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The Druid Temple – Yorkshire

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Yesterday my good friend Simon and I went to visit The Druid’s Temple in Yorkshire. Not a real Druid’s temple, but a rather pleasant structure built around 200 years ago. The folly was built to give people jobs so that they could feed their families.

Essential Information

  • The is no charge to see The Druid’s Temple, but there is a charge for parking.
  • The Druid’s Template is about a 10 minute walk from parking, uphill, so might not be suitable for people with mobility problems.
  • There is a Cafe with toilets near to parking.

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park with Sye

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I think that’s the word. I needed a distraction after my recent Nasal Surgery. So my good and dear friend Sye and I went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Yorkshire Sculpture Park is exactly what it says on the tin.

Here are some photos from our day:

Essential Info:

  • Buy tickets here.
  • Open 10:00-17:00 with the exception of Christmas & Boxing Days.
  • Has toilets, restaurant, coffee shop and gift shop.
  • Good for walks of all lengths.

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Venue Review: Feast at the Mills

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This is a review of the outdoor venue Feast at the Mills in Wigan. Last weekend, a lovely family (who have unofficially adopted me) and I headed to Feats at the Mills. It was a Sunday lunchtime. So we had the pleasure of seeing Back to the Future on their cinema-sized screen.

On entering Feasts we saw four food vendors, a cake vendor, a coffee vendor, a bar and plenty of space to relax. I would say that the set up is very bare bones at the moment. Woodchip makes up the counters that isn’t even painted in places and electric lighting is limited.

There is also lack of heaters in the outside venue. They’ve tried to make up for this with blankets dotted around the place. But I would recommend that when you visit, dress warmly – as afterall we are in the North of England.

It should be noted for you Cash is King people that the food vendors don’t accept cash, only card payments. The bar does accept cash, but they prefer card payments. They welcome pets, families and have toilets.

Both the family and I wanted coffee and had to ask for a member of staff on both occasions to staff the stall. Yet there were three staff behind the bar and an additional one milling about and generally looking disinterested and unhappy to be there. Given the cold weather that day, you’d think they’d have kept the coffee vendor staffed at all times, as people really weren’t after alcohol at that time in the day.

Now onto the food. For me, the main attraction at any venue. They had a Stake Shack, a pizza place, a chicken place and a Greek place. I ate from the Stake Shack, getting a stake, chips and peppercorn sauce which was delicious. For desert I got pancakes and ice cream which were both brilliant. The food and live music are what make this venue truly unique, however no live music is on till about 3PM on a Sunday, which was the time we had to leave. Therefore I can only speak about the food.

Overall it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience. It is the perfect place to meet up and catch up with family/friends. The food is excellent, but what made the experience special to me was spending good times with family.

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Childhood Pictures

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Today, Mum & I have been going through pictures from my childhood and she has been telling me about my great grandparents on her side. It was my privilege and honour to do this. I’m going back tomorrow to finish off the job (there was a lot of photos), so consider this potentially part one of two. I had a wonderful, magical and joyful childhood. Thank you mum.

Here is the gallery:

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Edited: 1st April 2024 – Added further childhood photos to the gallery.

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