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buy-the-book-stats Since the release of The Hunted by Charlie Higson, I’ve had loads of visitors to my blog post The Latest Book in The Enemy Series: The Hunted by Charlie Higson. While I appreciate the hits, I don’t appreciate people looking for a free download of the book.

Charlie Higson has spent at least a year of his life working on this book. Carefully writing, editing and crafting this story. Writing a book is hard work. Consider that he has probably spent at least a year on each book in the series. That’s six years of his working life telling this story.

I don’t think the prices of the various formats are unreasonable for the amount of work he’s put into the book:

The publisher has probably considered that this is a children’s book and as such children may have a limited amount of pocket money. This is because they have provided the book in various formats and with varying price ranges. All of the formats being published at the same time, so that children who can only afford a Paperback copy or Kindle version don’t have to wait an additional year for the story – unlike most mainstream publishers.

So support Charlie Higson and buy the book! There’s a format in everyone’s price range.

Write soon,


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Getting Into The Festive Spirit: Manchester Christmas Market

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Manchester Christmas Market Manchester Christmas Market Singing Tree

Manchester Christmas Market Bar It’s become a tradition that once a year, around this time, I go to the Manchester Christmas Market for a mooch around and a Bailey’s latte.

At the weekend, my friend and I completed this tradition together. Considering it was the end of November, it was relatively warm and the sun shone brightly – at times blinding our vision.

We arrived about midday and it wasn’t overly crowded (top left photo).

We started at the stalls straight outside of Manchester Victoria Train Station and began to make our way towards St. Ann’s Square and the City Hall Square. Along the way we saw a singing Christmas Tree (top right photo).

The stalls either sold food or gifts. The food choices were very varied from delicacies to more mainstream dishes. Generally most of the food stalls smelt devine.

The gift stalls had some lovely trinkets, some unique and original products (that would make perfect presents for Christmas), but also some over-priced tat.

Manchester Christmas Market Bailey's Coffee

Midway through the markets my friend and I managed to get seats at a coffee stall (above: left hand column), where we were able to enjoy our drinks. I had the Bailey’s latte as always (above: right hand column) while my friend had his Bailey’s white coffee. As we drank we talked, about many different things including: Christmas, our plans for 2014 and tablets (the Kindle & the iPad Air).

As the afternoon got later, going into early evening, the markets got busier and busier. I had expected that it would get quieter as it got later, but I was wrong. It felt like we were sardines (below: left & right). We had a great time, but maybe next year I’ll avoids the crowds by going midweek.

Manchester Christmas Market Giant Santa / Town Hall Manchester Christmas Market Crowds

Blog soon,


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Publishers Publicists Note

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Dear Publishers Publicists,

I read a variety of books (see Book Lists) and review them on this blog. I get roughly three thousand unique visitors (with between 65-85,000 hits) per month, mostly through Google searches for specific book reviews.

Recently I’ve been approached by Publishers Group UK and Headline Publishing with titles to read and review. Both have been impressed with my reviews and asked me to review further books. I am grateful to Publishers Group UK and Headline Publishing for the free titles and feedback on the reviews.

Here are some samples of my reviews, so that you can see my writing style and the sort of things I comment on:

As you can see from the samples I always try to be honest focusing on the positives. I write reviews to share good literature with my readers and always include a link (usually to Amazon) where they may purchase the book.

So If you’ve got a book you’d like me to review please contact me. Include in your email: the title, author and some information around what the book is about. If you would like me to review the book before it’s release date let me know and were possible I will try to accommodate. I prefer printed samples as I don’t have a Kindle or other Ereader.

When I’ve receive the title a link will appear on the On My Bookshelf For Reading… or I’m Reading… sidebar of my site.

Then once I’ve written the review I’ll email you back with a date & time of the review being published, a direct link where it will be available and the text of the review. You will be able to share, quote and tweet the review wherever you like.

Look forward to hearing from you,


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Amazon has recently reported it’s selling two ebooks on it’s kindle to one of every paper book sold. This got me thinking, why can’t I embrace my love of literature through the medium of technology. I have an Iphone, with the kindle app. on it, yet don’t use it. So let’s look at the advantages of ebooks versus paper based:

Ebooks Paper Based Books
  • Access to your entire purchased library at any time.
  • Technology smaller and easier to carry than a paper based book.
  • Take up less space, no over filled bookshelf.
  • Usally some what water proof. * Not that I’d recommend you put it to the test.
  • Book mark doesn’t fall out of the book.
  • It will recommend other books you might like based on what others who’ve purchased the book have also read.
  • No postage and packing costs, as they are delivered via download over the Internet.
  • No waiting for delivery, purchase of the book is instant as is delivery via download.
  • Environmentally friendly – no trees are required along with the process of making paper, the process it’s self can also be damaging to the environment.
  • Fonts can be resized for those who have poor eye sight.
  • Often cheaper than paper based books.
  • Presented as the author intended.
  • Doesn’t require battery power.
  • Reliable information – publishers check information and the authors credability, whereas anyone can publish an ebook apparently.
  • Editorial – good level of grammar and spelling, ebooks might not have that level of editorial if self-published.
  • Many publishers now use recycled paper or participate in schemes such as for every one tree used, we plant two.
  • A paper book has soul.
  • Clearly the ebook has many more advantages than paper books. But to me paper books have soul. It’s a bit of a difficult concept to explain. I can walk over to my bookshelf and run my finger along the titles looking for some information I’ve previously read. I find one that I think might have in the information I’m looking for, and I pick it up. It feels like the book were I’ve previously read the information. I just know it is. The glossy cover encourages me to open it up and inside the paper has that new book smell. I run my finger down the contents scanning for what I’m looking for and then get distracted by another section in the book. I eventually sit back satisfied, I’ve not only found the information I’m looking for but also reread several other chapters that I’d completely forgotten about, generating new ideas and concepts for me to explore later.

    You don’t get any of that with ebooks. You click your app, and use the search to find what your looking for in your purchased library. Results come up, done. You don’t go through the journey of finding the information and therefore don’t find any of those other chapters that generate new ideas and concepts. Remember it’s not the destination that’s important, but how you get there.

    So the reason I love paper books versus ebooks is because they have soul. Not the most factual based reason, but it’s how I feel. And remember, no one can ever tell you what you feel is wrong. Even if kids do look at you as if you’ve got two heads when you pull out a paper back in Costa Coffee.

    Write soon,


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