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A General Life Update (with Photos)

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Hello all,

Today, I’m going to be giving you a general life update (with photos). I’ve been saving to pay off an overdraft and as such I haven’t been out and about as normal. But a few things have gone on in my life recently.

I treated myself to some new bedding. I’d had the old bedding over a decade and it was time for a change. Here’s two of the three sets I bought:


New Bedding #1


New Bedding #2

I also have a Detroit set in various shades of red and white.

My cats are as vocal, mischievous and cute as ever. Here are some photos:


Russell sat looking regal.


My housemate took this photo. Not sure what he was interrupting?

There hasn’t been any decent albums out in ages. However Kylie Minogue recently released Golden, which I am listening to and enjoying:

Kylie Minogue-Golden-Album-Cover-April-2018
View on

I’ve watched a lot of rubbish TV on Netflix. I like programmes that I don’t have to think about, so in the main I’ve watched American documentaries set in prisons or following the Police on the streets. I’ve enjoyed watching anything and everything by Louis Theroux.

I’ve also re-watched some classic films including: Labyrinth, the Back to the Future trilogy, Matilda and Jumanji.

I’ve binged my way through Designated Survivor, all four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise, all of the available Star Trek: Discovery and laughed my way through Russell Howard’s Recalibrate.

I’ve read The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. It’s a brilliant book and one that I shall be reviewing soon.


I’ve started and finished The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. It’s a brilliant book and one that I shall review soon.

I’ve started reading The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert:

I’ve received my signed copy of Boys Keep Swinging: A Memoir by Jake Shears from Waterstones. I haven’t started reading it yet, but intend to do so once I’ve finished The Signature of All Things:


My signed copy of Boys Keep Swinging by Jake Shears, from Waterstones.

I treated myself to this gorgeous Tree of life Pentagram for wearing during rituals. It was bought from Inner Peace Holistic Therapy’s online shop:


How gorgeous is this?

Whenever I’ve not been too tired/exhausted, I’ve tried to spend time with family and friends. I’ve not done as much of this as I would have liked, but going forward I shall try to do more.

Write soon,



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The Death of Steve Jobs

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The death of Steve Jobs has been widely reported in the Media. A quick visit to the Apple website confirmed it (see screenshot above). Steve died of pancreatic cancer and has received worldwide tributes from the great and the good.

I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but was he really that much of a visionary as he’s been made out to be in the media? In recent years he’s most famous for the Iphone and the Ipad. So let’s look at them both.

First the Iphone:
(Image Copyright Tech Radar, 2011.)

I love the Iphone, indeed I’ve blogged about it (see Will an Iphone 4 change my life? & Iphone Essentials: Accessories & Apps). However how original was the concept of creating a phone that’s a mini-computer? In my opinion it was already being done and Apple simply moved into the phone market.

Next the Ipad. Looking at Steve Jobs he looks like he was Star Trek geek. And anyone who watches Star Trek will have seen these:
(Image Copyright Muktware, 2011.)

Looks remarkably similar don’t you think? Plus anyone who uses a laptop to check the net knows that often they’re not as mobile as they could be. So in my opinion not that much of an original idea.

What will be interesting will be to see how Apple will develop without Steve Jobs. Will they continue to have the stronghold over the tablet market or will the likes of Amazon and others seize the opportunity to get a foothold in the tablet market?

Steve Jobs undoubtedly brought Apple back from the brink of death, but I think he was more of a technology risk taker than a visionary. Since his return to Apple in 1997 he made devices that he liked and that luckily (for him and Apple) people in the majority also liked and enjoyed using.

Blog soon,


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