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Shopping Home Delivery: Don’t bother with ASDA use Tesco

By Rants, Shopping2 Comments

The other night I had the evening planned. ASDA was delivering the larger-than-normal food shop that I had ordered online. The plan was to chillax – wait for the food order, have tea, a bath, do some reading and then an early night. I had previously used Tesco, who had been reliable and friendly. But I thought I’d give ASDA a try.

After two hours of ringing up ASDA’s 0845 helpline to find out where my food was and if/when it would be delivered – still no sign. Eventually I got a call at ten forty to say they had tried to deliver but I wasn’t in. It was quickly established that they had gone to the completely wrong building. In the end, I ended up going to the store (at about ten fifty) to pick up my own food. I made clear that they were not to charge me for delivery as I had picked it up. I explained the inconvenience that it had caused and that I would not be using the service again in future. What was the response? A £10 gift card.

So if your ever having your shopping delivered Don’t bother with ASDA, instead use Tesco.

Rant finished,


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For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s this theory on how the universe works called Karma.

Basically karma is the principle that what you send out in to the universe (in terms of your actions, how you treat others, etc.) come back to you threefold. If you send out positive (treating people well, being considerate of your actions) you will receive positive in return. If you send out negative (treat people poorly, be malice in your actions) you shall receive negative in return.

The universe works in mysterious ways – it isn’t always obvious that something negative that happens in your life are associated with your past negative actions/negative treatment of people. The universe also has to take a lot of other things in to account – such as your life learning lessons, timing, etc. But it does work.

Karma in a Nut Shell

As part of the universal balance, what you send out you shall receive. What this essentially means is that if you put out positive energy you shall receive positive energy. But if you put out negative energy, treating people wrongly, this will come back to you with you receiving negativity in return.
(from:, 17th October 09)

Let you be aware!


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Royal Snail

By RantsNo Comments

I think Royal Mail are slow at times. That’s probably because I’m from the instant generation. If I want something, I want it now. Not in a week.

But it’s bloody annoying when Royal Mail workers decide to strike (as reported in the Telegrapgh) when I’m expecting some important letters.

Now I understand workers are concerned about working conditions and if indeed they will have a job, but couldn’t they have waiting until next week? After my most important mail has arrived.

I hope my mail arrives in time for what I need it for.

Rant Over,

Antony x

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Don’t shop at Dwell

By Rants, ShoppingNo Comments

Simon and I had time this weekend to nip to Dwell to buy The Cabinet.

We got in to the store, none in stock. So I said to the sales assisant that I would have to buy online. I ordered online and while in the hair dressers got a text saying I needed to call them about my order. I called and my card had been rejected because it has a different address than the delivery address.

My options where:
1. Send my bank statement with new address on to the company
2. Go and pay in store

They said for fraud reasons they couldn’t deliver to an address that wasn’t registered with the card unless I did it in person. It seems mad to me! When do people tend to buy new furniture? When they move house. I haven’t had chance to change my address yet, but it is my mums address so I still get my statements.

So I ended up going all the way back to the store (40 mins drive). I asked to speak to the manager. It seems he spoke to me about the cabinet in the morning (the person I thought was the sales assistant). Why didn’t he offer me the option to order in store, in the morning? I bloodly would have taken it. It would have been less hastle – than going home to order online. He gives me a half hearted apology that’s boarderline rude. He suggests that it’s my fault at once for coming in to store to try and avoid delivery charges (which where £40!).

This is how they could of handled it better:
1. The manager should have offered me the option to order in store in the morning (so I didn’t end up coming back!)
2. Online it should have stated in the ordering process that the delivery address had to match the card address
3. The manager should have offered some sort of discount to compensate the fact that I had to drive back to the store in the afternoon (which would have been unnecessary if he had followed point 1).

I am a loyal customer to a company that provides good customer service. But I am sorry Dwell, you have messed up. I shall not be coming back to your store. And I shall be writing a letter to this effect. So if you take my advice, don’t shop at dwell.

Rant Completed,


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