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42 Quotes from The Alcohol Therapy Workbook by Antony Simpson

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My latest book, The Alcohol Therapy Workbook has now been released and is available to buy on Amazon. It has been designed for anyone that is struggling with alcohol or who has struggled with alcohol in the past. It is written in a Motivational Interviewing style, is trauma informed and strength-based. This book is more than just worksheets about alcohol. It equips the reader with the tools someone needs to get into recovery from alcohol and to stay there.

For those undecided whether to buy it or not; undecided if it is right for them or another they are thinking about buying it for. Here are 40 direct quotes from the book:

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My Next Book

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Hello Readers,

I am pleased to be able to share some details of my next book with you.

Firstly it won’t be a follow up book to Mental Health Wisdom. Mental Health Wisdom was very successful and was very comprehensive. It was years in the making. I’m super proud of the book and I did briefly toy with the idea of doing another mental health book.

But then I thought – What would I put in it that isn’t already in Mental Health Wisdom? I didn’t have an answer, so opted not to write another book on mental health at this time.

So what is the book? It’s a practical pagan book. It is being co-authored by one of my good friends and I.

We are hoping for an independent release via the Amazon platform some time in 2021.

We are about one third through the first draft.

That’s about all I can share right now.

Write soon,


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My Latest Pagan Wall Artwork – Art on Slate by Kate McKenna bought on The Wonky Cauldron

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Hello all!

Welcome to 2019. So far, my January has been really busy. But I wanted to share with you my latest purchase. This gorgeous slate wall artwork:


Avebury Tree Goddesses by Kate McKenna.

It’s called Avebury Tree Goddesses by Kate McKenna. It’s gorgeous and I love it. High quality shaped slate with a beautiful print on it.

I discovered Kate McKenna’s artwork on The Wonky Cauldron, which I discovered through an ad on Facebook.

Kate doesn’t have her artwork on sale on her website, but The Wonky Cauldron has a wide range of her artwork available to buy.

I’ve spotted another slate with Avebury Stone Circle on. I think I might have to buy it to compliment the one above.

Blog soon,


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