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A Night Out to Remember for a Very Long Time: The Rocky Horror Show

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Rocky Horror Show 2013 A few months ago my good friend Steve and I booked tickets to watch The Rocky Horror Show. Poor Steve had never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD; so I encouraged him to watch it before we went. Well I say encouraged… it was more a forced watching.

This weekend with tickets in hand and costumes in man-bags, I dragged Steve to see the matinee performance of The Rocky Horror Show at Manchester Palace Theatre.

Before the performance Steve and I went for a delicious meal in the new Velvet Central Restaurant & Bar. As well as the tasty food, it hosts a luxurious, yet relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff.

Then Steve and I headed off to the theatre for The Rocky Horror Show. Here are some photos:

Rocky Horror Show 2013
Rocky Horror Show 2013
Manchester Palace Theatre.
In the bar, after Steve & I changed
in the one toilet cubicle.
Rocky Horror Show 2013
Rocky Horror Show 2013
“Oh Rocky (Steve)!”
Frank ‘N’ Furter (Me) says.
My fishnets & gold/black stilettos.

Rocky Horror Show 2013 Steve & I took our seats ready for the start of the show. As the show began I pulled out my phone, turned off the flash and took the first photo (below). A Usher appeared at the end of the row and flashed her torch at me. I twisted my neck towards her direction to be met by her angry scowl and she indicated that no camera’s were allowed. This is not the first time I’ve experienced an appalling, militant and killjoy Usher at Manchester Palace Theatre.
Rocky Horror Show 2013
Rocky Horror Show 2013
The first photo taken,
interrupted by the appalling Usher.
The Interval: If Steve won’t wear his
Rocky wig, then I’ll wear both.

For the first part of the show I didn’t feel able to take anymore photos. This was a great shame as the set, costumes, lighting, choreography and directing were all brilliant.

However in the second part of the show I snapped a few more photos; despite a further warning from the killjoy Usher.

Rocky Horror Show 2013
Rocky Horror Show 2013
Part 2 – Draw the curtain.
Part 2 – They’re back.
Rocky Horror Show 2013
Rocky Horror Show 2013
The cast after before the encore of Time Warp & Sweet Transvestite.
The cast bow and enjoy the applause at the end of the show.

Rocky Horror Show 2013 A Short Review
I’ve already mentioned that the set, costumes, lighting, choreography and directing were all brilliant. Brad & Janet did have dodgy accents that were slightly off-putting at first; along with Brad feeling one-dimensional throughout the show. Phillip Franks (The Narrator) was fantastic with real banter between the audience and himself.

Overall the show was beyond amazing with all the favourite songs performed including: Science Fiction/Double Feature, Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite, I Can Make You a Man, Don’t Dream It, Be It and I’m Going Home.

Oliver Thornton (Frank ‘N’ Furter) was truly outstandingly. He added his own unique diva-esque personality into the character which made the role his own and worked wonderfully. Oliver Thornton plays the Frank ‘N’ Furter of today; one who is aware of his fame and ready to celebrate his 40th Anniversary.

Here is video Oliver Thornton as Frank ‘N’ Furter singing Sweet Transvestite:

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I highly recommend a night out to your local theatre to see The Rocky Horror Show.

You can also buy the orignal Tim Curry Rocky Horror Picture Show, DVD & CD Lip Box Special Edition on Amazon.

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