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Dear Madonna*

By Saturday 7 February 2009Life, Money / Finances, Music & Radio, Thinking

I am in conflict which you are at the very centre of. You see as a gay man I am suppose to worship you. I am suppose to love you and your music. I want to come to see you at your up-coming tour. Indeed you are giving me the opportunity by playing at the MEN arena. I want to be there. I want to be front centre stage and for you to give me the opportunity to kiss your black knee high boot.

I don’t know if your aware but there is a credit cruch here in the UK? This basically means we are all broke. And yet you choose to charge £175-£75 per ticket. Now, I know you need to make a diva living. But do you really need to make this much hard-cold-cash out of us? I mean there are thousands of seats (I was unable to establish exactually how many), so you do the math.

So there’s the conflict. You verus your greed. So I am sorry my worshipable Madonna, but I shall not be coming to kiss your boot.

* Title creately stole from Dawn French’s Dear Fatty

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