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Wonderful Websites – Gigs, Shows and Theatres

By Thursday 28 June 2018Gigs & Shows, The Web
wonderful-websites-image This is the fifth blog post in a series titled Wonderful Websites. The first focused on general health and can be read here. The second focused on mental health and mental illness and can be read here. The third post focused on shopping and can be read here. The fourth focused on money and can be read here.

This post lists wonderful websites for gigs, shows and theatres.

1. See Tickets isn’t as comprehensive as Ticket Master but offers more choice around seating meaning you tend to get better seats.

2. Ticket Master has tickets for gigs, shows and theatres across venues, across the country.

3. Manchester Theatres lists gigs, shows and theatre performances by Greater Manchester venues.

4. Manchester Academy venues (Academy, Academy 2, Academy 3 and Club Academy) often host less well known artists. I love these venues as they are in city centre, are smaller and more intimate.

5. The Lowry (Salford Quays) is a smaller venue that has a good variety of shows and theatre performances.

Are there any gig, shows and theatre websites that you think are useful that aren’t on the list? If so leave a comment below and let me know.

The next post in the Wonderful Websites series will focus on websites for paganism.

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