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Review of 2010 Goals I set myself

I thought I’d review the goals I set for 2010 before I write my ones for 2011. First off Health: Health 1. To get my diabetes under better control by testing my blood sugars at least twice a day. 2. To put on weight. (I know most people want to loose it, but I am […]

Thinking about Christmas

On Christmas afternoon I heard that phrase again, like last year (see Haven’t we done well, this year??). And yes we have, look: Some of the presents I got. This year they all wouldn’t fit on the photo. (Ok to be honest, I forgot to line some up when I took the photo, the others […]

A New Design

I wanted a new design that was less formal than the last. I suffered from wordpress-theme-depression after being unable to find a theme that I like. In the end I decided to take the Plainscape design and tweak it. It’s not exactly as I want it, so let’s call it a work in progress, kind […]

Book Review: Look Back In Hunger by Jo Brand

Look Back in Hunger by Jo Brand was a Christmas gift to me from my friend Sye last year. As a big fan of Jo Brand I couldn’t wait to read it, finally finishing it about a month ago. Jo’s use of witty chapter titles and writing as she would talk instantly engages the reader. […]