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I Have a TARDIS! I’ve Named her Sexy :)

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I’ve had a hankering for a TARDIS for quite some time. The problem is that they are hard to find. All TARDIS toys have become collectables and are ridiculously priced for what they are. But then I found this Facebook group. I was lucky enough to find someone who builds bespoke TARDIS’ to order.

Here is my new TARDIS, which I’ve named Sexy:

I am over the moon with it. The craftmanship is incredible. I was so lucky in finding this wonderful man who did such an amazing job.

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Tech Reviews: Upgrading My External Hard Drives to SSD

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I tend to keep my files (documents, photos, music & video) on WD external hard drives. I don’t use cloud storage, as I dislike subscription services and their ever increasing prices. Plus, I have a lot of files, so it gets expensive and relies too much on the internet. One of the pluses of external hard drives are that they are portable, so I can physically share larger files with family/friend easily.

But there are minuses with my current system. First transfers for larger files can be slow, second that there’s always a chance of hard drive failure – particularly with external hard drives that have moving parts, like the ones I’m currently using. So I decided that it was time to upgrade to SSD (solid state drives), which boast faster transfer speeds and no moving parts. Think of them as large capacity pen drives.

I opted for two different branded 4TB models, one a Samsung T7 Shield (4TB) and the other SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (4TB). The reason I opted for the Samsung drive is trust in the brand. The reason I opted for SanDisk was because of the colour.

It may sound odd, but different colours enable me to identify my drives more easily. I did try to get a Samsung T7 Shield in blue (in desperation I even considered beige) but both blue and beige 4TB models were out of stock everywhere.

Here’s my first impression of each model:

Samsung T7 Shield (4TB) first impressions:

  • It’s tiny. It literally fits in the palm of my hand, see image above.
  • It has this soft, ridged feel which makes it really nice to hold.
  • It feels like a quality product.
  • It comes with x2 USB cables. One is USB C to C and the other is USB C to B.
  • It gets warm, but nowhere near as hot as the Scan Disk.
  • It was easy to set up and use. It’s literally plug and play.
  • Its copy speed really varied. I can’t be sure if this is the new drive or due to my old one.
  • Had a cool blue blinking light to indicate that the drive is in use.
  • Good for multitasking.
  • I have complete confidence in the Samsung brand.
  • There are a range of cases you can purchase to keep it in.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (4TB) first impressions:

  • It’s tiny. It literally fits in the palm of my hand, see image above.
  • Its firmware was up-to-date. This was a nightmare to check, SanDisk’s website is easy enough to find to check. But seeing the tiny serial number on the back of the device I found difficult.
  • It feels nice in the hand and has a hole for attaching to backpacks, not that I’ll ever use this feature.
  • It was easy to set up.
  • It gets very hot during use.
  • It is much faster than my previous hard drive.
  • I am concerned about failure or data loss as I found this video online when looking for reviews of the product, after I bought the product and was waiting delivery. I probably wouldn’t have bought this product had I have known this information prior to purchase:

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  • I decided based on this video to use this drive up as a back up one, rather than a main drive as originally intended.
  • It is USB C but comes with a USB B adapter for those that might require it.
  • Practically silent operation.
  • Very good when multitasking.
  • There are a range of cases you purchase to keep the device in.

Blog soon,


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Luna Hare Goes Physical & Digital

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My good friends Simon & Martin launched a stall in Leigh Indoor Market, Lancashire to compliment their online eBay sales late last year. They sell spiritual goods at affordable prices including:

  • Satya Incense.
  • Crystals & Crystal sets/Crystal grids.
  • Giftware.
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards.
  • Door Mats, signs and other homeware goods.
  • Burners – Both for incense (including backflow) & essential oils.
  • Essential Oils.
  • Candles.
  • It’s own range of charm pouches, talismans and spell kits.
  • Jewellery.
  • Trinkets.
  • And loads more.

Plus they are always getting new and exiting products in. They have just gone live with a website: Luna You can expect regular updates on the website, with online sales coming soon.

If you live in Leigh or Lancashire Luna Hare is the place to go for your all things spiritual, quirky and unusual.

Blog soon,


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Home Magic – Superb Simmer Pot Mixes from The Lancashire Witch

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The Lancashire Witch is a Witchy shop. The bricks and motor shop is based Leyland, Lancashire, but they also have an online shop.

All their products and services are designed, developed and delivered by an expert Witch, named Sally.

Sally is an intergenerational Witch being trained from a young age by her mother and grandmother. Sally is wonderful. Friendly, helpful and really knows her stuff.

The Lancashire Witch sells everything a Witch could need under one roof. This includes: Herbs, Resins, Roots, Bones, Flowers, Barks, Spell Oils, Spell Powders, various Tools, Incenses, Floor Washes, Spell Inks, Sprays, Rice, Honey Jars, Bath Salts, Candles and Crystals. It’s a one stop shop for all your magical needs!

I recently got my hands on this Money Magnet Simmer Pot Mix. This is handmade Sally (the Witch herself) is blessed and intended for its purpose. What is a simmer pot mix I hear you ask?

A simmer pot mix is a collection of herbs, roots, barks, dried fruit and flowers that you put into a pan and then simmer for as long as possible. This process releases the magic out of the spell ingredients and releases it into the Universe. It’s a brilliant idea and one a type of spell casting I have never ever thought of doing before.

This is what the Money Magnet Simmer Pot Mix looks like in the pan:

Now, first things first. It smells magical and absolutely divine. The smell throws well, filling my kitchen and living room (tip: open all the doors inside your home that you can and let the scent spread throughout your home). You’ve got to try one of these, if only for the scent that comes completely natural world. Sally only uses the produce of nature and never anything artificial.

The great thing is that The Lancashire Witch does these simmer pot mixes around every sort of spell work you could think of, including: luck magic, cleansing, blessing, healing, hexing, love, etc. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even order a custom simmer pot mix suited to your intention.

In terms of Spell effectiveness, we’ll have to wait and see. I only just simmered this morning. But I’ve had many other products and services from The Lancashire Witch and they are always effective and often quickly.

Blog soon,


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