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Dorothy Morrison’s Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages

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My Wickedly Wonderful Mystery Packages arrived from the USA a few days before my 30th birthday and were a extra special gift to myself.

Dorothy Morrison is my all-time favourite Witch. I first discovered her some years ago when I read her book Everyday Magic. I loved the book that much that it made its way on to the top shelf where I put my favourite books. At the time I read the book cover to cover, and still to this day go back for ideas, spells and inspiration.

To celebrate Dorothy Morrison’s birthday she has put together Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages in two sizes small ($30 about £21) and large ($50 about £35). These packages will be available to order throughout May. In these magical mystery packages Dorothy Morrison is putting some goodies from her own personal stash, as well as some products from her range that are available on her Wicked Witch Studios website.

Here’s what Dorothy says about these Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages:

…I sincerely hope they elicit the response for which I’m hoping: that resounding “WOW!” that warms your heart. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate my birthday!

Since the contents of each package will be different, there’s no way to post photos of assortments. But…possibilities include autographed books, limited edition items, candles, oils, sprays, gris gris bags, and other products found on the Wicked Witch Studios website, as well as goodies from my personal stash. [No one needs as much magical miscellany as I have on hand – so it’s time to pass some of it on!] What I can tell you is this: The packages come in two sizes – small and large – and regardless of which size you choose to purchase, I can personally guarantee the retail value of each package to be higher than the $30.00 or $50.00 price you’ve paid. So the fact of the matter is that you’ll actually be getting your goodies at a discount. And that’s enough to elicit a shout of joy from nearly everybody!

Just one more thing: Even though I’ll be offering the Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages for the entire month of May, you’ll probably want to order yours early. That way, you’ll be sure to receive some of the items I only have in limited supply – and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like that!

(From:, Last accessed: Monday 26th May 2016.)

When I heard about these packages, I was initially super excited and then remembered that Dorothy Morrison doesn’t ship to the UK. I posted my disappointment on Dorothy Morrison’s Facebook profile and she said that she’s now working with The Angry Cauldron who ship internationally and that I could order from there. The Angry Cauldron stock and sell Dorothy Morrison’s Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages, as well as other Dorothy Morrison’s products.

The Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Packages were released in early May on mid-night eastern time, which is 5am here in the UK. I decided to treat myself for my 30th birthday. I was up at 5am and ordered, so I that I would be one of the first to put my order in. I ordered a small and a large Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Package. They arrived in a big box a few days before my 30th birthday. I was so exited that I nearly wee-d.

Here are some photos of the small mystery package:


I ordered a small (pictured) and large Wickedly Wonderful Mystery Package.


All of the items were wrapped in colourful bubblewrap meaning that it felt like opening gifts.


First item I opened was a Dorothy Morrison ‘Hot Damn’ candle, which is used for good fortune/good luck. I’ve since burned this and it smells Devine and burns beautifully.


Next I opened these two oils one: Wicked Witch and the other: Puttin’ on the Witch. Both smell amazingly magical and are great for anointing candles. Oh I also should point out that these are unique blends made by the fabulous Dorothy Morrison herself.


Next was a Dorothy Morrison ‘Ghost Repel’ candle. Will keep hold of this, in case the occasion ever arises that I need to send a ghost or other spirit on its way.


Dorothy Morrison’s ‘Wishin’ Mojo’ candle.


All the items in the small package together. The price of a small Wickedly Wonderful Mystery Package is $30 (about £21) and the items I received are worth a lot more.

Here are some photos of the large mystery package:


A large Wickedly Wonderful Mystery Package.


Items wrapped in colourful bubblewrap meaning that they were packed well and opening them was like opening gifts.


Sandalwood is my all-time favourite smell, so it was brilliant to have it in an incense.


A Dorothy Morrison ‘Extreme Bad Ass’ Personal Power Accelerator candle.


A copy of Dorothy Morrison’s book – Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions.


A candle that can be used for working with Santisima Muerte (around the topics of: death, healing & protection).


A candle that can be used for working with Hekate, Queen of the Witches & Maiden/Mother/Crone (around the topics of: fertility, magic/power & crossroads).


All the items in the large package together. The price of a large Wickedly Wonderful Mystery Package is $50 (about £35) and the items I received are worth a lot more.

All of the products are of the highest quality and I can confirm that they are well above the retail price I paid. To order your Wickedly Wonderful Magical Mystery Package (either small, large or both), if you are from the USA you can order yours at Dorothy Morrison’s Wicked Witch Studios. If you are from the UK or another country you can order your at The Angry Cauldron.

But remember that you’ve only got till the end of May to order and the sooner you order the better, as some products are limited edition and once they are gone, they are gone.

Blog soon,



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Creative Writing: End

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Inkwell & Quill. (Image Copyright: Sye Watts/Antony Simpson.)

This is the third and final part in a blog post series, where I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve learned about creative writing over the last few years. The first blog post in the series was Creative Writing: Beginning and the second blog post in the series was Creative Writing: Middle.

1. Carry a Notebook for Ideas
Ideas often come at the strangest of times and in the strangest of places. I’ve had ideas come to me in the bath and had to jump out, dripping wet, to write them down. So be prepared. Carry a notebook with you everywhere that you go. Keep one on your bedside table. Any ideas you get, good, bad or neither, just write them down. It might be a plot, or a character, or a location. The idea might not be fully formed. It doesn’t matter. Just write it down.

2. NEVER Delete Anything
Never delete anything that you write. Save everything. One day, you might want to go back to it. Even if you don’t continue where you left off, but instead start the creative work again with a completely different angle. You’re going to need the original beginnings.

3. Editing Checklist
Most writers spend more time editing than they do writing. It is advisable to click Save As… and save another version of your work with every edit, so that if you want to go back you can. Here’s my editing checklist:

Unticked Box First Read Aloud. Any sentences that you struggle to read or make sense of usually need further work.
Unticked Box Check for appropriate use of capitalisation, commas, semicolons, full stops and speech marks.
Unticked Box Check for typos.
Unticked Box Grammar and Spelling Check.
Unticked Box Cut Overwriting & Repetitions.
Unticked Box Re-write sentences that don’t make sense or are unclear.
Unticked Box Second Read Aloud. Any sentences that you struggle to read or make sense of usually need further work.
Unticked Box Consistency Checks: Tense, Perspective, Description, Characters and Plot.
Unticked Box Consider plot and pacing. Are there any plot holes? Is the pacing of scenes, chapters or even the whole work to slow, to fast or about right?
Unticked Box Third Read Aloud. Any sentences that you struggle to read or make sense of usually need further work.
Unticked Box Put the work away for a few weeks, then go back to it and start the editing checklist again. A break from a creative project gives you distance and allows you to spot mistakes or problems that you didn’t see in the original writing or editing stages because you were to close to the work.

Here is another more technical editing checklist: Grammar Girl’s Editing Checklist.

4. Reader Feedback
Reader feedback is great. But you have to be open to any constructive criticism about your creative work. If you ask friends or family to read your work, ensure that you have a relationship with them that allows complete honesty. Ensure that this honesty doesn’t damage your relationship. I read a good friend’s creative work on a regular basis, as he does mine, and we are completely honest in our feedback. We can do this because we both know that the feedback we give and receive is given with kindness, and is aimed at helping one another to create the best work that we can.

You should always appreciate and appraise reader feedback from any source. Appreciate that someone has taken the time to read your work and give feedback. People who give feedback are often working on their own creative projects. They have taken time out of their creative work to give you feedback on yours.

You don’t need to agree on all the points that they raise, or change everything that they suggest needs changing. You are the creator of your own work, so use your own judgement. But consider the feedback, especially if you are getting the same feedback from several different sources.

Some Writers come together in local Writers groups to get feedback on their creative work. These days there are probably some Writers groups online. Some Writers find these groups useful, others don’t. The best way to see if this works for you is to give it a try.

5. Publishing Options
You can send your work to agents and publishers. To the larger presses or smaller independent ones. You can self-publish on Amazon and even get your self-published printed on demand (POD). I don’t have loads of knowledge about publishing or the experience to advise. All I would say is people with little or no experience manage to get their work published all the time.

6. Promoting Your Work
Some great ways to promote your work include:

  • Get a good book cover designed. Book covers are the first thing people see about your work. A good book cover design can make the difference between people buying your creative work or not.
  • If you’re writing the blurb on the back cover, make sure it is written in a way that sells your creative work.
  • Use social media. Facebook, Twitter, goodreads and Instagram as a minimum.
  • Approach appropriate bloggers, vbloggers and ask them to read & review your creative work.
  • Send copies of your work to appropriate News Paper Entertainment Columnist, Magazine Writers, other Authors, etc. requesting they read & review your work.
  • Attend literacy events and be involved with the literacy community (both locally and online).
  • Do interviews with anyone that is willing to interview you.
  • Try and be in the Media: TV, Radio, News Papers & Magazines. Even if it isn’t directly about your creative work, you’d be surprised how many people will see, hear or read what you say/write and go on to seek out your creative works.
  • Do readings.
  • Contact local libraries, book stores, etc and arrange signings and/or readings.
  • Encourage people to write Amazon Reviews.
  • Have a book Giveaway – people love the opportunity to win something.
  • Hire a Marketing Company, there are many out there that specialise in the PR and marketing of books.

7. Some Great Books About Creative Writing & Publishing

Write soon,


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Import: Birthday Celebration Ideas

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The Gay UK is officially a year old this month. It’s amazing to think that in that time we’ve grown to a dedicated readership of 150,000 gay people per month, not just from the UK but internationally. With birthdays in mind, we thought about ways to celebrate a birthday other than the traditional alcohol-fuelled night out or throwing of a party.

If you’re lucky enough to share a birthday with The Gay UK, why not try something new? Here are some of our ideas:

1. Dinner and a Show
They say there’s nothing more social than the breaking of bread. Go to dinner, somewhere with delicious food and with those special to you.

After dinner go to the Theatre, see a fantastic show and complete celebration of another birthday. Our writers regularly watch shows and write reviews. Take a look at our Theatre Reviews section to find a show you’ll love on in a Theatre near you.

2. Visiting the Zoo
When was the last time you got up and close with nature? All sorts of animals in all stripes and sizes from across the world can be seen at your local zoo.

Homosexuality has been found in thousands of species of animals, so you might just see a gay zebra, penguin, lion or other animal. Just look for the animals that show a particular interest in others of the same sex.

3. Visiting a Theme Park
Feel the exhilarating rush that comes from a day of riding roller coasters. Release your inner child and visit a theme park. There’s something life affirming about your body being flooded with adrenaline as you’re scared out of your wits.

Many theme parks do gay days – specific dates aimed at attracting the local gay community. So if you’re single you might end up sat on a ride next to your ideal man. Just don’t let him hear you scream!

4. A Day at the Beach
Imagine seeing the beautiful horizon as you feel the sand under your feet. You taste of the salty air and hear the relaxing sound of the ocean. Well this can all be yours – if you choose to have a day out at the beach to celebrate your birthday.

This activity is dependent upon the weather, but if it’s nice make a day out of it by taking a picnic.

5. A City Break
Take a short break to visit another city. It can be a city in the UK or even a European city. Flights to Europe have never been cheaper.

6. A Holiday
If it’s an extra special birthday, contemplate splashing out on a holiday. Everyone has individual likes on holiday; for me it would be: sun, sea, sand and sangria. But you may prefer an adventure holiday.

Whatever sort of holidays you like, you’ll be able to find a reasonably priced one – as long as you don’t look at booking when school children are off school.

Got other Birthday Celebration Ideas? Post a comment below.

Published by: The Gay UK on Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

Here is what I learnt from writing this article:

  • Need to improve my article title’s to better sell them to the reader / encourage the reader to read.
  • That I can use an idea from my personal blog and expand upon it.
  • I have the odd photo that can be used for articles. Something to consider as photos help capture the reader and encourage them to read an article.

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A Catch-Up

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Hi all,

I really haven’t had chance to blog recently, so I just thought we would have a general catch-up. So what’s new? Well…

I’ve fully transferred my website to a new hosting provider (see Transfer of Hosting). The main technical glitch was many of the images not showing up. I’ve manually fixed every page and every blog post so they should all be working now. But if by chance you stumble upon a broken image link, copy the address bar in your browser, paste it into the message body on the Contact page and click send. Then I’ll know where the problem is and I can get it fixed.

I’ve had a spell of ill health in the form of lower back pain (see Ouch…Severe Lower Back Pain), but apart from the odd painful twinges here and there I’m now feeling much better.

My good friend Sye is back from Uni and has temporarily come to live with me. It’s great to have him here, he’s good company, I feel happy being able to support him. He knows he is welcome to stay for as long as he needs too.

Sye’s also been a huge support to me in a difficult week I’ve had recently. The reason for the difficult week was financial pressures, Sye was my listening ear (along with a few other people close to me) and has given me some good advice. I discovered I have a leaking pipe under my floor, need to replace the two front tyres on my car and have had some hassle of my buildings management company.

I’ve been to my friend Steve’s graduation-from-Uni meal. It was delicious food in the Hilton in Manchester. Unfortunately I only managed to sit through the meal due to my back pain but I still enjoyed the night out.

I’ve caught up with Simon & Chrys at a recent Food & Fire Evening at Chrys’ house. It was lovely, relaxed and social, just what I needed.

I’ve also been reading Pure by Julianna Baggott which is a post-apocalyptic story about two young people whose worlds collide. Pressia a wretch in a world with deformed people and animals after the detonations and Partridge a Pure from the Dome that was protected from the detonations. It’s a trilogy with the next book out next year and the final book out the year after. It’s a fascinating read and will review it after I’ve read it.

I’ve downloaded OS X Mountain Lion. One of the reviews in the Mac App Store described it as an evolution of OSX Lion rather than a revolution. This review is right, they’ve built on OSX Lion rather than a complete redesign like Windows does. OSX Mountain Lion feels more streamlined, the iMac boots up faster and complete operations with more speed. It seems to just work, it has fixed my sound issues (see Intermittent Sound Problems on the iMac) and has a few cool new features.

The first feature I love is Siri. It’s current use is as an dictation App, but in the future it is likely to be utilitised for starting Apps, putting reminders in iCal and other functions like the Iphone 4S. I think it’s very clever how it learns your voice characteristics and uses this learning to improve the dictation. I like the Notification Centre but it doesn’t work as I’d like. For example, my new emails don’t appear in the Notification Centre like on my Iphone 4. The share button in Apps is useful and being able to post Twitter updates from my desktop makes life easier. But I was disappointed that Facebook integration is only coming in Autumn as this was one of the features I updated for.

That’s about all I’ve been up to. However I’ve got a few events here and there, working on some creative projects I hope to share with you soon and am coming up with some good ideas for thought provoking blog posts.

Blog soon,


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