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A Candlelight Musical Extravaganza at Manchester Cathedral

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Tonight Mum, Hien and I went to see a string quartet from String Infusion perform at Manchester Cathedral. The evening was promoted as a musical sensory experience, with two performances. One of ABBA songs and one of Whitney Houston songs. Here are some photos from the evening, click on any photo for full size image:

We had a fantastic evening. The performance was exceptional in every sense of the word.

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Back to Blogging

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Back to Blogging

I can honestly write, that at the moment I’m going through the toughest time of my life. At the moment, all aspects of my life are difficult, challenging and frustrating. A lot of the difficulties and challenges are due to circumstances that I don’t have any control over. I can only control my response to situations as they arise.

A good example, was that for my birthday this year I found myself admitted to hospital with a chest infection, urine infection and diabetic ketoacidosis. The NHS staff were wonderful. I was really proud of their care, kindness and compassion.

Over the past year, somewhere along the way I’ve started exsisting, rather than living. I stopped doing all the things I enjoy and even most of my hobbies, such as blogging.

But now that I’ve recognised this, I’ve done something about it. So here I am back to blogging, one of my hobbies. Making plans for the future and getting my life back into some sort of order – at least in the areas that I can.

My support networks have been amazing throughout this difficult time. They have listened, empathised and understood. They have offered support, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.

Write soon,


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My Thirty-Sixth Birthday – A Visit to Walton Hall & Gardens, time with Family and Friends

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This weekend, it was my thirty-sixth birthday. A couple of days before, I treated myself to Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Dr Julie Smith.

The day before my birthday, on a sunny Friday, my good friend Simon and I visited Walton Hall & Gardens.

Walton Hall & Gardens is a park with a café, crazy golf course and a children’s petting zoo.

Essential Info

  • Walton Hall & Gardens is a park with a café, crazy golf course and a children’s petting zoo.
  • The Hall is often hired out for events such as weddings; but the café, crazy golf course and petting zoo are all open to the public.
  • It has a pay and display carpark.
  • It has toilets.
  • It has gardens that are best viewed in the Spring due to when the flowers are in bloom.
  • The café, crazy golf and children’s petting zoo have various opening times that can be viewed here.
  • The petting zoo is in the process of being revamped and therefore the only animals currently available to view were peacocks, alpacas, rabbits and ducks.

Here are some photos from Walton Hall & Gardens:

On the Saturday, my actual birthday, I spent time with my brother, his wife and my nephew.

On the Sunday, my good friend Jayne and I went out for tea.

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The Wedding That Finally Happened – A Delightful Day & Entertaining Evening at Peckforton Castle

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COVID delayed a lot of social events, one of them was my brother’s Wedding to his gorgeous fiancée. Two years have gone by, but the Wedding finally happened on 10/04/2022 at the stunning Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Everything about the day and evening was special, enjoyable and magical. It was a celebration of their love and what a celebration it was!

The day started in the early afternoon with the Wedding Ceremony. Then photos with canapés. Next was the Wedding Breakfast with plenty of wine, funny speeches and some entertainment from a magician.

Here are some photos of the table plan, table display and sweet cart:

The evening was mainly drinks and dancing, but we were treated to a surprise fire dancer to.

Here is the obligatory selfie:

Write soon,


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