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The Ocean as an Analogy for the ‘Planes of Existence’

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There’s lots of theories about the number of planes of existence. Some say there’s 7 planes of existence, others say there are 9, while others say there’s as many as 31.

I like to keep things simple. So here is my 3 planes of existence, using the ocean as an analogy:


What are your thoughts? Share by commenting below.

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Wonderful Websites – Paganism

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wonderful-websites-image This is the sixth blog post in a series titled Wonderful Websites. The first focused on general health and can be read here. The second focused on mental health and mental illness and can be read here. The third post focused on shopping and can be read here. The fourth focused on money and can be read here. The fifth focused on gigs, shows and theatres and can be read here.

Wonderful Websites about paganism:

1. Damh the Bard is a pagan singer songwriter. I absolutely adore this man’s music. I hope one day to see him live.

2. Llewellyn Worldwide publishes books around all topics pagan and spiritual.


3. The Angry Cauldron is my favourite American online pagan shop. I love it because it sells Dorothy Morrison products.

4. A Bad Witch’s Blog provides regular content from a London-based Witch. Her posts are a enjoyable to read.

5. The Goddess & The Green Man is a pagan shop in Glastonbury. They sell some really unique items.

6. The Witchs’ Voice is an American website that I used visit often. It has interesting articles on all aspects of paganism.

Are there any pagan websites that you think are useful that aren’t on the list? If so leave a comment below and let me know.

In the next post in my Wonderful Websites I will list gay cultural and societal websites.

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I aim for posts on this blog to be informative, educational and entertaining. If you have found this post useful or enjoyable, please consider making a contribution by Paypal:

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My Monthly Reiki Session: A Spirit Guide?

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Two or three months ago, I had loads going on and was stressed to the hilt. It was like plates spinning. I’m Reiki One Qualified (see Reiki one – Qualified) so technically I can heal myself; but I had some birthday money left over so decided to treat myself.

I booked a Reiki session at Halsa Healing. I left feeling great, completely de-stressed, relaxed, energised and so amazingly well. I decided to make it a regular monthly treat. Well…when I can afford it anyway.

So what is Reiki? Well…

(Image Credit: Isis Jade)

On my last Reiki session, I had a rather spiritual experience that I’d like to share with you.

I lay on the massage table with my eyes closed. The relaxing music soothed my ears, as I felt the Reiki flow into me from the Reiki Practitioner.

As the session continued I began to sense two streams of Reiki entering my body, one into my chest (heart chakra) and one into my feet (root chakra). I double-checked using my senses. Yes I could definitely feel two streams Reiki energy, even down to the associated physical tingling and heat.

How is this possible? I thought.

I briefly opened my eyes. Louise, the Reiki practitioner was to my side her hands over my chest. I glanced down at my feet to see a bright white humanoid figure of pure energy. His hands were cupped slightly and sending Reiki energy into the top my feet. It was kind of like the image above, only minus the wings and much whiter. It’s difficult to describe the beauty of the energy I felt from this being. I definitely got a feeling of safety, home and hugs from this being.

For a split-second I thought that it might be Alex (see Thinking of You Often…). But my intuition told me that is wasn’t. I was sure of this, as sure as I am of the fact that the sky is blue. I got a distinct feeling that this being had never been on this physical plane. Or at least not for many, many lifetimes.

After the Reiki session had come to the end, I told Louise about my experience. She said it could have been one of my spirit guides or possibly one of hers – helping her out.

I am aware of spirit guides and have done some work with them in the past. But not for years. So I read up on spirit guides. This basic but really interesting Q & A article is great for anyone new to spirit guides.

Then I found this fantastic guided meditation on YouTube to help people meet and communicate with their spirit guides:

Click here to display content from

I completed this meditation with the hope of finding out if it was one of my guides that was healing me during the Reiki session. If it was, I wanted to meet him and get to know him better. I can’t remember all the details of the meditation now; but I can remember meeting him.

I met this broad-shouldered man, strong looking. Strong hands. Made me feel safe. With a warm Smile. He was hansom – sharp jawline, green eyes, short hair with a quiff at the front. He was wearing a green jumper and possibly jeans. I asked his name telepathically. He answered the same way, saying that his name was Matt. I asked him what was his purpose was, as part of my spirit guide team. He answered with: Protection.

He was/is there to keep me safe. I understood my feelings of safety, home and hugs that I had when I first met him in the Reiki session. I always imagined that my spirit guide for protection would be a samurai warrior, in the full gear. Well…at least that’s what I’ve always imagined standing guard outside of my cast circles.

The reiki session and the guided meditation were amazing spiritual experiences. They wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been relaxed and open to them. So the lesson here is: always try be open to new spiritual experiences.

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A Theory about Souls by a Wise Man

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The other weekend I caught up with my good friends Simon & Chrys at a small, local Mind, Body & Spirit fair. While having coffee with them one of their friends who I know to be a Wise Man had a theory about souls that interested me. So here it is, regurgitated in my own words:

The world is two thirds over populated. A body is animated it can breath, beat and function without a soul. So there’s this high number of bodies produced but not enough souls to go round. So there are people out their who are essentially soul-less.

This got me thinking: What is a soul? Does it matter if you have a soul or are soul-less? How does this theory link in with the soul-groups theory? (The theory that groups of souls get reincarnated together and help each other learn together over lifetimes.)

I think it’s definitely something worth thinking about and meditating on so that I can continue to develop spiritually.

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