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August 2018

Book Review: The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins

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If you like any sort of fantasy fiction then The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins is a must read novel that you’ll love.

The Last Days of Magic is set in the past where Ireland is the last magical stronghold in the world.

But it is under threat. The Vatican is determined to wipe out all creatures and men with magic. All creatures and men with magic came from fallen angels mating with humans. The Vatican believes that this is against God’s will.

In Ireland you have the Morrigna (twins that wield the power of the triple Goddess and are born when Ireland is in a time of great need) Sidhe (faeries), Druids, Witches, Sorcerers and the formations. The formations are hostile creatures that live in the water around Ireland and have kept it protected from invading ships.

But a plot is underway for King Richard in England to conquer Ireland, supported by the Vatican.

The Last Days of Magic mixes mythology, magic and fantasy wonderfully. It’s a gripping story, with a wide range of compelling characters, that is easy to read, captivating and thoroughly enjoyable.

It’s a novel about how Ireland falls to the English and the Vatican and the parts played by the magnificent characters which includes:

  • Aisling & Anya – twins and aspects of the triple Goddess.
  • Liam – Aisling & Anya protector. His mother is Sidhe, his father human.
  • Brigid – High Priestess of the Order of Macha.
  • Conor – Aisling’s love interest.
  • Jordan – Marshal/Vatican Representative.
  • Najia – Jodan’s lover and a Witch.
  • Ty – A fascinating creature and character. Immune to all spells and enchantments.
  • Richard – King of England.
  • Isabeau – Queen of France and Grand High Sorciere of a Coven.

The Last Days of Magic is an average length novel and this meant it had some restrictions.

First character growth felt like sudden jumps. This was due to the time hopping required in the average length novel to cover the scope of what Tompkins wanted to cover.

Second that only snip its from the war between the Irish and English were written about. Again for the same reason: the large scope of the idea being fit into an average length novel.

Tompkins could have turned his idea for The Last Days of Magic into a series of novels. I would have bought, read, enjoyed and recommended them all – due to Tompkins well thought out plots, brilliant description, completely real characters and engaging writers voice.

The Last Days of Magic is available to buy on Amazon and at all good book shops.

Review soon,



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My New Insulin Regime 2 – Slowly Getting There

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I’m still trying to get my new insulin regime sorted. I need to increase the dose of my long acting insulin (Lantus) and get the Insulin to Carbs ratio right at tea time.

Recently I’ve got so tired of high blood sugars and felt like I’m not getting anywhere. When I feel this way, I remind myself to just take another step forward, keep going and keep trying. I will get there. Here’s my new self-adjusted insulin regime:


My New Insulin Regime 2

I will write a more substantial blog post soon.



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My New Insulin Regime

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I had an an appointment with my Diabetic Specialist Nurse at the start of this week. She looked over my blood sugars and insulin since January. The upshot is that I’ve not been taking enough long acting insulin (Lantus) and been taking too much rapid acting insulin (Novorapid).

I have huge morning peaks that look like mountains on my Freestyle Libre Reader (read more about the Freestyle Libre here). Possibly the dawn phenomenon?

I’m counting my carbs using the Carbs & Cals App. But I’m awaiting an appointment with a Dietitian to get some advice, help and support around my Insulin to Carbs Ratios. In the meantime my Diabetic Specialist Nurse started me on a new insulin regime.

It’s been tweaked a few times by Diabetic Specialist Nurses based on BM readings before meals and two hours after meals. At one point my BM reached 26.6 mmol/L, I had been told that I’m not allowed to bolus any rapid acting insulin, so I went on a two hour walk to bring it down.

This week I’ve been cranky, not slept well and even had some significant cognitive fatigue all caused by high blood sugars.

Here is my new/current insulin regime:


My New Insulin Regime.

Let’s hope this latest tweak leads to lower blood sugars and eliminates the morning peaks.

Blog soon,



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My Recent Media Absorption

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They say that sharing is caring. So today I wanted to share with you my recent media absorption, which includes a book, three albums, two TV programmes and a game.

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The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins
The Last Days of Magic mixes mythology, magic and fantasy wonderfully. Ireland is the last stronghold of magical beings. But it is under threat. From King Richard in England and the Vatican.

The Vatican is determined to wipe out all creatures and men with magic. All creatures and men with magic came from fallen angels mating with humans. The Vatican believes that this is against God’s will.

There’s a wide range of compelling characters, a gripping plot and it is an easy and enjoyable read. It is the perfect example of a great fantasy novel.

Percentage Complete: 95% I will write a review of this book when I’ve finished reading it.

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Jake Shears by Jake Shears
The flamboyantly fabulous and drop-dead-gorgeous Jake Shears is back! Doing what he does best (apart from that ahem) – singing.

His self-titled album Jake Shears is packed with original and brilliant songs. I love Shears’ eccentricity and his unique view of life which he expresses in his music.

On Jake Shears there’s catchy tunes that stick in your head such as Good Friends and Sad Song Backwards to songs about sex such as S.O.B (sex on the brain) and Clothes Off. An album that I would highly recommend.

I have found my funeral song on Jake Shears. The exceptional ballet track Palace in the Sky. It gets you right here points to chest.

Percentage Complete: 100% I still have Jake Shears’ autobiography Boys Keep Swinging – A Memoir to read.


DH00280-the-1975-album-cover DH00280 by The 1975
I love the upbeat, quirky and sometimes melodramatic music of The 1975.

Matt Healy’s (the lead singer) voice is hypnotic and high. DH00280 is a twenty-four track album of the band playing live at The 02 in London at the end of 2016.

I would love to see this band live. But in the meantime, at least I can play this album on repeat whenever I want.

I’m lucky that it’s a digital version and not a tape, otherwise I’d have probably wore it out by now.

Percentage Complete: 100% (Repeatedly.)

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M/F by Matt Fishel
Fishel’s music reflects the gay community and the Singer Songwriters’ experience of it.

All gay men will be able to identify with the lyrics. The music is pop-rock and Fishel’s voice is memorising. My favourite songs on this album include His ‘n’ His, Bored of Straight Boys, and The Gorgeous Ones.

I first heard about Fishel when he released his debut album Not Thinking Straight. This album was addictive and played constantly on repeat. Songs that have stayed with me from that album are: Radio-Friendly Pop Song, Behind Closed Doors, Alastair and the Football Song.

However I was less impressed with his second album Cover Boy. The only track I enjoyed on this album was a barely passable cover of Finally. Cover Boy was thankfully a shorter album than Not Thinking Straight.

M / F demonstrates Fishel’s return to the music of his that I yearn for and most relate to. A fantastic album and one that I would recommend.

Percentage Complete: 100% (On Repeat.)


The Pyramid Code

The Pyramid Code is a five part documentary examining how advanced the Ancient Egyptians were. Interviewing experts, using visual diagrams and models, along with analysis of available evidence to present the case that the Ancient Egyptians were probably more advanced scientifically, architecturally and spiritually than we are today.

A truly fascinating and informative documentary. It’ll make you question what you’ve previously been told and accepted as fact about the ancient Egyptians.

Percentage Complete: 75%

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In The Flesh
I recently discovered In The Flesh on the BBC iPlayer. It’s set after a zombie uprising in Britain. The authorities have found a treatment that reverts zombies back to fully cognitive functioning people. They refer to them as individuals affected by Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS).

The story is set around the Walker family. Kieren Walker is a young man who is released from a Detention Centre back to the care of his family and in his zombie-hating community. He has his parents and Jem, his younger sister who is a member of the Human Volunteer Force (HVF). The HVF rose up to eliminate the zombies after the outbreak. This unique angle is very interesting for a zombie genre TV series.

I’m only a few episodes in. But I’ll say this: it’s a very deep and dark drama series.

Kieren has side effects to the medication including flashbacks to things he did as a zombie – including the killing and eating of people. Plus Kieren wasn’t alive at the time of the outbreak. He rose from his grave. So why did Kieren with seemingly all of his life ahead of him end up dead and buried so young?

Although it’s brilliant series, I will admit that I have had to take some breaks during watching due to the level of darkness. I’ve actually found it a bit traumatic to watch at times. I guess it’s good that it makes me feel something, even if it’s something that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Percentage Complete: 33%


theme-hospital-game-cover Theme Hospital
I bought the original Theme Hospital for under a fiver, for something to play why I wait for the release of the reinvented Theme Hospital called Two Point Hospital.

I’m enjoying it and managed to complete half of the game with only getting the game over screen a few times.

Percentage Complete: 50%

Looking ahead there’s loads of media to look forward to. First I’ve got a shelf of books waiting to be read. In addition to that I’ve got:

  • A big update for The Universim towards the end of August
  • The release of Two Point Hospital towards the end of August.
  • A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships album by The 1975 in October.
  • Dr Who returns to the TV in the Autumn.
  • A possible album from former McFly band member Danny Jones. A couple of weeks ago Danny Jones released an awesome single called Is This Still Love,

What media are you absorbing and enjoying? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Blog soon,



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