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For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s this theory on how the universe works called Karma.

Basically karma is the principle that what you send out in to the universe (in terms of your actions, how you treat others, etc.) come back to you threefold. If you send out positive (treating people well, being considerate of your actions) you will receive positive in return. If you send out negative (treat people poorly, be malice in your actions) you shall receive negative in return.

The universe works in mysterious ways – it isn’t always obvious that something negative that happens in your life are associated with your past negative actions/negative treatment of people. The universe also has to take a lot of other things in to account – such as your life learning lessons, timing, etc. But it does work.

Karma in a Nut Shell

As part of the universal balance, what you send out you shall receive. What this essentially means is that if you put out positive energy you shall receive positive energy. But if you put out negative energy, treating people wrongly, this will come back to you with you receiving negativity in return.
(from:, 17th October 09)

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