has it on tape, but Oswald’s security take it off him, beat him up and kick him out of the TV studio. And that brings the episode for an end this week.

Can’t wait for the next episode! As always review it when I’ve watched it!

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  • Write soon,


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    The Latest WordPress Update – Just Write

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    Every now and then the good people at WordPress release an update for WordPress, the blogging software I use. In the latest update (3.2.1) they’ve made the admin functions respond faster which is always good. But they’ve also added this:

    (Click for full size.)

    I’ve called it Just Write. Basically it creates a blank page with in your browser window for you to write your posts. Finally no distractions. Well done wordpress, love the feature and will be using it from now on.

    Blog soon,


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    TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 2

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    Episode 2 starts with Captain Jack and Gwen being forced on a plane for extradition to America. Gwen is separated from Rhys and her baby, who are left in the UK. Another CIA agent Lyn joins Rex on the plane to supervise the prisoners. On the plane Jack talks about a theory of everyone being connected and Lyn overhears and sends an email to her boss who gives instructions for Lyn to kill Jack. Lyn fixes Jack a drink which is laced by poison. Obviously some in the CIA think he knows too much, but it’s not quite clear who these corrupt CIA people work for.

    In America an openly admitted and found guilty paedophile and murder (Oswald), who in the first episode we saw be injected with lethal drugs as he was sentenced to death be released as technically his sentence was carried out. He goes on TV and makes a tearful remorsefully statement that seems to some genuine. Afterwards he’s getting in the lift and he’s greeted by a PR Agent, but declines her offer for help.

    Meanwhile back on the plane the poison is kicking in and Jack is dying. It’s revealed that Lyn has poisoned her and Rex hand cuffs her to her seat. Rex rings a doctor that had treated him in the first episode and she manages with doctor friends discussing the Miracle Day problems to give Rex and Gwen the information to cure him. They eventually cure Jack and then arrive at America.

    The doctor that helped Rex is approached by the PR Agent and gives a seemingly helpful suggestion about drug stockpiles. It get’s you thinking: Who is this PR Agent? What are her motives?

    On arrival in America, Rex get’s a call of a colleague from the CIA who says they’re being set up. That someone has put $50,000 in her account and she’s being chased by the CIA. Rex realised he must do something and stops Captain Jack and Gwen and unhand cuffs them talking some rubbish about amendments before Jack, Gwen and Rex attack the agents in order to escape. They escape and that brings the episode to an end.

    The action steps up in this episode which was good. But more impressive was that the mystery has stop being explained leading you to question and watch it unravel in front of your eyes. Well done to the makers of Torchwood for no longer having the characters explain what’s going on and allowing us to work it out for ourselves.

    You can read my review of episode 1 here: TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 1

    Write soon,


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    A Moment of Joy

    By Happiness & Joy4 Comments

    Recently I’ve been living to a new philosophy: find a moment of joy in each day. Whether it be something big or small, noticing those little moments of joy during the day has made a big difference to my happiness.

    Here’s some of my recent moments of joy:

  • Coming in to see the cats bed tipped upside down with Dylan attacking it. Then seeing the bed move and realising Russell is under it.
  • Laughing with a work colleague until my stomach hurts, over something that’s seemingly not funny.
  • Attending Shaun and Sarah’s Wedding (see The Wedding of the Year).
  • Going for a walk with Sye.
  • Seeing people make real progress in turning their life around.
  • Reading a funny status on Facebook.
  • Listening to music in the bath after a hard day.
  • Getting a text of someone you wanted to hear off.
  • My faviourate song coming on the radio.
  • Getting time to mediate.
  • Finding out Torchwood is coming back on TV.
  • Try looking out for the moments of joy in your own life, it will make you feel much better. Remember it’s not all doom and gloom.

    Write soon,


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