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A Candlelight Musical Extravaganza at Manchester Cathedral

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Tonight Mum, Hien and I went to see a string quartet from String Infusion perform at Manchester Cathedral. The evening was promoted as a musical sensory experience, with two performances. One of ABBA songs and one of Whitney Houston songs. Here are some photos from the evening, click on any photo for full size image:

We had a fantastic evening. The performance was exceptional in every sense of the word.

Blog soon,


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That Time We Did 2 Shows in 1 Day in London – Wicked & Bat Out of Hell

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I remember that time we did 2 shows in 1 day in London. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

It was a bright February day. We enjoyed each other’s company in the car. You kindly did all the driving. We tubed it into the city centre. I nearly lost my life due to getting stuck in the tube door. But you were there to pull me inside. You kept me safe while we travelled around the gigantic and intimidating city of London. I have never felt safer, than I did with you that day.

We drove down to London and went watching Wicked and Bat Out of Hell:

Wicked was your passion. You were right seeing it with the full stage set and cast in London is an experiential must.

We had a brief scout about in London before getting something to eat.

Then we went on to Bat Out of Hell – The Musical. To you, this was you fulfilling a promise you had made. I didn’t take the promise seriously at the time you made it, due to circumstances. It was one that I never expected you to fulfil. The show was phenomenal and I’m sure that I thanked you more than once for the experience?

We then headed home. You still kept me at a distance avoiding the physical intimacy I offered. But that’s okay. It was and is still one of my best, happiest memories. So thank you for the amazing day and incredible memory.

My Unconditional Positive Regard always,


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Losing My Nando’s Virginity & Daniel Sloss Live in Liverpool

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On Thursday, a good friend and I went to see Daniel Sloss live in Liverpool. We arrived early and my friend took my Nando’s virginity.


Nando’s Logo, Image Copyright © Nando’s.

I have to say that although Nando’s didn’t live up to the hype, it filled a hole. From Nando’s we walked to Liverpool Guild of Students’ the venue for Sloss’ show.


Taking photos were not allowed, so you’ll have to settle for this pre-performance stage photo.

If you’ve not seen any of Sloss’ stand-up before, I highly recommended that you check out his two shows on Netflix: Dark & Jigsaw. Both are hilariously funny, cheeky and finish with a poignant point.

Sloss’ latest live show was even better than the Netflix shows, probably because Sloss wasn’t being filmed and was more at ease with the audience.

Indeed Sloss owned the stage throughout the performance that was well over an hour long. In the show he covered his love of children, toxic masculinity and the things nobody taught him about vaginas and sanitary products.

My friend and I laughed, more than I can’t remember either of us laughing for quite some time. It was definitely a good shout, buying these tickets for my friend’s birthday.

Sloss ended the show with an experience he shares about his friend being raped by another one of his friends. The part was done sensitively and with some appropriate humor. Sloss did recount statistics one too many times, sounding like a public service announcement. I think this was Sloss’ way of demonstrating that he had really looked into the issue.

Overall my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would definitely see Sloss again. We would probably just opt for a different venue due to the difficulty at times in seeing Sloss and the lack of comfort provided by the chairs. Perhaps when Sloss is planning his next show he should consider the Apollo in Manchester.


My tramp stamp to allow me to use the loo and get back into the gig.

Blog soon,


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