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Lady Boys of Bangkok Amazing, updates!

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Lady Boys of Bangkok. I would like to thank them for putting on a brilliant show. The show consisted of incredable costumes and make up along with good miming. I have watched their show for the last three years now, and it keeps getting bigger and better every year! I would highly recommend you go and see it!

I would also like to thank my good friend Steve and his sister Sarah for coming along with me. Sarah and myself have made a pact – for he to come up to Manchester and watch it again next year! Can’t wait.

This weekend, I am watching Kylie with my mum and Steve.

Updates Wise:

  I have been working on the adventures blog entry for my recent road trip. Here’s is a video of Kay and myself giving you a grand tour of the room we stayed in at the Caladonian Backpakers in Edinburgh:

So there’s the taster of what is coming soon! Just because you may not see the work sometimes, it is being done behind the scene’s.

Blog Soon,


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Out Every Night

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Hi All,

I’ve been out all this week.

Monday – I went out for a meal. The meal however was over shadowed by an ex-partner being in the same resturant with his new partner. I was glad to see that he was happy and had moved on but felt uncomfortable, due to the fact we’ve not really spoken since our break up some time ago. I would loved to have stayed friends with him, as he started off as a friend and was a good one. Seeing him there knocked me for six and I just wanted the floor to swallow me up. However, once he was gone the meal was more enjoyable.

Tuesday – Mum’s Birthday. I didn’t forget it, just didn’t realise it was the first of July already. Time seems to have flown by this year. I guess it must do for people who are busy working, as I’ve been a student most of my working life. I picked her up from work and gave her some flowers. However my older brother upstaged me by buying some too, before I did. Anyone who knows me will know I hate to be upstaged, but he cooked me tea, so I didn’t have to kill him!

Wednesday I got a text from my good friend Steve requesting emergency last minute help moving. So after three car loads he was moved and I got home very late.

Today (Thursday) I was suppose to be working, but it was canceled. In honestly, I am so glad it was. It mean’t I could go home and do all my domestic tasks that had been building up.

Friday (tomorrow) I shall be going to Manchester Gay Village to watch The Lady Boy’s of Bankcock. I have seen them for the last 2 years, they always put on a fantastic show! Can’t wait.

In relation to the site, I have put back the publish date of my Adventures Road Trip blog due to not having time to complete it. I know, I need to get it up there. Once it’s up I can start planning the next one. I have however created a June 08 Archive to keep the home page from getting too long.

So happy reading, speak soon.


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