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September 2015

My Health Woes: Clinical Depression, Dental Abscesses, The Lump and The Emergency Surgery

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Recently I’ve really not been well. Here is the saga thanks to my body that seems to be falling apart:

The Clinical Depression
Earlier in the year I struggled with severe clinical depression, before getting myself into Recovery. But this wasn’t to be the last of my health problems.

The Recurrent Dental Abscesses
Over the past few months I’ve had recurrent dental abscesses in a wisdom tooth. After several courses of antibiotics and regular Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (painkillers), the tooth had to be extracted.

Then I got a dry socket infection. It was the weekend so had to see an Emergency Dentist who prescribed me more antibiotics and recommended regular painkillers. Luckily this time the antibiotics worked and touch wood (touches bedside table), I’ve had no more dental problems.

The Moment of Panic
Next my blood sugars were off, I started to feel exhausted and generally terrible without any trigger. I went into a spiral of panic, thinking that I was getting ill with depression again. This panic only served to make me feel worse. But then a lump appeared.

The Lump – Return of the Jeff
A lump appeared on my right buttock. A bacterial infection, that I’ve had several times before. I always feel terrible before it appears.

I’ve had this lump enough times to name it Jeff and to tell close family and friends that I was going to stick some goggly eyes on it and draw a mouth using a marker pen.
I went to see by GP about Jeff. As usual I was given antibiotics. By this point, I was beginning to feel that I was living on antibiotics. But as always, I took them religiously.

Never one to miss an opportunity to get a laugh at my own expense, I spent several hours creating this on my iPad:


Could be a blockbuster.

I shared it on Facebook, forgetting that most of my Facebook friends don’t know about Jeff, so wouldn’t get the reference. But those that did laughed, so it was totally worth creating this piece of artwork.

The Hospital Admission – For Emergency Surgery


Admitted to Hospital for Emergency Surgery.

After five days on antibiotics Jeff had only seemed to get bigger – looking like he was the size of a gold ball. I was unable to sit, stand or lie down comfortably for any length of time. So I went back to see my GP.

My GP said that I needed to see a Surgeon immediately and referred me to the Surgical Team at my local hospital. He gave me a two week sick note and told me that I’d be off work for at least the next fortnight.

I went to hospital and was admitted to the surgical ward. I was reviewed by the Surgeon and Anaesthetist. It was decided that they would operate on me first thing in the following morning, with me being first on the emergency list on the account of having type 1 diabetes and having to fast.

I went up to theatre about 9am in the morning. I was put under general anaesthetic and next thing I knew I was in recovery and in a lot of pain. Thankfully I had been prescribed painkillers which were administered quickly.

After I had eaten, drank and peed I was allowed to go home with mum. She had to observe me for the rest of the day.

Wound Healing
Initially, I had to have the wound packed on a daily basis by the District Nurses. Then as the wound has got smaller, the District Nurses have been packing it every other day.

Thankfully, so far, touch wood (touches bedside table), there have been no complications such as infection at the wound site or accidental tearing of the wound.

My Experience of NHS Care
The NHS care that I have received has been superb. My GP has been exceptional. The Dentist’s have been helpful and supportive. All of the hospital staff (including the Surgical Team, Nurses, Porters and other staff) were great and efficient. Special mention must must be made of the Anaesthetist who looked after me. I felt that he genuinely treated me like a member of his family. All of the community service staff have been fantastic too.

Thank you to all the staff who have looked after, supported and cared for me this year.

I know the NHS is not perfect. But my recent experiences have been perfect.

Tough Year
2015 has been a really tough year for me health-wise. But Autumn is upon us and is a season of change. Leafs will change to bright colours of red, yellow and orange before falling from the tress. I hope my ill health falls from the tree of life, like one of these leafs and that it leads to a sustained period of good health.

Take care & I will write soon,


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Book Review: My Friend Leonard by James Frey

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my-friend-leonard-fray-book-cover My Friend Leonard is the follow up book to A Million Little Pieces, which I have reviewed here.

My Friend Leonard is another addictive read from James Frey.

From the cover:

My Friend Leonard is the story of an extraordinary friendship formed in the most unlikely circumstances.

While in rehab, James Frey finds a father figure in Leonard, a shady mafia boss. When Leonard returns to his dubious, prosperous life in the criminal underworld of Las Vegas, he promises James his support on the outside.

[Continued below…]

Tragedy strikes the day James is released and his world seems set to implode. Unsure where to turn, he calls Leonard. Paradoxically, it is in Leonard’s lawless underworld that James discovers the courage and humanity needed to rebuild his life.

(From: Frey, 2006)

There are two plots running concurrently throughout this book. James’ and Leonard’s. James’ plot was predictable and at times felt as though it lacked direction. Leonard’s plot was much more exciting with some massively unexpected, yet pleasant twists.

The engaging writer’s voice keeps the Reader reading on. The plot is suitably fast-paced and slower-paced in all the appropriate places. The Reader will empathise with the characters and come to care for them. This in turn creates a desire in the Reader to find out what happens to them.

Although it’s probably not fair to compare A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard, one can’t help but to do so. A Million Little Pieces is undoubtably better than this book.

That said, if you’ve read A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard is an essential read as it finishes the story.

My Friend Leonard is available to buy on Amazon.

Review soon,



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Book Review: The Humans by Matt Haig

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the-humans-matt-haig-book-cover The Humans is a unique and brilliant novel that you have to read.

Professor Andrew Martin is a Mathematician at Cambridge University. He is about to share his prove of the Riemann hypothesis. But up in the nights sky, among the stars is a planet with an alien race watching.

The Vonnadorians think Humans are savage. They have decided that Humans are not ready for the knowledge of Martin’s work and where it will lead them. So they send a nameless Alien in the guise of Professor Andrew Martin, to destroy the knowledge and anybody that knows of its existence.

The nameless Alien tells the story from his perspective, addressing others of his species. He starts by noticing the ugly appearance of Humans and the odd social conventions that we have. As he learns these social conventions he gets himself into hilarious situations that will have the Reader laughing aloud.

Pretending to be Professor Andrew Martin the Alien gets to know Martin’s Wife Isobel, Martin’s teenage son Gulliver and the family dog Newton. He becomes emotionally attached to them. To the point where he falls in love with Isobel, becomes a father figure to Gulliver and learns to communicate with Newton. He realises he has to make a difficult choice.

But he knows what ever decision he makes, his people won’t deviate from their plan. His people are driven by pure logic and in his society Mathematics is like the only religion.

His decision leads to another being sent to complete the job. But what will the Alien do?

The writers voice is captivating throughout. The characters were well-rounded and had the appropriate level of depth. The pacing was ideal. Every time the Reader gets to the end of a chapter he/she will think: just one more chapter, before I stop.

The Humans is throughly entertaining. Towards the end of the book the Alien writes a list giving advice to Gulliver. This 97 point list was great and will make the Reader think about life.

I can’t heap enough praise on this superb story. The Humans has become one of my all-time favourite books and one that I’ll read again and again.

The Humans is available to buy on Amazon.

Review soon,



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Review: A Marvellous Massage by a Masseur found using GuysWay

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GuysWay – The Ultimate Male Masseur Directory in the UK

Being a Reviewer has its perks. Like being offered the opportunity to review the experience of finding a Masseur on GuysWay and having a massage. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Within two clicks on GuysWay I had found a professional, gay-friendly massage therapist local to where I live. It couldn’t have been easier.

On GuysWay my first click was to select my geographical area, which resulted in a list of local Masseurs. The second click to select a profile of a Masseur that took my fancy. I had the option to make a quick phone call, text or email to book.

I booked with a gorgeous Moroccan named Saeed via email. As well as having a profile on GuysWay he has his own website where he offers his massage services. Saeed happens to be the Owner of GuyWay. On my arrival at his house, I felt instantly at ease with Saeed. We spoke a little about GuysWay.

Saeed was quick to reassure me that the order Masseurs are displayed on local listing pages are always random, meaning that no Masseur gets preference over another. He explained that he had set up GuysWay because he had seen a gap in the market. There were directories that were slightly sleazy and seedy offering additional services to massage, but no gay-friendly Professional Masseur Directories out there. I had to agree with this, prior to GuysWay, I had always found it difficult to find a good Masseur.


Saeed’s Massage Room

Saeed led me upstairs to his massage room. The room had an air of comfort to it. Candles, low-lighting and background music created a calming atmosphere. I undressed, leaving my underwear on to maintain my modesty and climbed on to the message table. I had opted for a deep tissue massage.

Saeed started on my shoulders, working his way down my body using massage oil liberally. His hands were like magic. They were warm, muscular, applied the perfect amount of pressure and moved in rhythm with the music. The feel on skin-on-skin contact was stimulating, sensual and very relaxing. I found myself being transformed into a blissfully calm and carefree state. Throughout the massage, I had the option to talk or just lie there and enjoy.

The message was just what I needed. It left me feeling both relaxed and energised. It was fantastic and left me wanting to take Saeed’s hands home with me.

Afterwards I thought about the experience. I decided that massage is essential for everyone’s wellbeing. Massage has so many benefits. For me this massage helped to reduce my stress levels, enabled me to unwind and get a goodnight of restful sleep.

I’ll definitely be booking another delightful and marvellous massage with Saeed in the future. Hopefully making massages with Saeed a regular thing.

Review soon,



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