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Why I Think The Conservatives Won the General Election

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I’m a Labour Party supporter. So I was obviously disappointed with the General Election result. But I like to understand the why? Why did so many people vote for The Conservative Party, when it feels like Turkeys voting for Christmas? Here are some of the reasons I think The Conservatives won the General Election:

  • A lack of political education in schools. Especially political history.
  • Brexit – The Conservatives reached hard core Brexiteers by clearly promising the leave the EU. It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s a promise they won’t be able to keep. Labour weren’t initially clear on their plans for Brexit.
  • The all-powerful right wing media. If you read, hear or see something enough you’ll begin to believe it. The was a horrendous campaign of lies and misinformation about Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party. Every outlet, including the BBC failed to give a balanced view or hold the Conservatives to account.
  • Traditional Labour voters opted for other parties such as the National Scottish Party, The Green Party and Independents. Therefore diluting Labour’s vote share.
  • Businesses thought only of profit, putting their confidence in the Conservatives. This is likely because of the business-friendly policies of The Conservatives such as lowering corporation tax. Whereas Labour wanted to increase the tax rate for top earners to pay for some of their investment plans. This is capitalism at its worst and is driven by greed.
  • Acceptance of reality as it is and that it can’t be changed. No matter how miserable reality is. This is driven by a fear of change.
  • Older people tend to vote and tend to vote Conservative.
  • The bad weather on the day; the cold, wet and darkness probably put some people off going out to vote. It’s sad but it’s true.

What are your thoughts on why The Conservatives won the election? What do you worry about now? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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Dear Madonna*

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I am in conflict which you are at the very centre of. You see as a gay man I am suppose to worship you. I am suppose to love you and your music. I want to come to see you at your up-coming tour. Indeed you are giving me the opportunity by playing at the MEN arena. I want to be there. I want to be front centre stage and for you to give me the opportunity to kiss your black knee high boot.

I don’t know if your aware but there is a credit cruch here in the UK? This basically means we are all broke. And yet you choose to charge £175-£75 per ticket. Now, I know you need to make a diva living. But do you really need to make this much hard-cold-cash out of us? I mean there are thousands of seats (I was unable to establish exactually how many), so you do the math.

So there’s the conflict. You verus your greed. So I am sorry my worshipable Madonna, but I shall not be coming to kiss your boot.

* Title creately stole from Dawn French’s Dear Fatty

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