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December 2018

One in Five People

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What’s the number of people likely to like or love you?
What’s the number of people likely to be indifferent towards you?
What’s the number of people likely to dislike you?

This fascinating psychological theory from Professor Steve Peters, called One in Five answers the above questions:


I’m unsure what research and evidence this theory is based on. But being aware of this theory can help you to:

  • Recognise the people that like or love you. I name these fans. Despite being fans of you, good relationships with these people will still need to be developed and maintained.
  • Recognise that the majority of people will be indifferent towards you, but that you can influence these people by what you say and/or do. Try to be as self-aware as possible. Understand and empathise where these people are coming from and understand their wants, needs, desires and motivations.
  • Accept that not everyone will like you. No matter what you say and/or do.

I hope you find this psychological theory useful, I certainly did when thinking about my desire to please people.

Write soon,



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My 2018 Review – The Busy Year filled with the Unexpected

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In January my mum, brother, brother’s fiancee, nephew and I watched Peter Pan’s Musical Adventure in Blackpool. I went to Leeds to spend time with Robert and Neha. Robert & Neha are two of my most dear friends and favourite humans. Here are some photos:


Blackpool Tower


Mum feeding the 2p machines and feeding her habit at the same time.


Left to Right: Me, Robert & Neha.



February started with a spring clean. I thought and wrote about The Cycle of Life. I shared some lessons I’ve learned from life.

In March I wrote about homelessness. I aided Steve, my housemate in his hunt for a cockatiel. Here is a photo of Steve’s cockatiel:


Another photo of the extremely cute and chirpy Chakuro.

April began with my attempt to answer some of the most difficult questions in life. Steve and I visited Beeston Castle in Cheshire. I got creative and made a number of Pumpkin Spice Scented Candles:




The entrance to the main ruin (2). From the bridge was a sheer drop of at least thirty feet.


My batch of handmade Pumpkin Spiced Scented Candles.


One of my Pumpkin Spiced Scented candles. They just need some witchy charms tying to each jar.

For my birthday in May, my good friend Simon and I visited Warkworth Castle & Tynemouth Priory and Castle. See photos below. I published a blog post about how to support someone with mental illness.


The most well preserved.


Remains of Walkworth Castle (1).


Tynemouth Priory and Castle remains (2).


Simon (right) and me (left) in the stone coffins. I couldn’t believe that we both fitted perfectly.

Mum and I visited Harry Potter Studio Tour and London. Mum shared a story about St. James park:

When my mum was a little girl, she lived in London with her mum and dad (my grandma and granddad). Every Sunday, while her mum was making the Sunday dinner, her dad would take her to watch the changing of the Guard and then into St. James Park to feed the ducks.

From My Blog Post: Harry Potter Studio Tour and London with Mum.

In June I was fortunate to unexpectedly see A-Ha with my good friend Jayne. Endless things broke including my boiler, car, new laptop and washer dryer.

July saw Jayne and I visit Chester Zoo. Here are some photos:


Butterfly (2).


A close up of the baby elephant.


My new lover! He’s the strong, wooden, silent type.


This gorgeous beauty came to say hello and flirted with me (by winking with her big eye and long eyelashes) when I said ‘Hello Gorgeous.’ to her as she passed by.

I found myself disappointed. It was unexpected, but I managed to find the positive side to disappointment.

In July I continued working hard to improve my health. This included starting on FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System.

September was particularly busy. A good friend, her son, two of his friends and I got close to wild animals at Blackpool Zoo. Here are some photos:


This photo of a penguin is most probably the best photo I’ve ever taken. The penguin was swimming at great speed, although you wouldn’t have guested. I looked at this photo when I got home and it looks like it was taken by a professional. A total fluke.


Another of the beautiful tiger. Blackpool Zoo have two tigers from what we saw. The tiger is more than slightly moist because of the rain.


This is how close we got to a Lion. Able to look in its eye and see the intelligence, along with the hunter instinct. He appeared to be eyeing us up as a snack. Blackpool Zoo had two male Lions living in the enclosure together from what I saw. They seemed pretty well bonded and one went and groomed the other while we watched.


Quickly becoming my favourite animal, the giraffes. What I love about giraffes is that every time I’ve politely called over to one (in different Zoos I might add), they come over. They look at me with their big black eyes and some times, if I’m really lucky, they let me take a photo before they walk off.

Still in September I was unexpectedly (and lucky enough to be offered) a spare ticket to see the spectacular Shania Twain.

In October I self-published a poem Sometimes High, Sometimes Low:


Click for Full Size Image.

My mum, Kelly, my mum’s friend, her daughter and myself saw Matilda.

In November I went to a wonderful wedding and I watched Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

In December I had a great Christmas, shared with loved ones.

Overall 2018 was a busy year filled with the unexpected. Hopefully 2019 will be less busy, but with many good times, shared with friends and family. I’d also like lots more creative output from myself.

Write soon,



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Christmas 2018 – No Coal, Lots of Lovely Presents & Seeing the Magical and Musical Mary Poppins Returns

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Christmas was great. The best thing about it is always the precious time spent with loved ones. The food, drinks and presents are just huge pluses. This year I must have been extra good because I didn’t get any coal (the traditional gift for the naughty) and instead got lots of lovely presents:


Christmas presents I was fortunate to receive from friends and family (1).


Christmas presents I was fortunate to receive from friends and family (2).

My good friend Jayne and I went to watch Mary Poppins Returns (MPR):


Mary Poppins Returns Cinema Poster

MPR is magical, musical and all-round marvelous. It had a number of brilliant cameo appearances by: Julie Walters, Meryl Streep, Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury.

My Christmas was finished off by seeing Adam Lambert perform Believe in tribute to Cher. A gorgeous man with an amazing voice. This performance made me cry the first time I saw it. I have watched the performance numerous times since. You can see the performance below:

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Blog soon,


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Book Review: Villain by Michael Grant

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Villain is the captivating second book in a trilogy that follows on from the superb and super selling Gone Series.

The first book in the trilogy was Monster which I reviewed here.

The Gone Series had six books:

  1. Gone which I reviewed here.
  2. Hunger which I reviewed here.
  3. Lies which I reviewed here.
  4. Plague which I reviewed here.
  5. Fear which I reviewed here.
  6. Light which I reviewed here.

In Villain we meet Dillon Poe, a boy who once morphed, can command anyone to do anything. Anyone who hears his voice must obey his every command, even if it means hurting themselves or others.

Dillon is a survivor of the Perdido Beach Anomaly. But unlike some of the other kids in Perdido Beach, Dillon didn’t get any special powers there. After Perdido Beach Dillon’s parents moved to Las Vegas – which is where most of the book is set.

Dillon buys some Perdido Beach Magic Stone online and after he consumes it. Afterwards he discovers he can morph into a greener and better version of himself. He discovers that when he’s morphed people must obey his every order. Dillon is a wannabe Comedian and when he morphs he has an audience, the dark watchers. Dillon sets out to do whatever he wants and to entertain his new audience. This inevitably leads to chaos in the streets, casinos and hotels that make up Las Vegas.

Then we catch up with Malik Tenerlife, Shade Darby and Cruz. Malik is in agony after most of his body was burnt in a battle at the end of Monster. Shade and Cruz make the decision to give some of the space rock to Malik, but it doesn’t work out quite as they had both hoped.

Shade, Cruz and Malik hear about Dillon’s antics and decide to be heroes. They team up with Dekka Talent and Armo and all make their way to Las Vegas.

Along the way a secret Army base, known as the Ranch, hopes to fight powers with powers. They have also been experimenting on soldiers, adding technology to their damaged bodies. It resembles a shop of horrors and the new heroes, with Dekka and Armo decide to close down the Ranch for good.

Tom Peaks, the Monster, wakes up with a hangover from hell. He finds himself in a cave, which is the torture chamber of Drake. Also known as Whip Hand.

Drake holds a grudge and still wants revenge on Sam Temple and Astrid Eillson. His anger seems to be targeted at Astrid. He really hates her.

Dekka visits Sam and Astrid. Dekka secretly gives Astrid some of the space rock.

Villain ends with an epic battle in Las Vegas and leaves the reader with lots of excitement for the next book in the series.

Villain is an addictive and page-turning read. The characters are brilliantly developed, they have a great level of depth and develop as the plot does.

The plot is good, but focused only on Las Vegas and parts of the United States. Pieces from the meteorite are falling to earth in locations all over the world. It would have been great to have characters that come together from all over the world.

Grant’s use of description enables the reader to imagine everything perfectly. Grant’s pacing expertly flows from fast action scenes to more moderate character and plot development scenes.

Villain is available to buy at all good book shops and on Amazon.

Review soon,



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