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February 2011

Book Review: Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

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mini-shopaholic-sophie-kinsella I was really excited when I got my hands on my copy of Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I couldn’t wait to join Becky on another adventure as she enters in to motherhood.

In the book we are introduced to Minnie, Becky and Luke’s two year old daughter. And yes she’s at that stage of the terrible two’s. Minnie gets barred from every Santa’s grotto locally and generally goes around causing havoc.

Then it happens, the banking crisis. One of Luke’s clients is The Bank of London, meaning Luke is extremely stressed at work. So Becky decides to plan him a surprise birthday party, on a budget, as now is not the time for extravagance and recruits Luke’s assistant in to her plans. What follows is a series of hilarious chapters either about Minnie or Becky’s party planning (and attempting to keep it a secret from Luke).

The usual characters are present (Becky’s mum & dad, Suze & Tarkie, Jess and Tom, Elinor, etc.) and seem to develop. However Becky’s character seems to regress. Becky goes back to exaggerating the truth (even all out lying at times) and the reader is no exception this time creating a last minute twist that makes the reader feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Overall Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella is worth a read although you won’t find it as satisfying as the previous books in the Shopaholic series.

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NO Going Backwards

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Sometimes we are tempted to go back to old habits, routines and people. I recently have been tempted to go backwards, but after a lot of thought, decided not too.

In life things don’t always work out and I am a firm believer that there’s a reason why. But why are we tempted to go back? For me I think it’s I hope that it could be all that I imagined or that this time it will work and be as I’ve dreamed it. That it would make me feel like it used to or like I wanted it too.

But in the past when I’ve gone backwards, it’s always worked out the same way as the first time. So I’m not going to put myself through the ringer – learning the same old lessons again. I’ve got too many new ones to learn!

But more than that I deserve to be happy, as we all do. I know from past experience in the long run it would only cause me to feel the same again when it doesn’t work.

So in the interest of my happiness: NO going backwards, this year is strictly committed to new disasters! New habits, routines and most importantly new people.

Take Care,


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University Break & Leadership Module Results

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Well the results are in from my latest module on Leadership and I got: 63%.
(See Promoting and Influencing Health Module Results & ———–Transcript————– for other module results.)

I am going to continue on the Dissertation module I am currently on, the assignment due the beginning of April. However I am taking a break from the Children’s Module I was undertaking alongside this due to recent events (see My Darling Baby Brother).

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Birthday Celebration Ideas

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This year marks my 25th birthday. Yes, I begrudgingly get moved from the 18 to 24 box to the 25 to 30 box. I originally planned to have big celebrations but after recent events (see My Darling Baby Brother) I thought about scaling them back. What stopped me was the thought that Alex wouldn’t want that.

So I’m busy deciding on what birthday celebrations I want. Here’s my ideas so far:

1. A night out in another city, possibly Leeds or Blackpool. For friends.
2. A family meal – local restaurant. My favourite restaurant too expensive, perhaps a cheaper but equally nice one?
3. Watching a show in London. Perhaps Wicked?
4. Alton Towers
5. House party Maybe get a pinata? Perhaps a themed party? With dressing up.

Will have a think and let you know what idea or three I choose.

Write soon,


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