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reduce your alcohol consumption

A Good Way to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption?

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I recently discovered these cans of pre-mixed Smirnoff Vokda and Diet Cola:

They taste delicious, much better than if you mixing your own and slip down rather nicely. At £1.75 and only 1.6 units per can, they are ideal if you’re not a big drinker or want to reduce your alcohol consumption.

Think of it like this: if you pour a vodka and diet coke at home you’re likely to pour more than a pub measure (25mls shot) 1 unit. Your likely to pour at least a double at 2 units – if not more, whereas these cans are only 1.6 units.

Of course it depends on how many of the cans you drink – but in theory, they are a good way to reduce your alcohol consumption.

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